Know Your Betters

John Venlet links to this Radley Balko evisceration of pundit/stooge David Brooks.

Who cares?

Brooks’ piece exemplifies how Codevilla’s Ruling Class views each one of Those Who Are Not Them.

Return the favor.

Work on your knots.

Sic semper tyrannis.

9 responses to “Know Your Betters

  1. Getting the point across to most people that just changing the faces in DC does nothing has proven “difficult”, in fact it just perpetuates control of the “ruling class” by deadening the outrage of one segment or another of the electorate.
    Not a dimes worth of difference folks. American love their fairy tales far too much for the truth to be understood.

    • Yeah well let’s not forget some of us have lived long enough to see Camelot and its “heirs” crash and burn.
      Every. Last. Fucking. One.


  2. Daniel K Day

    Good photo, the prick emanates smugness.

  3. Brooks is the poster boy for the effete, northeastern progressive. You know the kind, full of the Puritan culture which states that “we know what’s good for you and will kill you to get it to you”.

    When things get too hot for him, he’ll run to Canada or Europe and throw his “fecal piles” from there.

  4. Jimmy the Saint

    I needn’t fear David Brooks, for – much like President Obama – I have a very nice crease in my pants

  5. This is the kind of steaming pile of shit that inhabits my thoughts. Did you know that a wolf can smell blood in the air from as far away as three miles?


    How many troops does David Brooks have?

  7. Sic semper tyrannis.

    Careful there, pants crease would call that violent rhetoric.

  8. I stopped reading after “back when we had segregation.”

    Sorry kids, but the “the left are the real racists!” meme is a non-fucking-starter. This brings my estimation of Balko down a notch.