Ulsterman: More On Drones From The White House Insider – Barack Obama’s High Tech Snuff Films

H/t to SG for the link to the latest.

As before, read with a grain of salt, but…

For all of those who receive a government paycheck:

Mind well the warning from Admiral Painter:

Your loyalty to the Tyrants is a life-stakes bet.

Are you sure about that wager, Comrade?

5 responses to “Ulsterman: More On Drones From The White House Insider – Barack Obama’s High Tech Snuff Films

  1. I am curious,
    Is the fight against Obama the current leader, or the trajectory of the federal government as a whole? I assume the WHI is legit, though I am not convinced.

    It is a given that Obama is not a friend of the individual, freedom, liberty that we all know, however the article offers nothing of an option only that Obama is an enemy. OK, where from here? Romney?

    Obama and his policies are the enemy period. We all got that and frankly it is old news. I guess the WHI should be commended but I can’t go there, he is withholding credible evidence that would sink this fascist dictator, stating it is for reasons of accessibility, the ability to gain an insiders perspective for the story. I call bullshit and question the legitimacy of the article.

    Maybe I’ll be proved ignorant, and wrong. But in these days of propaganda one must question the veracity of an individual and his story. ,

  2. I’m skeptical but to keep up with the theme, keeping options open.

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  4. Anyone who understands the long term nature of the concentration of power knows that sooner or later a real monster gains control. Obama is an opportunistic disease, a symptom of that concentration born of the corruption of the American populace as a whole.
    The cure rests in the hands of the Creator and I’ve a feeling He is mighty pissed off. The medicine is going to go down very hard on us all.

  5. Grenadier1

    I REALLY want to see one of these things running up on the ramp at the local ‘port. On the ground they are such fragile beasts. shame if it up and ran across some foreign debris on take-off.