“Reason will not decide at last; the sword will decide…”


9 responses to ““Reason will not decide at last; the sword will decide…”

  1. Are we there yet?

  2. Riddle me this: If they can tax me for not having health insurance, can they say I should have liability insurance on my firearms against theft, if not I should pay a tax per gun per year. They can tax anything now. Just an idea, have a nice day.

  3. FEDGOV/OPFOR just proved once again, that is both my enemy, and enslaver of all who come near. Dress rehersal is over. Opening night is soon.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Opening night will never get here. There’s nothing that would get a sufficient mass of people mobilized. Well, maybe if they outlaw porn or do something else that takes away hedonic value from life, but otherwise, people will simply shrug, say “What can ya do?” and go on with their lives.

  4. Reason failed.
    Will destitution and starvation wake up the slaves?
    Don’t count on swords, until slaves yearn to be free.

  5. alan w. mullenax

    I gotta sword.

    Anybody willing to get together?

  6. I think it is time to become informed. Using the internet it isn’t too difficult to learn that a politician, Joseph Blow Jr is the son of Joseph Blow Senior whose home address is XXXXXX, and is the son of Susie Blow (his lovely mother) and the brother of Tom, Dick and Harry Blow whose addresses are: xxxxxxx. Now question me this, what happens if politician Joe Blow suddenly has a couple of unexplained “accidents” in his family with his parents killed in an auto accident, or if one or more of his brothers have house fires? Just asking a question regarding those in power in Gubmint who think they are ten feet tall and boolit proof and suddenly realize that their actions just might have some consequences with their own families as a result of some stoopid political decisions. While I wish no ill will to anyone at all, it does pay to have the info on all of the Joe Blow’s in gubmint and all their family members personal information available for whenever the right opportunity comes along. Sometimes it pays to do your homework. Just imagine if someone had the personal info on the family of Adolph Hitler and had the backbone to use that info in a creative manner.
    Just my 2 cents worth, Knowledge is power.

  7. The Apple Islander

    What makes you think these sociopaths give a damn about anyone but themselves?
    If it weren’t for the fact that being a “family man” increased their voter appeal you’d probably never be able to pry them off of their hookers in favor of getting the Missus pregnant.

    Whack their family and they’d lap it up. Stiff upper lip in the face of tragedy struck at them by domestic terrorists? Why the votes would pour in like an avalanche! Meanwhile they could do all coke and whores they wanted without having to bother calling home to say “honey, I’m working late tonight”.