Billy Beck: In This Awful Hour

From Billy Beck:

Thu Jun, 28 2012
In This Awful Hour

“How many divisions does the Supreme Court have?”

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  1. The Supreme Court is government.

    Why are folks surprised?

    Have they not yet embraced where we are?


  2. “I am shocked, utterly shocked, that the same good, upstanding, constitution-abiding organization that upheld Japanese internment, the Dred Scott decision, the War on Drugs, the Patriot Act, drug-sniffing dogs as probable cause, and the thousands of pages of federal gun regulation has upheld Obamacare. How could we have ever seen this coming?”

    From a facebook group: I bet Ludwig von Mises can get more fans than John Maynard Keynes

  3. In answer to Billy Beck there: the USSC has as many Divisions as are currently standing in the Army, Marines, plus Reserves and National Guard. Behind them stand Legions of law enforcement agents, and behind THEM stand state, county, and local “peace officers” (the vast majority of whom are happy to collaborate with the FEDGOV). Every single one of those Divisions is what the USSC has — because the Executive would utilize every last man to enforce this decision, if it came to it.

    And if you think the Armed Forces would refuse to fight — well, the Congress passed it, the C-in-C championed it, and the USSC says it’s kosher. You think the military will even blink when ordered to enforce this? The cops?

    Don’t make me laugh.

    Oh, and FREEFOR (broadly defined) ain’t gonna do sh*t, except maybe bleat “Wolverines!” online.

    Coming back to my first post on this site — the only hope for Liberty is the unthinkable: secession.

    • secession. Because the aforementioned legions won’t do anything about secession? Sorry, it’s been tried in the past.

      it all boils down to a fight. So if it’s time, it’s time. Personally, I don’t think that when the lights still come on with the flick of a switch and water still comes out of the tap that it’s time yet. For the big change to kick off, we need collapse. Collapse of the monetary system will hasten the collapse of civic and social systems. That will get the ball rolling.

      re: military and cops. They’re not all robots. many here were once in the military. I doubt if they would have drawn down on their own people. The hardcores that tried to oust Yeltsin thought as you do. Then the T-72s spun 180 and backed into the barricades, which left the politicians with their asses in the breeze.

  4. How many divisions does FreeFor have?
    Zero. None.
    Only Vanderboegh and Codrea are engaged.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Well, it was able to assemble an understrength platoon at the Open Carry rally in DC.

  5. Mike,

    Where’s it starting?

    The Porcupines in Nuh Hamshuh? Don’t make ME laugh. Not that you take them seriously either, but I think you get the point.

    Which state goes first?

    Where is it seriously being considered? All I’ve heard is a bunch of BS talk, thus far.

    I’m not buying secession, sir. Blood in the streets first, before it’s even talked about, much less taken seriously.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Which state goes first?”

      My money would be on NoDak.

      • Don’t judge a book by its cover. IMO you can probably throw out both Dakotas, unless heightened engagement is the goal. I’d hate to be a roughnecker trying to make that choice.

        Am I mistaken, or is this comment thread about which State, or what type of State, should be the one to rule us? Come to think of it…aren’t nearly all the comment threads, everywhere?

    • Who says it has to be one of the currently fashioned states?

      There are many ways for secession to occur, only one of which involves already established political boundaries: regional, ethnic, etc.

  6. I think there will be individual stars that shine in response to this continued expansion to a socialistic state with a demented leader. We know as Freefor that we are fragmented and leaderless, but we contain gigavolts of power ready to uncoil. We are unfocused. Our enemy is not and will continue their happy way until their aims are complete as they believe that we represent a powerful force that will yet slink away from any confrontation. Mistakenly they will see Freefor fire off individual flares of resistance without any serious support. However it will not take too many mini-wacos to fire up the dragon of repressed rage that exists now. Uncoiled this will be an explosion of effort that will blot out any organized Opfor plans for control because behind every blade of grass there will be justice, mercy, and vengeance and loss for those that gleefully thought that the battle was won.
    They will be repelled, they will disappear. Backfilling the ranks will be very difficult. Opfor cannot predict where or when retaliation for traitorous actions begin or end. Just that this new frontier justice will expand geometrically until either opfor ceases to be a force or that they realize they are at Custer’s place.
    Pride/hubris will leave them without a plan, without a hope, without any support. Bravado sustains itself with supporting Choruses, but when the supporting choir suddenly turns soprano when a baratone is expected, then a there is a message that needs to be understood.
    I expect that the tsunami of freefor reaction will overwhelm any opfor contingency plan(s).


    Secession should be an individual mindset. When you clump together, you run a huge risk of being found out and snitched off. This will become more apparent as we move closer to Barry’s model-Castro’s Cuba. Read Claire Wolfe and Jefferson Mack and then plan accordingly.

  8. The Apple Islander

    “For the big change to kick off, we need collapse. Collapse of the monetary system will hasten the collapse of civic and social systems. That will get the ball rolling.”

    That’s a big ball you’re talking about. One that carries with it terms like “lawlessness”, “cannabalism” and “mass starvation”.
    It’ll happen. You can bet on it. But if you survive it then you and yours won’t have any government to worry about whatsoever.

    Cops and GIs have to eat like the rest of us, and when the collapse comes there wont be enough food for anyone except those storing it up right now (along with the means to protect it).

  9. louisiana… general dade moves on florida when general gaines has orders, the seminole wars, mixed results. Dade was soundly shall we say, outclassed. some louisiana boys just stayed, their runaways didn’t matter as badly. hickory words, poor action, but even that said, quoting Josef Stalin, no. andrew jackson talks about the supreme court, it may rule and the Chief Justice can enforce. as their young officers, fresh from Mexico and Florida matured in service, and related (education thereof) military arts. john brown attacks Harpers Ferry in what was virginia, Lee moves a detachment of MARINES into the armory and secures prisoners. the trial and security at harpers ferry is a purely virginia affair. the federal government defered to the states jurisdiction. security by the cadets of a well known military under the command of an excentric major, who taught negroes to read and write in Sunday School, john brown was tried. As time moves on, these cadets are alight with patriotic fever, Virginia stirs their very blood to boil. It fell on the majors shoulders to contain rebel fever, but he made all efforts one of this fervor, not just a wasted straggling, Jackson told these cadets that once the sword was drawn he would throw away the scabbard.