Barnhardt: Stupid, Stupid Jackasses

From Ann Barnhardt:


It isn’t just Lindsey Graham that is a stupid, stupid jackass. If you’re buying any of this, “Everything’s fine! We actually WON on ObamaCare, and Roberts is a genius!” jackassery, then go look in the mirror and behold the Sombrero of all Asshats.

Are you detecting ire? Are you getting the sense that I’m just a LITTLE pissed off? It’s one thing to watch a bunch of godless, drug-addled, moloch-worshiping Marxist dumbasses spew mental diarrhea, but to have to sit and watch pretty much everyone on the right do the same thing is just too much.

Do you people not have functioning brains?

Is there truly no capacity for any intelligent thought or the ability to recall and parse objective facts and evidence?


Let’s start with an analogy. Defending this week’s SCOTUS decision is directly analogous to the following:

Ann’s Omelet Recipe

1. Gather every egg in your kitchen. Throw them all down the garbage disposal. (This omelet is going to be so good. Trust me.)

2. Go out to your breaker box and turn off the electricity to your entire home. (No, really. It’s going to cook up better than anything you’ve ever had before.)

3. Burn your house down. (This omelet is going to be delicious. You’ll see.)

4. Find a handgun. Load it, cock it, put it in your mouth, pull the trigger and blow your brainstem to kingdom come. (Can’t you almost smell how delicious this omelet is going to be?)

Roberts is not a “Machiavellian genius.” Roberts is a moral degenerate lifetime Washington D.C. politico, who is well known in the beltway to be borderline obsessed with his image. In other words, Chief Justice John Roberts emotionally operates on the same level as the average twelve year old girl, and just sold out not just the Republic, the Constitution and the entire American populace, but really the entire planet, because now that the United States is no more, the forces of evil will run absolutely rampant over the rest of the planet.

And Roberts did it so that a bunch of coke-snorting sodomites and psychopaths in Georgetown will pretend to like him – for about five minutes.

Roberts just ratified the “right” for the government to tax people on their existence. Either you purchase a service commodity, thus paying a tax which is collected by the insurance company itself, or you will pay a tax to the IRS directly. Insurance is, for all intents and purposes, an innovation of the last fifty years, meaning that almost no one carried any insurance of any kind, and insurance was itself in some places ILLEGAL (and now we know why, because if allowed to cover anything other than large disasters, insurance will, by mathematical definition, destroy any market that it comes into contract with and end in fascism.)

All of this ObamaCare mandate is a pure function of being a living human being. My required car insurance is a corollary to my totally optional decision to own and drive a car. The requirement that I carry “full coverage” insurance instead of the minimum liability-only insurance is a corollary to the fact that I freely choose to lease my car, and thus there are additional conditions that I must meet. Income tax was tied to the fact that I chose to work and generate income – not on my existence itself. Property tax is a corollary to my decision to buy real estate. The gasoline tax is a corollary to my free decision to drive a car, and a car that runs on gasoline. Yes, I think that income and property taxes in particular are intrinsically morally dubious, but that is not the debate before us. The debate before us is whether the Federal government, or ANY government can ever, ever licitly tax human beings on the very fact that they EXIST.

The obvious answer is NO.

We do not choose to bring ourselves into existence. Human life is the property of God Almighty, who has of His own goodness, charity and perfect will deigned to gift us with free will so that we might exist in His image – sovereign, reasoning and thus capable of authentic love, the freely chosen gift of self to some “other”. And even at this, God only asks that in return we worship Him at His Mass on Sunday, and that we *voluntarily* tithe ten percent of our income, or whatever we can manage. But the tithe is *voluntary*, not coerced.

The state, fully ratified by the emotional schoolgirl John Roberts, has now elevated itself above God, and has done nothing less than declare itself god. The state now sees itself as the source and arbiter of human life, demanding and coercing tribute in exchange for permitting human life to continue. Fail to pay tribute to Moloch for your very existence, and your property, your liberty and eventually your life will be forcibly confiscated.

Oh, but all of the dumbasses out there swear up and down that this step in the battle for the Republic had to be lost so that we could later, in some grand strategy, win the war.

Listen, dumbasses, the war is already lost.


You didn’t just sac your queen in order to set up a checkmate. Your ass just got checkmated and Barry Obama is sitting on the couch lighting up a joint, and texting Reggie Love to come over for a little celebratory sodomy.

Which brings us to Barry Obama. One of the big arguments I see is that Roberts’ decision “catches Obama in a lie, so we’ve got him now!”

I don’t even know what to say to this.

It is so stupid it just makes me want to give up on the entire deal.

Listen Jackasses, everything Obama has said and done for his entire adult life, his entire political career, his entire campaign, and in his entire regime is a lie. For the love of God, EVEN HIS NAME IS A LIE. He passed an obviously forged birth certificate last April. Every single thing he has said, promised and done has been total, complete, objectively proven lie after lie.

And you think you’re going to checkmate him with THIS?

You think that a point of semantics between “penalty” and “tax” is going to bring him down in this nation of Snooki-watching imbeciles?

Are you on drugs, or just merely stupid?


And now the argument that if we just get a few more “republicans” into Washington D.C., we can stop him!

This plane of stupidity makes me the most irate. What in the hell is wrong with you people? Do you not have any recollection of anything that has happened?

How did those 2010 elections work out for you?

Boy, that really put the brakes on the Obama regime, huh?

Wake the hell up. Obama has not been slowed down in any way. His tyranny and destruction has not been held up or checked in any way. It has only accelerated since the day he usurped the White House.

Remember the Debt Ceiling fiasco? Remember how Obama utterly rolled everyone, and I had to explain that we didn’t win, but instead got prison raped while everyone on the right was celebrating the great victory over Obama? Remember that clusterbungle? You know what the Congress managed to do with regards to the debt ceiling?

Um, yeah, they gave Obama EVERYTHING he wanted, plus some. Obama said, “Raise the ceiling.” They raised it. Obama said, “Increase taxes.” January 2013 will mark massive tax hikes kicking in. Obama said, “Increase spending.” Done. Obama said, “Give me carte blanche spending authority with no Congressional oversight so I can loot the Treasury and embezzle and write billion-dollar checks to my oligarch cronies.” Done. Automatic spending cuts, called “sequestration” were written into the debt ceiling negotiations. Obama has just said, “Blow the sequestration cuts off.” Done. In September, Obama will say, “Just eliminate the ceiling altogether.” Nancy Pelosi has already said that is what is coming.

Guess what will happen?

Obama just declared by executive fiat de facto amnesty. What have your precious little Tea Party freshmen done to counter that? Nothing.

Obama has by executive fiat declared same-sex marriage the “law of the land.” What have your precious little pants-pissing Tea Party congressmen done to counter that? Nothing.

Obama has started wars and entered the United States military into new combat theaters with ZERO congressional approval, and has told the congress through Leon Panetta that congress will no longer even be CONSULTED OR INFORMED of new wars. No. Obama MIGHT notify them, after he has consulted the U.N., if he has the time and feels like it.

What have your mighty, mighty Tea Party freshmen done to counter that? Exactly nothing.

Obama has intentionally armed narco-terror armies in Mexico with the expressly stated intention of using firearms found at scenes of mass murder in Mexico to engage in sedition against the Second Amendment and thus disarm the American people. I count at least THREE capital offenses in that: mass murder, shadow war against a sovereign nation, and sedition against the United States. What have your precious little Tea Partiers done? Written a few letters with some mildly strong language? Sat and watched while the Attorney General LAUGHS at them? Take a purely symbolic vote to “shame” people who are murderous psychopaths and have no shame?

Arrest Holder, Hillary Clinton, and Obama, try them for mass murder, making war against Mexico and sedition against the United States, convict them with due process, put them against a wall and shoot them until they are dead, and then you come back and give me your little rah-rah speech about how “everything’s gonna be fine.”

But not one second before.

And for the last time, spare me any of your truly, truly demented and psychotic fantasy-weaving about Mitt Romney, the father of ObamaCare and vociferous defender of the mandate, riding to the rescue and repealing his own precious, beloved demonspawn.

Watch the video below. I recorded it back in January and almost forgot about it. I listened to it this morning, and hearing Patrick Henry’s words again now in the context of Roberts’ decision, the escalated and unfathomable lawlessness of the Obama regime just since January, and the complete state of insane denial of reality from the right makes Henry’s speech positively SPOOKY.

Bottom line, if you continue to argue that Roberts’ decision was anything less than the end of the Republic, then you are either a total jackass, or you are a despicable liar looking to keep some stream of revenue or power concentration flowing.

And may God forgive you for whichever sin you choose to wallow in: unrepentant cowardice, unrepentant willful stupidity, or unrepentant greed.

Because knowing what’s coming, I’m not sure I can.

38 responses to “Barnhardt: Stupid, Stupid Jackasses

  1. Thanks for posting that. I was beginning to think I was in the smallest minority for thinking along the same lines that Ann just wrote.
    The Republic is Dead!
    Long Live the Republic!

  2. Well, the good news is, that when they decide to chip our ass… all we have to do is pay a penalty tax.

  3. Ann is one of the more potent voices among us.


  4. William Clauss

    Ann has been over the past few months the most common sense blogger out there.

    • Mark Matis

      Well said. Although she does not seem willing to admit who are the most immediate and evil of this country’s enemies…

      • Obvious Moniker

        And who might those be?

        • ghostsniper

          Who is most likely to harm you today:
          1) anyone in the obama regime
          2) the thug in a local uniform


          • Mark Matis

            Well said on the 2nd. I haven’t heard any reports of ANY of the first actually doing anything beyond flapping their gums, however…

            • ghostsniper

              They know better than to attack a group so we will all get it individually, one at a time, at our front doors.

              A group of gov’t thugs will show up with some paperwork indicating you have done something wrong and you must go downtown.

              If you go with them they pwn you.
              If you don’t, they pwn you right there.

              Once downtown it will be explained to you what you have done wrong and the gargantuan financial burden you will bear to keep them from caging you.

              You will take on that burden and somewhere along the way you will stumble and the thugs will again come to your front door and this time they will be angry.

              Remember all those people in jail that have harmed no one?
              You are now one of them.

              Soon your brother will join you, then your neighbor and if you live long enough most of the people you knew *out there* will be *in here*.

              No, the prisons cannot hold all these people, that is what the FEMA camps are for.

              They will control you by throttling your wealth, one way or another.
              Lessen your need for wealth and keep what you have very secret, if you can.

              • Jimmy the Saint

                “No, the prisons cannot hold all these people, that is what the FEMA camps are for.”

                Camps cost money. Rumbula/Babi Yar style pits don’t. In the end, it always comes to that – it’s cheaper to dead enemies of the State than to warehouse them.

                • ghostsniper

                  “Camps cost money.”
                  Money has never been an issue with this gov’t.
                  Besides, the camps are already there.

                  The pits will come later, when the camps are full.

  5. henryholliday

    She comes on real strong in her speaking engagements too, and for that reason some groups won’t have her. That separates the sheep from the sheepdogs, as far as I’m concerned.

  6. OK – so what? I’ve read Ann, watched Ann, interviewed Ann. Her passion is admirable, writing succinct and dead-on. So are many others observing/commenting on current events and their impact on Liberty, including my own on-air efforts on WSPD M-F and occasionally on nothing away from anyone, haven’t we plowed this field enough? Do we need any more evidence/video/blog/debate on what’s happening to America, the Constitution, the Rule of Law, our Freedom?
    Isn’t it time we engaged in serious discussions about What To Do Next?
    To that end, I’m working on plans to create the forums to do that: raise the bar of discussion to the proverbial “next level”. Feel free to drop me an E at or visit (Note: You’ll immediately get caught in the “SpamBlocker”, but I’ll see it and get back to you pronto).

    • Evidently, we do, Brian. She is responding to the fact that some folks have given credence – even if only temporarily – to the thought that somehow, Roberts did us a big favor. In her own inimitable style, she is still trying to wake up people who haven’t yet gotten it.

      “Whatever we do next”, don’t you think we might be slightly more successful if she is able to add a few more enlightened minds to the group?Or are you hot to go with the few who managed to “get it” from the start?

  7. Ann is right about the legal decision but it becomes irrelevant when the money is not there to fund this shit. Vanderluns web site had a piece the other day that basically pointed out that medicare/medicaid was unfunded to the tune of 84 trillion…300,000 bucks for every man, woman and child. I am not sure what kind of Utopiates the government is on but we don’t have the cash. They’ll be lucky to fund a highly modified social security program. The credit line is running down, when its cut off it will turn into “burn baby, burn” because the free shit army is hooked on that government check. You had better have preps.

    • ghostsniper

      “….but we don’t have the cash.”

      I don’t know where you’re getting this *we* business but lack of cash has never been an issue in politics and it’s so 1950’s to even bring such a thing up.

      I am only responsible for debts I incur myself, and if someone tries to force me to pay the debts of others he will be treated as a common violent aggressor needing to be dispatched.

  8. In a few weeks CONgress and the prevaricator-in-chief will pass and SCOTUS will clear a law directing all productive individuals to the nearest cotton field for ‘required picking’.

  9. Oh but cash matters when the credit line comes to an end.

    • Mark Matis

      But when they force everyone to go electronic, all they have to do is deduct from YOUR balance and transfer to their Praetorian Guard or their cronies…

      • ghostsniper

        The law will direct all employers, and payers to subcontractors, to do direct deposits and the banks will record all transactions and send them to the gov’t/IRS for accounting/tracking.

        Merchants and service providers will be prohibited from receiving cash, EFT only.

        Cash will become fire starter.

        I noticed last week my bank now only allows ATM withdrawals in $20 increments. I wanted $30 but had to take $40. So if you have a balance of $18 and want to get $10 out you are fucked.

        The squeeze is on.

  10. Once again, Ann is spot on.

  11. John Cooper

    There is a fire up inside the Blueger and I like it!


    So I guess we wait until the economy implodes? That may take a few years, given that the Banksters can print until their hearts are content and the clueless sheeple focus on the bread and circuses. The only saving grace will be starting in 2013, when all of the tax cuts will expire. Then, with the underfunding of Medicare, due to the ramping up of Obongocare, the clueless seniors who voted for this imposter will get thrown under the bus. It is already happening for those on medicare over 75. Rationing has started. But then maybe this whole situation was engineered by these Marxists to ramp up class warfare and collapse the population. Just sayin’.

    • JM,

      You sound like you must be Gen X or Gen Y. “Clueless seniors”? I think you’ll find your generation, or at least GenX/Y voted in much greater numbers for the Obamanation than we seniors. All of the starry-eyed younger people who just KNEW this Oreo would bring Hope and Change to America.

      Christ, twits who have to blame a particular generation, when this has been going on since before even Wilson and FDR, make me want to puke. Stop being so juvenile, end the whole “whose fault it is” game, and get on with the real work.

      • Yep. It’s our daddies fault. And his daddies fault. And his daddies fault. And hell, at 53 years old, it’s my fault… that past generations have helped raise another generation of… oh the horror… pussies.

        No, no, no, no… not me! I ain’t no pussy!

        Sure you are. You talk the tough just like your daddy, and like his daddy, and like his daddy… and like everyone’s daddy, that is as far as it gets.

        My apologies to OWS.

        You are right about one thing JM… we’re gonna wait for the big implosion. The big firecracker. The big whatever that we are just absolutely sure is gonna happen… some day… maybe. But don’t you go ah-worry’n JM… I am counting on Gen X-Y-Z to be not pussies and restore our lib-tard-ee’s.

        Well… it’s not my fault they keep moving the line in the sand!

        What ya say JM? Show us old farts how it is done.

        See JM, I agree with ya, even though I don’t. Meh.

        NOT ONE MORE… 1/16th? 1/4? Inch? Foot? Yard? Mile?


        • “Well… it’s not my fault they keep moving the line in the sand!”
          Can we agree on at least one hard line in the sand: when they come door to door to take our guns?

          • danielkday

            Yes Mouse, we can, in fact I think a move like that would swell our ranks significantly, which is why I strongly doubt they will do anything that obviously provocative. This “big firecracker” Curtis mentions above is probably not going to happen, it’ll just be more of the same chain of little firecrackers that already has us pissed off and gathered here looking at each other to see who will go first.
            Attention FBI/DHS readers: the above “go first” does NOT mean anything legal. I mean illegal. Damn typos.

          • ghostsniper

            They don’t want your guns.
            They want your obedience.

            • Jimmy the Saint

              All that God-King Obama requires is this: a simple offering of earth and water. A token of your submission to the will of Obama.


      Mr. RegT: I turn 65 this October. And, I live in a community here in the southwest part of the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon which is FULL of clueless seniors who still think Obongo is doing a good job, clueless Tea Party oldsters who really believe we are going to vote our way out of this, clueless evangelicals who believe they will be raptured before anything bad happens, and legions of the FSA/WALKING DEAD/GIMMIE MY FREEBIES ignorant white trash.
      Having been a peace officer in SoCal for thirty years. I have been watching the wage earners and military veterans, people like me, get sold out over and over again by every corrupt poltroon, montebank, and political hack on both sides of the aisle from city councilman on up. It is not a question of picking out a group to blame, but truth is its own defense. My one big hope is that the coming economic crash will happen soon enough to wake up enough people that things will start to turn around. I doubt, however, I will see anything change for the better in my lifetime.

      • ghostsniper

        “I doubt, however, I will see anything change for the better in my lifetime.”
        Depends on how you define the word *better*.
        Is it better to have 300mil people with 1/2 of them living off the backs of the other 1/2?
        Or is it better to just have 150mil productive people in the first place?

        The good ship USS America is waaay overloaded with freeloading rats, criminals of all stripes and ne’er do wells, and is listing horribly with oceans coming over all sides. The bilge pumps are working overtime but the fact is the poor ship is going down.


        Unless the cargo is thrown overboard – the dead weight, that which is not worth saving.

        Half of it must be disposed and the rest re-balanced.
        Only then can the USS America even start to right itself, rise above the waves and get back on a productive course of repair.

        • The Apple Islander

          When the music stops there will be a hell of a lot less than 150 million chairs.
          Subject experts have put the number at closer to one in ten surviving a SHTF scenario (ie 30 million left). Vast, lengthy supply chains are a bitch come societal collapse. Todays farming practices would be all but unrecognisable to the guys doing the same job a hundred years ago, which is where we’re heading when the oil and fertilizer shipments dry up.

          Beans, bullets, and bandaids… (add bible if so inclined).

          • ghostsniper

            The only SHTF scenario will be at the individual level, not at the state or national level. They will pick people off one by one, or in small groups of 10 or less. This is already occurring. As the economy worsens, unemployment climbs, people are unable to pay their bills, taxes, etc., the iron fist will smash. One at a time. If you can’t pay, they have a place for you to stay.

            • The Apple Islander

              -“As the economy worsens”- is the understatement of the year.
              The markets crash and the baby boomers are going to do what? Retire on hopes and dreams? Starve in the streets?
              The young will see their future disappear in the blink of an eye. Contrary to popular belief they will not just sit around playing XBox.
              The amount of people on beneftis will skyrocket exponentially and cause the FED to print money to the point where the dollar will collapse completely, perhaps overnight, if it hasn’t already due to losing its reserve currency status.
              How would Greece be faring without those bailouts?
              Try to imagine that on a global scale.
              Politicians are prepping for full scale collapse. Some are buying far flung farmland, building compounds and stocking up.
              Some are backing the hope that martial law will keep them at the top of the heap.
              It’s coming.
              Bet on it.

  13. Randall Stevens

    You know what, she is 100% right in EVERYTHING that she said.

  14. Value stored in non-Dollars are safe from point-n-click confiscation. They have to find it to confiscate it, and it’s not in the safe at the local bank. Paycheck to paycheck, tax-deferred accounts in the USA, even paper money: they have you like a ripe berry. Property that you consider yours is merely a revenue stream to the Masters, to be re-purposed into new paying hands if you miss a tax payment.

    Prepare to walk. Bicycling is at least 5x better than walking, but you need a bike. Having a place to go helps, too.

    Robert Heinlein’s novel “Friday” depicts a totalitarian regime in North America with about the same powers as this week brought. Genetic engineered super-spy girl pre-dating “Dark Angel” post-EMP in Seattle by a few decades. Good fun.