PT Reminders

One Hundred Pushups

From Couch To 5K

Core Workout

Circuit Training

Ruck Marching Tips

Kettlebell Exercises

5 responses to “PT Reminders

  1. kletzenklueffer

    Thanks for the links. I just signed up for Couch to 5K in the last hour, and have 100 pushups in my favorites.

  2. I started taking physical fitness very seriously again about six months ago after making some work/life balance adjustments. I would recommend that anyone who feels that they don’t know where to start with weight training take some classes, or even work with a vetted personal trainer, focusing on the basics, and put together a workout plan that works for them.

    I can actually make the good use of online materials, videos, books, etc. now that I have a far better baseline to build on, because it turns out the way I learned to lift as a kid was largely crap.

    It’s just like firearms training – you NEED to learn the right way to do things or you will plateau really quickly. The guys in the gym who have been doing the same lame stuff for years and getting no results, or all the people who stopped working out because of injuries, are perfect examples.

  3. Looks like this blogger is suffering from “Fuckarounditis”.

  4. I can endorse the 100 push-up program. I never made it to 100, but on my 50th birthday, I could do 50 of them. I had to go slower than the program lays it out, but it is a good program.

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