Sam and TL look over the battlespace.

Read both, plus all of the embedded links.

Note well also this related story (h/t Insty).

Tempus fugit.

9 responses to “Thursday


    Old cliche: When all you have in your hand is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail. Night is falling. Plan accordingly.

  2. Dan Kowles

    What’s happening Thursday

    Dan Knowles

    • Mark Matis

      The “Supreme” Court is to announce their decision on Obamacare, and “Weepy” hopes to bury the contempt vote for Holder under that news.

      And there may be dead pigs, depending on what the maggots on the court rule…

  3. Lots of military surplus equipment in the hand of small town cops?

    Think “FreeFor supply depot.”

  4. I’m with oughtsix. Accentuate the positive.

    Mighty helpful of Leviathan to cache stuff into your AO like that.

  5. Neither what the Supremes or the House o’ Reps does will produce more than a belch from the electorate. FEDGOV has done far more egregious things in the past, and nothing really changed except we slid a little faster towards the abyss. Whether we are pissed at the results, or elated, won’t matter either. Even if this were to produce a panic/ mad grab for power/ martial law/ constitutional suspension from Obongo and crew, in a week, people will be talking about NFL pre-camp, and related wahoo. It will just be one of those events in linear time showing where it got worse. Get your gear and people in order, and your eyes open, and ears clear.

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    If it is upheld, nothing happens beyond some angry blog posts/letters to the editor. If it is overturned, there will definitely be some sort of stupidity by the statist minions.

  7. Just saw on the news, ObongoCare, upheld. Fuck the SC, and fuck this shit.