From an RTC-Potomac veteran comes this draft essay on regional independence.

Input would be appreciated by him.

3 responses to “ApNat

  1. He will have a problem with trade and support in the event of hostilities with your neighbors as you will be basically land locked. To import or export goods relies on the good nature of said neighbors as you will have to cross their borders/airspace, use their roads and waterways and are therefore vulnerable to blockade should the PTB decide they want to punish you for the audacity of being free.

    This is just a quick observation so don’t take it wrong. I’m actually feelin’ a bit secesh myself lately.


  2. Highlander

    I agree with “hbbill”. Although there would be the St Lawrence that would be easely blocked. So the next question would be what coastel areas would be willing parts of said Apalachia? On the “allies” front, cheap energy would help.

    Criminal Justice issues arrise with the idea that “revenge” is a workable solution. In a society you will still need to have jails to hold some individuales, although I agree with the idea of no victimless crimes. A muderer who kills all but a child would, in that system go scott free.


  3. Appalachia currently provides a full 16% of the US’s fossil energy. That’s a large barter token. We also supply more soldiers to Washington’s military than any other State, per capita. We’re a region of deer-hunters, gun owners, and mountianmen. Dangerous to piss off. Troop movement would be a bitch. Nothing is free, all independence is costly. But whether you’re marching to the bread line or the re-education camp, once it gets that far, it’s too late.

    Better to a have this discussion, peacefully, now. To possibly alter the debate, change the course of events, than to ask, “What if?”