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From Subotai Bahadur at The Belmont Club:

Eventually “swatting” will lead to a firefight. Is that a war?

It will be the moment one further condition is met.

On April 19, 1775 British troops marched through Lexington Common, in passing killing 8 and wounding 10 members of Lexington’s “Trained Band” militia and scattering the rest. That was not yet war. Later that day, at Concord’s North Bridge, 400 militia attacked 70 British Regulars between them and the town; which they believed other British troops were burning. The Regulars broke and ran, but that was not yet war, but people defending their very homes. Self-defense is not war.

The British force retreated back up the road they had arrived on. About 1/4 of the distance back to Lexington, at a place called Merriam’s Corner, it became a war. At that point, the militias of the surrounding villages arrived at about noon. And the fight was on. It was not a matter of defending homes and immediate families. It was a matter of defending their own people from what was viewed as an outside aggressor. An attack on one, was an attack on all.

Technically, legally, they were all subjects of His Britannic Majesty, George III Rex. And those Redcoats were his Army, and therefore in theory their Army. But in the minds of the men, women, and children of Lexington and Concord; in the minds of the men, women, and children of the villages of Menotomy, Waltham, Lincoln, Watertown, Medford, Maiden, and Winnissimmet, these were enemies as much as the Indian tribes of the frontier or the Armies of the French. And that feeling spread as fast as the news of the battles.

We were then two peoples, two nations. There was OUR army of militia, and there was the enemy Army of the Crown.

There will be “SWAT-tings”, there will be raids. There will be attempts to confiscate arms, ammunition, currency, precious metals, hoarded food, seditious materials, or things we have not yet thought of that displease “Teh Won”. There will be attempts to silence those who speak thoughts that are not favored by the Regime. There will, I am sure, be attacks on religious faiths not favored by the powers that be. And they will succeed, for the most part, for a time.

The tipping point will come some day when the Security Organs of the State come for someone who the neighbors do not believe to be guilty of a crime under the common law; but rather a crime against the State.

And it will turn on what his next door neighbor does. What the people down the block do. What the people 3 blocks down, and across town do.

No individual house and family can hold out against the forces of the State surrounding them. No forces of the State can survive against a force of the people surrounding them.

And THEN it will be a war.

“And what will be the outcome? Only the Great Blue Sky Tengri Nor knows.”

Subotai Bahadur

15 responses to “Comment Of The Week

  1. You will know it is War, when you sleep little, knowing you will fight everyday until it ends. You will know it is peace, when you don’t worry what will happen tommorrow. I haven’t slept good for a couple of years now.

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    It won’t be a war if all the neighbors and people three blocks down just shrug and go back to whatever it was they were doing. So long as the attacks are seen as dealing with some random individual who probably did something to bring it on himself, there is no check on the state. The community will concur by means of its silence.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Most people I have conversations with do not understand why I get so fired up over all this .gov intrusion. These folks do not see themselves as ever becoming victims of this mayhem. They obey the law, pay their taxes and don’t go around pissing off the police. Therefore they are exempt from anyone trying to exercise any authority over them. Anyone getting beat up by the authorities had it coming. They don’t pick on people for no reason.
      Pretty simple, eh?

  3. Diamondback

    The American people have already been trained to be submissive and will not, in any large force, resist ANY transgressions by the tyrants.

    I direct your attention to any airport in the country, to so-called DUI Enforcement checks, the loss of 4th and 5th Amendment protections pursuant to The Patriot Act and the NDAA, etc.

    As long as DWTS or Am Idol are not cancelled, the people will shrug and return to operating their remotes.

    “And how [they} will burn in the camps, …”

    Just sayin’

    • Matt Strictland

      I think people in the movement here overestimate their general political appeal .

      The US population isn’t as submissive as you think. They just don’t want to be governed by the patriot movement. They certainly aren’t going to rise up for someone who they do not see as legitimately representing their interests. In truth why should someone Liberal in say Jersey or Massachusetts or So-Cal have to be. They have a different view of how society should be run and for most purposes could be considered a separate people. They no more want you to run their society than Afghanistan does.

      The same could be said for many Hispanics and Blacks and heck a lot of moderates.

      Now its certainly possible for the patriots to cripple the .govs ruling class and for the Left to whack the bankers but after that?

      Such an action, could eliminate the tyrants but it can’t restore the big nation of America and if heaven forfend something should happen and the patriots win (and I think they could) they might want to consider accepting smaller countries. Fact is, the other guys can resist too and to be frank the movement doesn’t have the manpower to keep order in the cities or force anyone to live under their rules outside a limited area.

      best to accept that. You get your patch and the other guys get theirs. In such a case the natural allies are the various succession movements and radicals not regular folks.

      • The Apple Islander

        A civil war in the world’s breadbasket (the USA) when world food shortages are already at critical levels will result in nothing less than the widescale starvation of most of the population. 98 percent live in the cities. Self sufficiency, which is the only thing that kept many going through the Great Depression, has never been less common anywhere in the world.
        The next Black Swan event (civil war, major economic default etc) will not result in a shift of boundaries and borders but a die-off of epic proportions. Manning borders and enforcing law will take a back seat to staying the hell alive.
        Survival first.
        Restoration second.
        Dead patriots are no good to anyone.

        • Mark Matis

          We all eventually die. Dead pigs are no good to anyone, either. Given the appropriate trade in quantity…

          • The Apple Islander

            I’ve accepted mortality, but I’d like to give my kids the best head start I can. The reaper will soon be fast on his feet and it’s my job to keep them one step ahead until they can go it alone.

  4. One could make the argument that it became a war when the crown hired mercenaries against the colonists.

    That was something never done against one’s rebellious people. Mercenaries were for foreign wars.

    To quote my five-year-old…

    They started it…

  5. Guys is it not war now when the leftistas employ tactics using force and violence? Remember it’s not just an entity you are against but an Ideology. And the purveyors of that ideology have more than demonstrated their willingness to use force. Find them, fix them, and fuck them before they can fuck you.

  6. Matt Strictland

    Widespread civil war usually doesn’t happen until the government can no longer deliver the goods and I doubt any putative war here would be different.

    The day the EBT card stops or the SS checks fail or the U$D becomes worthless is when all hell breaks loose. At that point the State won’t be able to keep order and lots of other groups will step into the void.

    The US is a wee bit away from that however.

    One thing I never see is the notion wither that there might be a junta. Lots of nations have these and I can see the military just saying “well this experiment is not working” and either appointing an interim leader, taking over for a spell or forcing the people to resign and calling new elections.

    They have the power and maybe enough obedient men to do it

    • Mark Matis

      At least in the US, the Perfumed Princes and Princesses are well established in positions of power and may preclude the military from returning us to a Constitutional republic. I can assure you that any honorable men or women in the military are monitored AT LEAST as closely as Mere Citizens with the same proclivities…

  7. Diamondback

    I want some proclivity too!

  8. Diamondback

    But seriously, the American people, as a whole, no longer even understand the concept of individual freedom and the significance of the U.S. Constitution to its advancement and thus why WE PATRIOTS MUST DEFEND IT from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.