The point was, and is, to maintain as much of the moral high ground as you can, because ultimately, you can’t kill EVERYONE who disagrees with you, but if you kill enough “innocents” EVERYONE will disagree with you.

— JM, commenting here

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  1. War is politics by other means. Or some shit like that. Here’s the skinny as I see it folks. Those that seek to oppress you, those that drain you via the tax system, those that live off the sweat you drop during toil without sweating themselves are not going to magically awaken and pick up a hoe and help you weed the blue lake beans.

    There are people who are diametrically opposed to your concepts of freedom and self-direction. They seek to impose their system, their beliefs and place their needs above your own.

    They come in all colors, shapes, sizes and ages. They will not see the points of your reason, they will not be swayed by your finest speech. There is only once common form of communication that they still understand.

    Violence. Through violence you must impose your will to be left the hell alone upon them. Through violence you must show them that alternates and affronts to your system are too painful to pursue. And the shittiest part of this whole deal is that now, here in American, we have progressed to the point where the threat of violence does not suffice any longer. The 2nd amendment is being picked apart. Your political process has been compromised. All that remains is naked violence.

    It will happen. The parasitical classes, both high and low, have bled the productive class out. Collapse is coming. On a macro scale, worldwide. On a micro scale, in your community. You will make a choice in the future, to use violence or to submit to whatever social construct you have the fortune or misfortune to land in. Said constructs will then duke it out with the diametrically opposed constructs nearest them.

    This fight will sink to the lowest common denominator. You cannot argue with mathematics people. Liberals do this and that’s why they fail. The Lowest Common Denominator. Many of you know about the Knoxville TN tragedy, if not I strongly counsel you to read up on it via the web. This is a prime example of the lowest common denominator, this is what you will ultimately face. If you’re lucky, it won’t come at you under the aegis of government sponsorship, but I wouldn’t rule that out. There is one answer for sick animals. Kill them. Destroy their nests. Burn them off the face of the earth. The ancients knew this. God knew this. Read some Joshua.

    We are all going to hate this before it’s over. I’ve written before that if you have a soul you’re going to try to puke it out before the end. But we can do the job, and do it correct, so our kid’s children don’t have to do it again. Or we can cower under the thin umbrella of morality and let it wash us away.
    Be as human… and humane, as you possibly can. But don’t expect to scoop out the barn and exit smelling like honeysuckle.

    God help us all.

    • Daniel K Day

      “Many of you know about the Knoxville TN tragedy, if not I strongly counsel you to read up on it via the web.” LF, I googled this (shooting at the Unitarian church in 2008?), checked the Knoxville on Wikipedia (conflict with the Cherokees after the Revolutionary War?), and have no idea what you are talking about. Please be specific. Sorry if this is too brusque but Knoxville has 226 years of history.

      • No trouble Daniel, I should have had the foresight to elaborate a bit more, that incident is the one that stood out in my mind. Please check Wikipedia for Channon Gail Christian and Hugh Christopher Newsom, they were the two kidnapped then raped and tortured over the course of several days in 2007 by feral cheese eaters.
        My point is things will get ugly and everyone is going to get splashed with it, like it or not. I’m no advocate of killing children. Hell, if left alone I’m no advocate of killing people at all. That’s the rub though. They won’t leave you, me, us alone. The taxes weren’t enough and over the years like an addict they had to have more.

        • danielkday

          I\’d forgotten that was in Knoxville. I remember the incident well. One word: Rage.
          On topic, my view is that orphanages are going to be big business once this starts. I\’m opposed to the \”erase every last vestige of their DNA\” view; orphaned children must be raised to be Americans without regard to the sides their forebears were on. The older surviving children of the parasites will be a tougher problem, but first of all they will have to be separated from their younger siblings to prevent them from poisoning their thinking.

  2. I only have one thing to say regarding the debate about innocents. There is no shortage of the obviously guilty! Why are innocents even being discussed?

  3. All this then, is just debate. When it hits the fan, you’ll see the play. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Try your damndest to be moral, and don’t be suprised when you fail. I don’t want to do any horrible things, but then again, I didn’t want to be pushed into this fight, either. G*d give us the strength, to do what is right, in His Eyes, not our own.

  4. I will continue to repeat this in the hope that it may help us all:

    Spiritual Armor!

    Understand it. Practice it. Acquire it. Build upon it.

    Gird it on!

    Know that our cause is just. Know that our enemy is indeed The Enemy of all mankind. Eliminate doubt and moral equivalency. And, most importantly…

    Accept that even your soul may be sacrificed for the preservation of Liberty for your children and their children.

    If you have not that Faith and resolve, at least cease the interminable doomsaying and get the Hell out of the way.

    Oh, and, don’t ask what I’m gonna do about it…. unless you want to give it up that your a ferret.