A Clarifying Moment

The opinions.

Do you understand yet?

Use the remaining time well.

Remember your Stockdale.

Answer TL’s question for yourself.

Join us in Washington this November, if you think it worthwhile.

But use the time we have effectively, each day.




Alea iacta est.

25 responses to “A Clarifying Moment

  1. People appointed to positions of power by statists finding on the side of the power of the state. How is this a surprise?

    Vote Mitt! 😉

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The Great American Puss-out is going to be awesomely entertaining to watch. The angry letters to the editor, the furious petitions, and the ultimate passive acceptance – it’s going to be hard to stop laughing at it all.

  2. The Marxist revolution is complete.
    All branches, both parties, media and institutions.
    There is no law, only favor from party bosses, and lawfare against any who oppose. They control economics, industry, education, food, courts, and security forces.
    Awesome to see how rapid the consolidation happenned, after all the long march through the institutions. It shows that rapid fundamental chabge is possible

  3. Grenadier1

    In a way I expected it but its still a nutpunch.
    Hopefully we gain membership from this …..but I doubt it. What this does is set up the wickerman for the dead elephants. A giant monstrosity erected to be burned in effigy. Its not going to make the crops grow better but the village will have a good time tearing it all apart.

  4. Even if repelled the precedent will still stand. You cannot repelled a precedent.

    It is only a mater of time.

    • Grenadier1

      Thats the first thing I thought Wyn, how long before we are forced to buy the googlesdronecamera or pay a hefty tax? How about the Microsoftspyterminal XP15 or you can pay the tax.
      Today we all became Dhimini forced to pay the Jizya or convert to Islam.

  5. I said it at Sam’s, I’ll repeat it here.

    You reap what you sow…and the body politic that has condoned,requested, cheered, permitted and accepted this crime shall reap the whirlwind.

    I have not once ounce of pity left for them after today.

    I just burnt the all of my uS flags. I will never again fly the stars and stripes until we are free.I expected it but it still sticks in my craw. I feel nothing but cold desire for Retribution.

    I think I know what this is, I believe I finally understand the word I have used all my life but never really grasped.

    I finally know what it is to hate.

  6. Mark Matis

    Kill the God Damned pigs.

    • Might as well. If we all weren’t outlaws yesterday, we sure as shit are today.

    • MM – I’ve been reading your comments for a while now – and I’ll swear… is there ever a comment you’ve made that didn’t have the word “pigs” in it?


      So I pose you… “pigs” in the Animal Farm sense?


  7. Self-control is easy, Wyn. Just remember what it is you want to do. Hate is a fine wine, to be savored, not gulped. Calmly, methodically, carefully, make your plans, and prepare to carry them out. Save your rage, like a guarded basket of eggs, for when you see the whites of their eyes. It won’t be long now. They think they have won. They have only begun to lose.

  8. Yet another declaration of war on the cattle in the tax jurisdiction.

    I read through the decision and this is pretty startling.

    On page 193, Thomas says the most important observation in all these pages of painful and obtuse totalitarian apolgia:

    As I have explained, the Court’s continued use of that test “has encouraged the Federal Government to persist in its view that the Commerce Clause has virtually no limits.” Morrison, supra, at 627. The Government’s unprecedented claim in this suit that it may regulate not only economic activity but also inactivity that substantially affects interstate commerce is a case in point.

  9. Randall Stevens

    What did you all expect? This is no surprise, it is completely predictable!

  10. So um tax issues/bills have to be raised by the House. June 2009 the Senate introduces this legislation only to be taken up by the House in July 2009. Isn’t the freaking law still not a law (or lawful)?

  11. CopperHead Road

    My first thought was ” well what did I really expect ?”. My first action was to go ouit and buy another case of ammo and add to my food storage. The downhill slope just got steeper and more slippier. Prepare. Resist.

  12. I think I’ll actually fly the flag this fourth, upside down.

  13. Secession is the only answer. There is no Constitution to be saved or recovered, there never was.



    28 JUNE 2012

    Many thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court, indeed!

    The editorials today are full of lamentations: “The Republic is destroyed!” “Supreme Court rules against the American People!” “Nullify ObamaCare now!”

    And our phones in The League of the South office are ringing off the hook. Our e-mail is jammed with inquiries. It is as if a tsunami has stuck the people of the country—north, South, east, and west—and everyone suddenly realizes that the DC regime really is all powerful! And what they’ve been calling a free country is no such thing.

    All we in The League can say is “Welcome to reality. We told you so. Now here’s your application to join us.”

    As our first new member after the decision came down this morning wrote: “With the Obamacare decision, I can no longer pretend we live in a constitutional republic as envisioned by the founders. So, with the burden of pretending it is so (even with the evidence to the contrary) off my chest, I’ve applied for membership in the League of the South and have also submitted an additional donation.”

    From the start, The League has called the regime in DC “an organized criminal enterprise.” We have been looking for ways to bring to the attention of the average citizen the fact that this “Union” is not worth the price we’re asked to pay. What we want people to understand is that secession and Southern independence (as well as independence for other historic regions) ought to be a viable option. If not secession and independence from DC, then what? Going down with the sinking ship? We don’t think so! Remember this: If you can’t leave, then you’re not free!

    Today, the “conservative” Chief Justice, John Roberts, and four other Justices have given us a big helping hand! Now the mask is off the monster and everyone can see what we’re up against—a huge government, controlled by socialists and fascists, that consumes our rights and substance by defining the limits of its own power!

    I’ll tell you what. You send to the League office your own personalized Thank You card (see our address below), with a note to Mr. Chief Justice Roberts, and be sure to include a crisp picture of that infamous Yankee General, U.S. Grant, and I will personally see that:

    1. Your card is forwarded to the SCOTUS for his attention;
    2. You will received 10 copies of our Free Magnolia tabloid for recruiting purposes;
    3. You will receive 10 applications for membership for like-minded friends, and;
    4. You will be enrolled as a League member in good standing for the next 12 months.

    Your task will be to tell ten friends: “Look, instead of just complaining, how about you support the one organization that can bring a real, viable solution to the table: Southern Nationalism, Secession, and Independence! You will be putting your money where your mouth is. Here’s an application, and this is something positive and proactive you can do to change our future and get us out from under the tyrants in DC. I’ve joined and I think you should, too.”

    Relieved of the burden of pretense, let us now move forward toward a future of liberty and prosperity in a free and independent South!

    Michael Hill, President
    Killen, Alabama

    League of the South, P.O. Box 760, Killen, Alabama 35645



  14. Randall Stevens

    Umm, Southern NATIONALISM? Isn’t NATIONALISM part of the problem that we’ve been dealing with since the last Civil War, and the forced ratification of the 14th amendment? Read what James Madison said about a National government. “The idea of a national government involves in it, not only an authority over the individual citizens, but an indefinite supremacy over all persons and things, so far as they are objects of lawful government.” Why would I trade one horrible national government, for another horrible National government. Strict Confederation or strict Federalism is the only way to stop the rights and property destroying tide of a National government.

  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voluntaryism
    End the cycle of state violence. Any questions? I ain’t going anywhere.

  16. Battlefield USA

    The good news is… the innocent non-combatants are cheering this on.

    • Battlefield USA

      And how could I forget! The innocent non-combatants well be sending 16,000 plus ObamaCare IRS agents to SWAT yer arse’s in their behalf.