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Two From LF

Obstacles Part VIII: An Quick Look At Common Wire Types

Obstacles Part IX: Reinforcing Existing Fences


ND: Tricks Of The Trade II

More Mosby.


SHTF School: Fighting Superior Forces

Selco shares some important psychological insights.

Keep in the fight.



Mosby: Tricks Of The Trade

JM updates a classic.


…Your first magazine change should be a speed-reload. Do not worry about retaining or retrieval until after the fight is over. Focus on getting rounds downrange to occupy the enemy and disrupt his OODA loop. Other than that, the only time a speed reload is necessitated in a gunfight is a) when you are providing suppressive fire to protect a buddy who is still exposed to enemy fire when your rifle runs dry, or b) shooting while moving from one position of cover to the next and your weapon runs dry. B) should seldom occur, because you should be conducting reloads-with-retention while in a covered/concealed position if you know or believe you are close to running dry.

9. Inspect and test all magazines before conducting an operation. Ensure they feed properly and inspect for bent/damaged feed lips, weak springs, etc. Mark every magazine you own and if one fails to perform in training or inspection, throw the motherfucker away. DO NOT PUT IT UP FOR SALE ON TOP OF YOUR GUNSHOW TABLE. If you do, you’re a fucking scumbag, and I hope you die a slow, painful death that involves anal rape with a sharpened implement, you fucking douchebag…

Read it all.

Print it.

Live it.


Your Future: Unidentified Oppressors In Uniform

RITR asks:

What the hell are they doing in ACUs?

Read it all.

Do you understand yet?

Consider this: the desultory Muslim “wars” of the past decade might simply have been an extended FTX, a la the Spanish Civil War, prosecuted by the world banking state’s enforcers to work out tactics and equipment.

North America and its resources are the prize, people.

And its inhabitants are the pawns.


No matter what.

VDH: The Road Warrior Is Here

As California goes…

Alea iacta est.

Bracken Asks

(click to enlarge)

AmMerc: Deception

“A battle plan without a deception plan isn’t a plan.”

Got Ammo?

They don’t want you to be able to buy it through the mail.

Another Stooge Heard From

A reader sends this link to the Greensboro, NC paper, with the following gem from Congressman Brad Miller:

…U.S. Rep. Brad Miller , D- 13th District, counters those fears assume “a tyrannical government.” He said the idea that armed citizens serve as an effective check on a modern military is “kind of a fantasy.”

“Given the power of the military now, the weaponry available to the military and the powers of the government, the idea that armed citizens are an important check on government just seems unrealistic,” Miller said. “And it leads to the kind of carnage that we saw in Aurora.”

Does anyone think the gentleman from North Cackalacky understands that FREEFOR will NOT be aiming at .mil forces, at least in the early stages of the Coming Festivities?

Thought not.

The spear is not the point.

The point is not the spear.

Audentes fortuna iuvat.

National Security Agency: What The Bastards Are Doing

Doctor Pournelle posts a note with this link on NSA profiling of Americans, including presumably readers of this blog.

See also this link from the post.

There can be no co-existence.


Or us.

Every one of them.

Got it?

Codrea: Scalia Statement On Guns Clarifies The Future

The courts are not going to save you.

Nor will the legislatures.

Certainly the executive branches will not.

Most of your neighbors will support your incarceration and/or murder.

Hell – you’re lucky if you can count on all of your nuclear family.

And they are coming.

You ready?

Ein Schweizer, sieben Deutsche.

We All Need To Be “Runaway Slaves”

John V. comments on Runaway Slave, the new freedom movie currently in limited distribution.

Background here.

Defy the slavemasters.

Break as many of the malum prohibitum laws as you can each day.

Learn the truth, from this movie and elsewhere.

Help others know it as well.


AmMerc: Counter Vehicle Tactics


Especially with these bad boys bound for CONUS.

Two From TL

Fourth-Grade Reasoning and the Fall of the Constitution

Stop Paying Taxes Now

A related suggestion?

Range cards.


John Robb: Printing Weapons at Home for Fun and Mayhem

The latest from Global Guerrillas.

Consider the possibilities.


Good News

No Arms Trade Treaty from the UN (h/t Hardy).


Originally noted by a commenter, this article has some harsh but fair criticism of people who fall into various mental traps surrounding PT.

Highly recommended, including the embedded links.

You are the weapon.

Best get that weapon unfugged forthwith.

Tempus fugit.

Study Materials

Brock points us to useful resistance histories.

Don’t forget this one and this one, as well.


Barnhardt: Told Ya That, Too

From Ann Barnhardt:


Thanks for the forty-two blazillion emails about the Breitbart piece linking Holder to Corzine. Some of you may not have been around here back in the day (last November) when I laid all of this out and predicted not only that Corzine would never be touched due totally and completely to cronyism with the regime, but also the NFA’s total failure to regulate and their willful, intentional incompetence. I laid all of this out in an audio inteview with Jim Puplava of recorded on November 30, 2011. That interview went viral instantly and is now the most listened-to inteview in history.

Why? Because the interview is completely honest, completely forthright and completely REAL. Everything in the media today, and even in the culture – down to private conversations – has been so twisted and corrupted by cultural Marxism (commonly called “political correctness”) and systemic, abject COWARDICE that people are absolutely shocked, and then profoundly attracted to the spectacle of someone simply SPEAKING THE TRUTH WITHOUT FEAR.

Of course Holder and Corzine are in bed together. Of course Edith O’Brien’s attorney is Holder’s best friend. Why are you people shocked at any of this? Further, why do you expect the exposure of this to make any difference? As I said in the Puplava interview, the Republic is dead. This is no longer a nation of laws, it is a nation of men. It does not matter what you do – all that matters is who you know and are in bed with. You can steal a billion-plus dollars – like Corzine, or you can commit mass murder – like Holder himself, and NOTHING will ever happen to you. Do you think the people of the Soviet Union didn’t know that tens of millions of their fellow countrymen were being killed? Of course they knew – many times they witnessed it with their own eyes. It didn’t matter to Lenin or Stalin. Lenin and Stalin WERE THE RULE OF LAW, so therefore there was no way short of a war against them to ever hold them to account for their crimes – and the people of Russia and the other Soviet-controlled lands never waged that war – and so they were raped, pillaged and murdered by the tens of millions by the oligarchy which they permitted by cowering in self-serving fear and refusing to fight it.

Further, Holder, Corzine, Obama and all the rest don’t give a shit that any of this is coming out. They are sitting back and LAUGHING at all of it. You know why? Because they know damn good and well that no one is going to actually do ANYTHING about any of this, just like no one did anything about it in Russia under Lenin and Stalin or China under Mao. Remember, Eric Holder is, as we speak, in both civil and criminal contempt of Congress. And … nothing. Absolutely nothing. There is no rule of law and there is no lawful recourse whatsoever because the government has been overthrown and there is NO RULE OF LAW.

That is how tyrannies, like the one we are now under, come to power. They are consciously playing on the normalcy bias and cowardice of the populace. You people STILL think that there is justice and that by merely exposing this crap that someone, somewhere is going to apply justice and all of this is going to be made right through the courts and the government.

It isn’t. The government is the enemy. The government is the enemy of both the people, and of justice itself.

You want to see justice? Kiss your wife and kiddies goodbye, gear up, and tell me where the mustering point is. Unless and until that happens, not only will there be no justice, but the crimes will only get exponentially worse until we are the New Vendee and infernal columns of the Free Shit Army are being sent into suburbia to kill every human being in their path in the name of hope, change and free shit.

And understand that “Barack Obama”, Eric Holder and all the rest of the oligarchs have planned this overthrow and are executing it without any hesitation based on the assumption that in a nation of 310 million people, not ONE decent person will so much as lift a finger to defend themselves or their posterity, much less muster and go to hot war. Their entire warplan is built upon the moral and personal cowardice of the people, bred and inculcated into them by the Marxist takeover of the education system, the media and the clergy.

Here is the Puplava interview. Key spots are at 6:27-8:40, 21:27-23:21, and 27:55-30:00.

Puplava: Where is the investigation into Jon Corzine?

Ann Barnhardt: Well that is the point of this. We are now living in a lawless, Marxist, Communist, usurped, what used to be a representative republic but is no more. This is no longer a nation of laws. This has now transformed into a nation of men. It doesn’t matter what crime you commit.

In the case of Jon Corzine, this man has stolen in excess of a billion dollars. I think by the time it is all panned out it is going to be closer to $3 billion of customer funds that he stole. Why did he do it? Is he stupid? Well, of course he’s not stupid. This is a former head of Goldman Sachs. This man doesn’t have a low IQ per se. Why in the world would a man wake up in the morning one day and say you know what, I think I am going to steal all the customer seg funds in this FCM that I’m running, which is the biggest FCM in the country. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan. No. Why would a man like that even engage in a nefarious plot like this?

Because he knew going into it he could get away with it. And the reason he could get away with it is he is in tight with the Obama regime. He is one of Obama’s highest fundraisers. Earlier this year Jon Corzine had a fundraiser dinner at his New York City apartment for Barack Obama where it was charged at $35,000 a plate. Okay? He bundled high six figures for Obama in one evening! He is a crony of the regime. This is Marxist Communism. There is no rule of law. And these people, these poor MF customers are just sitting out here helpless to do anything because there is no law enforcement because this is no longer a nation of laws. The rule of law no longer exists. There is no longer justice in this nation. And no nation, no culture, no society can survive if there isn’t a foundation of justice.

That is why we are teetering on the precipice of collapse and I foresee civil war coming within the next several years.

November 30, 2011