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11 responses to “Sitrep

  1. Jimmy the Saint

    Agree with the article – the Supreme Court wasl always a fool’s hope. Governments never voluntarily surrender powers that they have taken.

  2. Randall Stevens

    Yep, did you actually expect the government to yield power that it has taken by force? Ha never! Government only understand one thing, and that is force.

  3. Semper Fi, 0321

    I won’t worry about it. They will collapse before this affects us. The math is against them, overwhelmingly!

    • Randall Stevens

      At this point, I certainly hope you are right. I know it seems crazy to hope for collapse, but at least during that collapse, I’ll live as a free man, even if my life after the collapse is very short and harsh. Liberty or DEATH!

  4. Mark Matis

    Is it time to kill the pigs yet? Or are we STILL playing the “no Fort Sumters” bullshit?

    • Randall Stevens

      It will never happen on a large enough scale to have impact. Nobody’s got the balls. So I guess everyone is still playing “No Fort Sumters.” Damn we’re fucked.


    If Henry David Thoreau were alive today and tried his civil disobedience thing, he’d end up like those poor souls at Waco. The one thing Barry and the Supremes cannot alter is the law of economics. We are still headed to hell on a roller coaster. Just keep prepping, folks. Watch, wait, and pray.

  6. Battlefield USA

    I don’t know. Maybe it is something in the water? Maybe chemtrails? Possibly all those microwave towers? I read somewhere that today’s men don’t have the testosterone that our fathers had… something about better living through chemicals, or something like that.

    But I will say this… if you are wondering why “we” don’t “do something,” well… read the comments here. It’s not hard to figure out. Seriously. Go back as far as you can on Pete’s blog and READ THE COMMENTS… including some of your own.

    And you’ll find all the answers to your simple little bewilderment’s.

  7. Anybody got a plan? An idea? A field operation order?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      All units stack arms, and hold on current positions.

      – from the GOP General Staff

  8. The Apple Islander

    “No Fort Sumters” runs my imagination wild.
    Imagine a black armoured SWAT van rolls up across from a particularly rowdy 99% demonstration and five to ten “SWAT looking guys” get out, wait for a hundred i-phone cameras to point their way and then open up on the crowd.
    That would put a cat amongst the pidgeons…Not that I endorse the idea of killing innocents, no matter how misguided and unkempt they happen to be. Just daydreaming is all…