TMBL: Lose The Fat – You’ll Need To Carry That Weight As Ammo

From Maggie’s Farm comes this near-zero-carb fat loss program.

2013 is going to be a bear.

Enter it in the best shape you can be.

Tempus fugit.

26 responses to “TMBL: Lose The Fat – You’ll Need To Carry That Weight As Ammo

  1. Prairie Fire

    Nice pic. Per your link, a person would hope that the Marine might have kept himself at a healthy level of fitness during these last 45 or so years. Probably not.

  2. Got any advice for us cripples?

  3. Cripples should accept UPS deliveries of ammo and provide deniable sources of militarily-useful weapons for fighters. You’ll get strong moving the crates, even if you have to empty the crate and refill it where it’s going to sit because you can’t lift the M-60 can all at once.

    Don’t underestimate old Marines, even ones on oxygen. They can surprise you.

    If I didn’t have to carry water, ammo, and a weapon, this would be a fun hike!


  4. chuckisageek

    Be carful with the low carb, have some Dr. supervision, I went into kidney failure, had to stop. I just “eat less & move more” is my new diet 🙂

  5. And don’t forget to put a magazine in that battlerifle….you don’t want to be Al Gore now do you?

  6. The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson, see Similar to the diet to which you link, but not as extreme. Primal living is an all encompassing lifestyle, sustainable long term for better health, and moderate (i.e. not a crash diet). You will lose weight on the zero carb diet, but it is a crash diet, and not sustainable. In my opinion (I am an MD), it is not a long term option. I have been very successful following the primal blueprint, which I first saw on Lew Rockwell and Karen DeCoster’s websites. For “cripples” you have to find something you can do. If you can’t run, try to walk, bike, or swim.

  7. low-carb diets are a fad. they are scientifically shown to have a MARGINAL weight loss advantage over other macro composition diets. however if you are strength training it is important to load up on proteins before and especially after the workout (which does necessitate less carbs, to make room for those protein calories)

    the important thing is to find your BMR (base metabolic rate) and consistently eat less than that. -20% is a good amount, think long term not short term.

    • Actually, they haven’t been scientifically shown to have a marginal weight loss advantage over other diets. Out of all the the many claims of Atkins and Taubes and the rest, that’s the one that has the most solid grounding in fact – the purported studies that supposedly demonstrate such advantages, most don’t actually address the question, and none of are sufficient quality and rigor to provide results that can be trusted.

  8. brocktownsend

    Similar to the Air Force diet and the dripping man’s diet thanks to Jackie Gleason.:) It definitely works, but the only way I was finally able to lose weight permanently was to just go on what my doctor said after she found out, a starvation diet. I stay around 153 these days.

    28 Jul 2007
    My 206.0 To 149.4 Diet (For Anyone Who Might Be Interested)

  9. I can attest to the paleo/primal diet working. I was a gym rat but couldn’t seem to shed some extra weight (fat) that I had accumulated. Between Mid Sept. and Christmas eve of 2008 I went from 232# to 206# @ 6′ 1″ keeping my same workout. I ate tons of food, even tons of carbs, just not certain ones and still lost the weight. Did not go hungry through the whole thing. You might go through a “withdrawal” stage of “jonesing” for bad carbs but you get over it. The more I lost the greater the incentive to work out harder became. Overall you will thank yourself for doing it. You will look and feel healthier.

    Mark Sisson and Loren Cordain are good sources. Sisson has a website with loads of info for free to get started. I used Cordain before I discovered Sisson which is more of a whole program, but then I was doing the physical stuff on my own already.

    This diet is healthier for you than the low to zero carb type.

    Get in shape….train….the North American War Games will be on us before you know it. Shoot for one of the warrior runs as a goal, forget about times, just finish. Go to a shooting academy, Front Sight/ Gun Site whatever just go.

  10. BTW. I did this at age 58. If an old fart like myself can do this, so can you, barring physical infirmity.

  11. alan w. mullenax

    Yep. Did it.

    Increased basic load from 360 rounds (12 mags) to 510 rounds (17 mags).

    Don’t know yet how far/long I can run with it yet. Gonna find out soon.

  12. Us Cripples also make Great Shields

    • Cripples in body armor make good shields. There’s a terrible cartoon in there somewhere.

  13. Some carbs are necessary. A zero carb diet will kill you, as your body utilizes proteins for energy, creating a different metabolic pathway which will flood you with toxic ketones. Sensible limitation of carbs is an excellent idea, but low to zero can get you into trouble fast.

    “Unhealthy metabolic state (ketosis). Low-carb diets can cause your body to go into a dangerous metabolic state called ketosis since your body burns fat instead of glucose for energy. During ketosis, the body forms substances known as ketones, which can cause organs to fail and result in gout, kidney stones, or kidney failure. Ketones can also dull a person’s appetite, cause nausea and bad breath. Ketosis can be prevented by eating at least 100 grams of carbohydrates a day.” from WebMD (and training I received in my RN program).

    • Ole One Eye

      Science fail. Get the money back from your RN program. Ketosis is not ketoacidosis, and gluconeogenesis is a perfectly normal phenomenon.

  14. While there are some minor metabolic benefits, people mostly see results from low-carb, paleo, and other macronutritional diets because it limits what they can eat, which in turn tends to lower their overall caloric intake. Same thing with intermittent fasting. You also tend to see a lot of “success stories” where obese people lose a bunch of weight and merely become overweight. This is because it’s much, much easier to lose the initial weight on ANY calorie restricting diet (similar to how beginners quickly see large gains on a good barbell routine).

    The only long-term, sustainable way to lose weight is by burning more calories than you consume.

    • “While there are some minor metabolic benefits, people mostly see results from low-carb, paleo, and other macronutritional diets because it limits what they can eat, which in turn tends to lower their overall caloric intake.”

      That is the excuse that has been offered, repeatedly, by the public health crowd, for which they had no evidence whatsoever. It’s only been very recently that there have been studies to address the question, and it turns out not to be the case:;contentBody

    • Many ethnic groups have a built in mechanism for slowing down the Thyroid metabolism. That is why fasting rarely works. Unless it is the Hitler or Commie methodology.

      Repetitve fasting without exercise can cause a short of sorts.

  15. Semper Fi, 0321

    I’m 58, always been lean, but walk and hike like a fool. Hate exercise programs, too much PT in the Corps. Now I’m seeing a gut build up with 10 lbs above (normal weight, 165/6′). Spent last three days hiking the Rocky Mtns with archeology students, above 10,000′ elev and I’m in the lead every day with a 25 lb pack. I think I’m doing fine, just need some more situps to tighten that belly.

    • John Cooper

      Wish I had an older guy like you in my AO who could help us with training.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        What is it that you need? Start walking is the first thing. Get boots that fit, I just got some new Asolo Echos last week, good merino wool socks too. Hike at a brisk pace, DO NOT avoid inclines, take them head on and stretch those muscles. Depending on your lack of exercise, start with 1/2-1 mile hikes, then work up to 2-3 miles, add a day pack with rain gear, food and water. I do 8-10 mile hikes around here in the Wyoming mtn’s, very steep and hard as all getout. Yesterday climbed 1,200′ on a switchback trail in the hot sun and thought my chest would explode. I drink a liter of Gatorade before I leave my vehicle, start out hydrated and then clean cold water the rest of the day. We carry pump water filters and refill at clean mtn springs that the elk haven’t turned into bogs yet. The biggest challenge is between your ears, make it fun and it isn’t like going to boot camp. Good luck.

  16. Mark Matis

    I would merely note that, if one survives the INITIAL festivities, being fat will not necessarily be a problem…

  17. Sheeesh. Do I ever remember them friggin’ days. Oh, my achin’ back.

  18. ghostsniper

    Ammo boxes in a bandolier means a stripper clip in the head band…..