Billy Beck: Field Marshall Rodham

From Billy Beck:

Tue Jun, 26 2012
Field Marshal Rodham

“That statement is key. Hillary herself stayed out of all meetings dealing with strategy…Hillary’s absence would give the impression that she had no connection to the scheme while making sure that her views were represented by Steinberg and Shapiro, both of whom were fully complicit with the details that developed concerning how to pad statistics on U.S. guns in Mexico…”

What if she played the whole thing discreetly as she could from the sidelines at State, waiting for it to blow up in Obama’s face?

She’s that sharp.

Never take your eye off her. Never, ever.


“This meshes perfectly with your previous pondering about Holder calling the shot on Exec. privilege as well.”

(Facebook commenter)

Holy shit. Now, I wish I had some old-school AC-ECW talent around. I’d like to review in detail whatever anyone has on the precise relationship of Holder to the Rodham half of The Bunker, back in the day. I’ve already mentioned the Magaziner affidavit (with — as always — Vince’s bones rattling about). Very few have any idea what that’s about, but take a look at this —

“On Dec. 21, 1994, Lamberth dismissed the suit against the government, but he asked U.S. Attorney Eric Holder (now deputy attorney general) to investigate whether Magaziner should be held in criminal contempt for supplying false information in his affidavit, filed March 3, 1993. The investigation turned on a single sentence in which Magaziner states, ‘Only federal government employees serve as members of the interdepartmental working group.’ Lamberth insisted that this sentence contradicted indisputable evidence that private citizens attended the working groups, and that some of them played supervisory roles. The judge was especially irritated by the presence of executives from managed-care conglomerates who stood to profit from the new legislation–exactly the sort of conflict of interest FACA was intended to check. Judge Lamberth says that the appeals court took at face value Magaziner’s ‘only federal government employees’ declaration when it ruled against the request for a temporary injunction.

Although Holder chided government lawyers for formulating a ‘sloppy,’ ‘overly aggressive’ response to the AAPS lawsuit and took Magaziner to task for using ill-defined legalistic language supplied him by White House counsel Vincent Foster, he concluded his investigation by declining to prosecute Magaziner for criminal contempt. He found no factual errors in Magaziner’s affidavit, and no evidence that he had intended to willfully mislead the court. Indeed, deep into the affidavit, Magaziner volunteers the information that consultants who were clearly not government employees played a prominent role in the working group.”

(Franklin Foer — Slate, January 10, 1998)

Now, you can see some of the patent Holder bullshit developing in that. If this guy hadn’t been on the team before that case, he surely must’ve been down for cigars on the inside when it was over. Hillary had once screamed, “Just fix it, Vince!” Well… maybe he did and maybe he didn’t, when he ended up in Ft. Marcy Park. The point is that all the cleaning help would have been welcome, and Holder was probably damned useful around the house.

What’s he playing for in this gun giveaway deal?

8 responses to “Billy Beck: Field Marshall Rodham

  1. Also check Holder’s involvement with the United States government’s home and Church invasion, and massacre of the Branch Davidians.

  2. You know, these bastards aren’t slick, their not smart…what are they? Glib? At best? Sad so few actually see them as they are

  3. Cunning too, I suppose ..but fucking stupid

  4. They’re vicious sociopaths attracted by the ability the United States government gives them to ruin people’s lives.

    In a just world, they’d all decorate the lamp posts on the Key Bridge.

  5. I never doubt the ability and the willingness of the Clintons to commit any evil whatsoever to accomplish their goals, nor to set up a schmuck like Obeyme to take the fall.

    Chill a six pack, put your feet up and enjoy the carnage!

    • Randall Stevens

      “Chill a six pack, put your feet up and enjoy the carnage!”

      Fuck yeah!

  6. Uh, and don’t forget folks, Bitchery is in line for El Presidentes’ orfice, in the event of any carnage. Fourth or Fifth, I think.Boehner had better start wearing body armor. Biden is too stupid to repeat the oath of office, and would probably fall under Hillarys’ sword.