Barnhardt: La Vendée

Read this backgrounder, then plunge into Miss B’s latest:


Here’s my latest video recorded by the good folks at down in Pueblo, Colorado.

This presentation covers the almost unknown war and genocide against the people of the Vendee region of France during the proto-Marxist French Revolution. This genocide by the atheist, godless, totalitarian French Revolutionaries against the Church killed 450,000 people, and has served as a the tactical template for Marxist governments who have fomented statist schisms and then entered into open war against the Church over the last century, including the Soviets and Mexicans in the early 20th century, and the Red Chinese and Vietnamese, and Marxist Latin American regimes.

The Marxist Obama regime is following that same template to a terrifying, yet in no way surprising, degree.

The only question is, how will it end here? What is beyond question is the fact that we are now, in the United States, on the path to genocide.

In four parts, total time approximately one hour twenty minutes.

Feel free to mirror, as always.

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  1. Well, she is not very nuanced is she?
    Can’t wait for the Views From The Front Porch to tell us how unsophisticated this moron is.
    Good we have the agnostics to lead us into what is to come.

  2. Glenn Allen

    Didn’t some guy say -Let those without sin cast the first stone. There was a thing called the Inquisition that killed a whole lot of people that I think the church had something to do with. I believe Jesus doesn’t like killing no matter what the reasons for. I’ll defend peoples right to religious freedom, and that means everybody, just like good Tom Jefferson spelled it out.If your looking for a religious war, be careful what you pray for friends.Look how well the Catholics have gotten along with the Protestants over the years. There are about 33.000 denominations of Christianity which one is mentioned in the Constitution? I read it and must of missed that section.

    • I think the point is that socialism/fascism cannot stand the opposition from ANY religion. Denigration leads to persecution which leads to genocide.

      We have ample evidence of this trend right here, not to mention the very words of the authors of these abominations.

      One can certainly condemn the Inquisition or any other of the excesses of any religious orders (and it seems that is always done when a similar question is raised) but that does not alter the fact that religion has redeeming qualities and seeks the Good, whereas socialism/fascism absolutely does not.

      I doubt that the Inquisition and the Crusades combined (and there was justification for the Crusades- otherwise we might all be speaking arabic/turkish) could equal the 150,000,000 + non combatants killed by various socialist governments in the 20th century alone.

      Instead of carping about an imagined possible threat, how about concentrating on the present and very real one?

  3. “Glenn Allen | July 19, 2012 at 04:20
    Didn’t some guy say -Let those without sin cast the first stone. There was a thing called the Inquisition that killed a whole lot of people that I think the church had something to do with.”

    Actually, that is a poor historical reading of the event. The Spanish Inquisition was conducted by the Spanish Govt. It was conducted after Spain had finally reconquered all of their homelands/after they purged the Muslims that had invaded and occupied portions of Spain.

    Many that cast the Spanish Inquisition as a black eye on the Catholic Church either have no idea of that which they speak, or they simply have an agenda against God.

    • Jack Chick seems to think differently. Is he correct? Partially correct? Power corrupts, and the Vatican has had a lot of power for a very long time.

  4. The Vendee genocide was the product of proto Marxism. It continued to bloom through the US civil war and the following Indian wars before Marx made it a publish political philosophy. And what better place than Europe to grow the cult of “scientism”. We don’t need no stinking gods when we can be gods ourselves. The progressives here are the marxist socialists over there, and neither can tolerate God. The UN is the progressive and marxist “vatican”. And you really thought you had a freedom of religion in the Bill of Rights? And you need not bow to the gods of progressives? Yea, right. Get that blue beanie back on.

  5. The Vatican isn’t your problem. Look who bashes the Catholic church. Gay’s, feminists, progressives, Pelosi, Obama. Maybe Jack is in the wrong camp. I’ll go for that old time religion like the preacher addressing the Idaho lawmakers and governor.

  6. I am not Catholic nor their apologist. I do, however, have little tolerance for those who choose to be historically illiterate. So, let me repeat since there are those with deaf ears.

    Actually, that is a poor historical reading of the event. The Spanish Inquisition was conducted by the Spanish Govt. It was conducted after Spain had finally reconquered all of their homelands/after they purged the Muslims that had invaded and occupied portions of Spain.

    Many that cast the Spanish Inquisition as a black eye on the Catholic Church either have no idea of that which they speak, or they simply have an agenda against God.

  7. Do you understand? The Spanish Govt. began to root out and exorcise the land of those they believed to be subversive and contrary to the country of Spain and the Spanish Crown. Spain was a Catholic nation that had just spent many, many long years, many, many gold coins, and many, many lives of their sons to expel the Muslim fanatics that had invaded and controlled the lower portions of the Spanish peninsula.

    At the same time, Spain was a Catholic nation with no “freedom of religion”. They were Catholic

    Are the hard headed here starting to wipe the sleep from their eyes yet?
    Are you starting to grok the fact that the Catholic Spanish were rejecting those that threatened their culture and country? Are you starting to contemplate that idea that the Spanish did not want those that were enemies of Spain and of the culture of Spain hanging out to be some sort of fifth column? Are you starting to contemplate that perhaps the Spainsh had the right, no, the duty to protect Spanish sovereignty?

    Or were they just a bunch of a-holes that had nothing better to do than oppress poor, poor immigrants that were there just to take advantage of Spanish economic opportunities? And those mean Spanish were just racially/religiously profiling them?

    Are you truly that historically ignorant?

    You really have no clue to why the Spanish might be paranoid about foreign immigrants in their midst after having to fight tooth and nail to expel the Muslims that had invaded their country, killed their people, and stolen their lands?

    And the Crusades were nothing more than a way to oppress poor innocent multicultural loving Muslims because Americans are racisssssss.

    Do you understand that you have been educated by Marxists and that you have no clue about history? And even then, when you actually look into history, you are already colored in vision by the Marxist googles you are looking through……..

    Come on people, wake up.

  8. We are in real trouble if the “Patriot Community” can’t even grasp the who,what, when ,were, and why of the Spanish inquisition.

    But go on blaming God and the church, because that is what your atheist/marxist masters have told you.

    This “Patriot” or “III Percent” community is chock full of morons.

    Yes, keep plucking that chicken that the mean ol’ church is the bogeyman and that the govt. and the govt. schools will show and teach you all that you need to know.

  9. And here I thought the Inquisition was just about the Catholics grabbing the choicest lands from “heretics”. Such as the Templars, too?.

    Jack Chick and many other small congregation ministers are right about one thing. Fear the institution, fear the person that tries to tell you “I am the way to God”. Only one man is that and He already died for us. The rest lead to perdition.

    Gays bash the Vatican? Seems to me that they join it in droves, then diddle little kids and weaken it from within. They need to clean up their backyard, a lot, before I’ll respect them again. They’ve been attacked with the same methods as all of Western Civilization. Effeminization, Relativism, Minimilism. These are the cancers used by the left and the marxists to rot from within.

    Conan, I’m thinking you don’t really know anyone here well enough, even after a few soul-baring and tell all internet posts to be telling us our hearts and minds, labelling us atheists or Marxists.
    But praise be, us morons in the III’s, well now that you’re here to straighten us out Conan, we don’t have no worries no more.

    See you at the races.

  10. CofC…my reply was to jack chick. See the comment above my first entry. You have heard of Chick?

  11. This woman is foaming at the mouth crazy. We don’t have marxism, that’s just completely ignorant, it’s crony capitalistic fascism, but that is truly academic! These people solely care about money and power. They care little for whatever bullshit ideology people try to pin on them, that is completely immaterial and they’ll change their sails to preserve only their power and money. They don’t care about fascism or marxism only personal POWER and control which brings them money. We can argue until the sun burns out about how marxist or fascist they were after we pick up the pieces, but that’s a job for the historians. Barnhart should not be considered part of the liberty movement. Given her way, we will simply have a new more terrible kind of tyranny. I’ll remain a follower of the ideals espoused by Ron Paul, Bastiat, Hayek, Mises, and Rothbard, not this foaming crackpot. We’d all be arrested for having condoms in our pockets. She is ideologically blinded by her catholic bias and raves at fever pitch on topics she only grasps tangentially. Please stop posting her blithering rants, they’re completely counterproductive.

  12. Mayor….Gays bash the hell out of the Catholic church. Remember that the progressives sell it as the pedophiles in the church and absolutely NOT gays.Of course the reality is that most of it is gay assaults on older children. And the Catholics are doing much better than the public school system in removing their problem people. As a Methodist I dropped out of the church long ago…the US church is mainstreaming gays and insist on gays in the boy scouts or else drop sponsorship of scout troops.The Catholic church has addressed this far better than any protestant or secular group. There are too many religious institutions that are religious in name only. Just another form of RINO.

  13. How about a constructive message to counter Barnhart’s ravings:

  14. Indy,

    I am not really addressing any of this to you.
    I have not read up on Chick’s view of the Catholics.
    So as to your query about Chick’s views on the Catholics, since I am not aware of his views, I cannot thoughtfully address them.

    I am aware of those that believe that the Catholic church is the Whore of Babylon… And others that believe that the Jesuits and/or the Freemasons are in secretive control of the world (or the Catholic church is place of the Jesuits/Freemasons/or the Catholic church under control of the Jesuits).

    Again, I am not Catholic or a Catholic apologist.

    • Dang – we’re busted.

      Alright – you’re too smart for us.

      I’ll confess, on behalf of millions of my Brothers: It’s true.

      As soon as we settle the “incandescent vs. flourescent lights in the dining-hall” controversy, taking over the world is the next item on our agenda!

      Note for the slow-kids: the aforegoing was SARCASM!

      I’m both proud and honored to call myself a Mason.
      I was honored to serve as Master of my Lodge in 2007.
      I’m a 32nd Degree (Scottish Rite) and a Knight Templar (York Rite).

      I know just a little about this topic.

      Look, I’ll be as plain as I know how: The concept that “ALL men are created equal” is pure Masonic philosophy – as is “inalienable rights”, “Freedom of Religion”, and most of the other principles on which this Republic was originally founded.

      There has never been a greater secular force for GOOD than Freemasonry. There has never been an Institution more dedicated to Individual Liberty.

      The FIRST item on most tyrants’ agenda – immediately upon seizing power – is to wipe out Freemasonry. There’s a REASON for that!

      Masons are – by and large – the best bunch of men I’ve ever known. I’ve taught my daughters since they were old enough to understand: “If you’re ever in trouble, find a man with this symbol on his ring, car, lapel pin – whatever – and if he can prove himself (by certain things I explained to her) then you’re safe to go with him. He’ll help you and take care of you, and you’ll be safe with him!

      I’d have ZERO concern for my wife, daughter, money – WHATEVER – with any real Mason.

      Don’t we wish we could say the same of those wearing crosses or claiming to be “christian”?

      I’ve loaned money – a significant sum – to a mason I met in a restaurant in Jerome AZ. When I got home there was a check in my mailbox, just as he’d promised, and just as I knew there would be.

      Masonic publishers still send books, etc without advance payment. Tell me who else does that in this day?

      Masonry is a Patriot’s best friend – there’s no reason to fear us at all!


  15. henryholliday

    I was at this presentation. Ann gave it from beginning to end without notes or telprompter, with nary a glitch. Be you Catholic , Protestant, atheist, agnostic or whatever, the fact remains that the Muslims intend to eradicate all non-Muslims, and the Marxists intend to eradicate faith in everything but the state. It isn’t really that hard to define our enemies, those of us who believe in the founding principles. Ann Barnhardt tells it more bluntly than anyone I know. I don’t agree with everything she says, but I agree with more than enough to be glad she’s on our side.

  16. Mayor,

    Am I calling all here a atheist/marxist? No.

    But I am frankly tired of the, “Boy those Catholics/Christians sure are bad…I mean, SPANISH INQUISITION!!!111!!elventy!”

    If you are in a conversation with someone and they refer to those bad Christians and their Spanish Inquisition, then you are, without a doubt, dealing with an historically illiterate moron.

    Why did Spain contract Columbus to sail west to the Indies?
    Because they wished to bypass their mortal enemies, the Muslims.
    Or as Bush likes to call them, The Religion Of Peace (TM).
    Or as The Won likes to call them My People That I Studied With At The Madrasa.(TM)

    So yes, if the III community believes that Spain was oppressing poor Muslims and Jews, rather than fighting a fifth column in their newly reconquered homeland, then yes, they are morons.

    But feel free to explain to me how the Spanish weren’t protecting their country and culture as Spanish Catholics. And feel free to tell me what barbarians they were, considering no country in the whole world at the time had “Freedom Of Religion”.

  17. thank you Ann, this confirms the conclusion that i keep coming up with, Again, thank you for your time and energy, this was spot on .

  18. These comments threads seem always to devolve into urinating exhibitions wherein those in attendance vie for top honors in logic, reason and historical fact, while neatly ignoring the sledge hammer of present reality/ its historical analogue with which they have just been walloped.

    How many of you actually got past the first video?

    Why don’t you concentrate your many talents and vast knowledge on trying to divine solutions to our plight, instead of wasting your time showing off… and obfuscating, deflecting and ignoring the reality?

    Makes me wonder who some of these people are and what are they doing here?

    Ann Barnhardt has more courage, knowledge and integrity in her little finger than many of the hairy chested debaters here.

    • Master debaters here. Sounds like the message was missed by several.

    • “…Ann Barnhardt has more courage, knowledge and integrity in her little finger than many of the hairy chested debaters here.”


      I can’t agree with her on the cc, but if she ever feels ‘led’ to play Jeanne d’Arc I’ll be right behind her!

      Maybe she should run for POTUS!

  19. So am I to understand that intelligent conversation in response to the unintelligent that state the Spanish were evil to expel the Muslims (Spanish Inquisition) from their Spanish homeland is to be some sort of argumentative master debater?

    I must be confused. If I am not, then this liberty man has no desire to be associated with those here.

    But then ignore me, I must be argumentative and a debater. Why should anyone have any right to defend their homeland.


    “If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

    – Samuel Adams

    • Don’t think that was directed at you.
      If it was, well… Fuggem.
      I’ll march beside anyone inclined to oppose The Enemy.
      We can settle whatever differences remain later!

    • Conan, my comments were not directed to you, personally, but to all who would rather debate history or religion rather address our current situation.

      For what it’s worth, I agree with you, mostly. But I don’t think anyone said or believes this:

      “So am I to understand that intelligent conversation in response to the unintelligent that state the Spanish were evil to expel the Muslims (Spanish Inquisition) from their Spanish homeland is to be some sort of argumentative master debater?”

  20. Gary Smith

    This may be a bit of a stretch but did the Serbs and Croats not do the same thing for the same reasons not too long ago? At least as they saw it ?
    Overran by Moslems who just wanted a little

  21. For the record one cannot be Mason and Catholic. It is declared anathema and is excommunication for the person who do so; so, there is no Jesuit/Mason cabal.

    Coats and Serbs do not like each other. They fight a Catholic v Orthodox war similar to the nonsense that used to exists in Ireland and mainland Europe.

    The Inquisition was actually the fairest court one could have in the Middle Ages. The crown was not something you wished to take an interest in you.

    Reconquista was about repulsing invaders and cleaning up their lands.

    Crusades were a reaction to being invaded from the south and east. The West did not wake up one morning and say hey lets go kill a bunch of people we do not even know exist.

    As much as war may be fought for gold. It is sometimes fought to defend one’s culture from interlopers, which is the point of the liberty movement as it is not about gold. Instead it is about our culture being destroyed by interlopers, for example, those who would take away the Second Amendment.

    • There’s an OLD (1738 – Clement XII) papal bull prohibiting Masonic membership to Catholics – largely because Masonry is the sworn enemy of all forms of tyranny, and… well… The Catholic church does have a bit of history which at the time was more like “current events” and we all know how much tyrants like being called out as tyrants, so…

      Masonry for its part welcomes all good men regardless of their religion – just as it ever was.

      This BTW is why the “Knights of Columbus” was formed – a bunch of Masons wanted something similar after being told they couldn’t be Masons any more…

      All that said, I have a number of Brothers who are catholic, including a close friend who has just finished the whole “conversion” process. He makes no bones about his Masonic membership, has continued displaying emblemson his car, wearing a ring, etc.

      He even introduced the Past Grand Sovereign of our state’s Scottish Rite to a retiring Cardinal and the two are becoming fast friends!

      Bottom line is that yes, there’s technically a prohibition from the Catholic POV, it isn’t enforced (at least in the US).

      From what I’ve learned, it seems that there’s been a long-standing movement to eliminate it, but many in the cc’s power-structure fear that to do so would be tantamount to admitting that it had been wrong before — a violation of the doctrine of papal infallibility — and thus it continues to await the dawn of a more enlightened age.

      If I had to pick one reason why I cannot be a catholic, it’s this “infallibility” nonsense. A political process picks a new “President”, the proper color of smoke flies up a very old chimney, and a man dons a funny hat which magically transforms him from imperfect human to He Who Can Do No Wrong? Nope. Uh-Uh.

      There was one perfect man, and we crucified him.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      “Instead it is about our culture being destroyed by interlopers, for example, those who would take away the Second Amendment.”

      Such as the following, perhaps?:

      Gun control: Church firmly, quietly opposes firearms for civilians

      Cassandra (of Troy)

      • I have had this argument. USCCB is not the Vatican.

        And in the end there is a reason why every Mass and every book of prayer tells you to pray for the clergy.

        They are not all saints.

        You can complain about that, but the Protestants are no different.

        BTW. I have to say this at this point because I have commented enough . . . I was raise Southern Baptist and Lutheran. I am a convert. Currently I am a Anglican in communion with Rome.

  22. “This genocide by the atheist, godless, totalitarian French Revolutionaries against the Church killed 450,000 people”

    Ho boy, a contrived religious war. It’s godless atheists, not the government! Newsflash, government is dangerous whether it’s controlled by atheists OR christians.

    This religion-war bating is utterly ridiculous. But hey, thanks for resetting the III% OODA loop! /sarc

    • I’ll take a Christian government any day, the problem is where to find one. The Vatican is the last one standing that I can see. The scientism governments are the ones with the large body counts, Lenin and Stalin, Mao, and the closer we become to that secular scientism the more dangerous our government becomes. We are constantly funding more government scientism at the Malthusian University. Global warming, DDT scares, Gaia earth day, GLBT, quota commerce and NWO bullshit. Liberty and free will are part of our biblical history and were included in our founding documents and as Adams and other noted, they were for a moral and Christian nation. That we have virtually no Christian leadership or Christian moral foundation left is why we have government that is dangerous to us and strips us of our Constitutional rights. There will be NO LIBERTY without a Christian moral foundation. Fucking period.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      “This religion-war bating is utterly ridiculous.”

      Indeed, however, certain religions (Satanists, human sacrifice adherents, etc.) have proven themselves to be especially baleful & as such should be watched w/ a jaundiced eye, imo.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  23. Grenadier1

    For the record.

    “The Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition (Spanish: Tribunal del Santo Oficio de la Inquisición), commonly known as the Spanish Inquisition (Inquisición española), was a tribunal established in 1480 by Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile. It was intended to maintain Catholic orthodoxy in their kingdoms, and to replace the Medieval Inquisition which was under Papal control. The Inquisition was originally intended in large part to ensure the orthodoxy of those who converted from Judaism and Islam. This regulation of the faith of the newly converted was intensified after the royal decrees issued in 1492 and 1501 ordering Jews and Muslims to convert or leave.”

    “The first auto-da-fé was held in Seville on February 6, 1481: six people were burned alive. From there, the Inquisition grew rapidly in the Kingdom of Castile. By 1492, tribunals existed in eight Castilian cities: Ávila, Córdoba, Jaén, Medina del Campo, Segovia, Sigüenza, Toledo, and Valladolid.

    Sixtus IV promulgated a new bull categorically prohibiting the Inquisition’s extension to Aragon, affirming that,

    many true and faithful Christians, because of the testimony of enemies, rivals, slaves and other low people—and still less appropriate—without tests of any kind, have been locked up in secular prisons, tortured and condemned like relapsed heretics, deprived of their goods and properties, and given over to the secular arm to be executed, at great danger to their souls, giving a pernicious example and causing scandal to many.[8]

    In 1483, Jews were expelled from all of Andalusia. Ferdinand pressured the Pope[9] to promulgate a new bull. He did so on October 17, 1483, naming Tomás de Torquemada Inquisidor General of Aragón, Valencia and Catalonia. Torquemada quickly established procedures for the Inquisition. A new court would be announced with a thirty day grace period for confessions and the gathering of accusations by neighbors. Evidence that was used to identify a crypto-Jew included the absence of chimney smoke on Saturdays (a sign the family might secretly be honoring the Sabbath) or the buying of many vegetables before Passover or the purchase of meat from a converted butcher. The court employed physical torture to extract confessions. Crypto-Jews were allowed to confess and do penance, although those who relapsed were burned at the stake.[10]

    In 1484 Pope Innocent VIII attempted to allow appeals to Rome against the Inquisition, but Ferdinand in December 1484 and again in 1509 decreed death and confiscation for anyone trying to make use of such procedures without royal permission.[11] With this, the Inquisition became the only institution that held authority across all the realms of the Spanish monarchy, and, in all of them, a useful mechanism at the service of the crown”

    All this is from Wiki so take it for what its worth. It is very clear however that the Spanish Inquisition was a combination of political and religious oppression. While the Church was obviously not united in its support the Pope was really only concerned that Christians might get caught up in the BBQ of secret Jews and Muslims. Recall that Torquemada was a Dominican monk.

  24. hear me out

    @ WRSA and Barnhardt,
    I’m fairly certain that this grievance with fall on deaf ears, as it has on a number of other liberty-oriented blogs in the recent past, but I still feel compelled to say my piece. Who knows, maybe you’ll be different from the others.

    I find this consistent and persistent notion of Marxism being directly related to atheism or godlessness rather childish and ignorant. I’m as godless as they come, yet I see myself as a good man. I’m a nurturing father and husband, a hard working employee, and a patriot. I love and am willing to fight for the principals of liberty just as much as you or any of this blog’s patrons. I’m about as staunch of an anarcho-capitalist/voluntarist libertarian as they come, and I’ll be shoulder-to-shoulder with you on the front lines when the SHTF, yet the term “godless” is constantly tossed around like a monkey flinging shit, and it’s never used in any manner except derogatory, and no matter how much I plead to the contrary, I’ll always be associated with Marx-style collectivism.

    All this talk about building tribe and networking, yet still the childish fear of people who don’t bow to the same mythical king that you happen to bow to. Nevermind how skilled, moral, and/or useful they could prove to be to your tribe, OVER YOUR DEAD BODY will you ever associate with one of those heathens!

    WRSA, I’m not trolling you here, and I realize that Barnhardt wrote that piece, not you. I’m simply venting on a topic that has been eating at me for a long while now.

    Sincerely, a big fan of your blog.

  25. Cassandra (of Troy)

    It’s simultaneously fascinating & disheartening to see how both ends of the belief continuum, religious & non-/anti-religious, while w/ equal vehemance claiming to be proponents of/adherents to the principles of toleration of differences & ‘The Golden Rule’, nevertheless vigorously violate those principles due to their unshakeable faith in the transcendent & also blatantly obvious (to any ‘thinking person’, that is) virtue of their respective positions despite the historical FACT that MASSIVE horrors have been committed by disciples of their respective philosophies. At the dual risk of offending those of the non-/anti-religious persuasion & giving the religious something to puff up over, I suggest that it’d be profitable for both to take a lesson from Romans 3:23 & realize that they’re engaging in the sin of Pride thus empowering its child Arrogance (which, by the way, caused Lucifer’s expulsion from Heaven) which violates the Golden Rule they profess to revere. Does that mean that anything goes in order to achieve/preserve unity against the equally acknowledged common foe? No. There are, as I wrote previously, some ideologies that’ve proven their destructive societal effect & therefore, imo, should be proscribed & I’m reasonably sure that there’s mutual agreement on that point by both sides.

    It’s funny how of the 6 major religions, & I include atheism in the tally, it’s the Buddhists (& to a lesser extent, the Hindus) who’re generally the most observant of The Golden Rule & as a result the most tolerant of differing views. OTOH, of the 3 most often referred to as the major ones, (by the West, that is) Judaism/Christianity/Islam, the last 2 tend to be the most rigid, the most exclusionary, & in the case of Islam (w/ the qualified inclusion of atheism) the most violent toward ‘unbelievers’. That should give the honestly thoughtful out there some serious cause for reflection.

    In summation, I’ll use 2 analogies to illustrate my point, one from sports & the other from the military. NorCal & SoCal baseball fans equally despise each other, but we ALL pull together against the (pause to regain composure) Yankees, schizophrenically divide again into AL & NL for the All Star game, then scatter once more into our individual tribes for the Series. But our primary allegiance is to baseball. On the military side, the remark attributed to Patton probably says it best,: “I don’t want them to love me, goddammit, I want them to fight for me”. Indeed.

    Cassandra (of Troy)

    P.S.: Please excuse the length, CA, & accept my apologies for same.

  26. Just so, Cass.

    Re: all the distracting religious and political debates that rage in these pages, and across the Liberty sphere:

    “Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

    The whole point of Liberty, gentlemen, is that each of us be free to decide such matters for ourselves. It is our Mortal Enemies who wish to impose their views onto us.

    Better to focus your intellect, courage and spirit on solving or very great common problems………………………………………

    • agreed 100%

      the same can be said for race relations, and any other type of label that pits people against each other. we all have common threats and struggles and pushing people away for more petty social reasons only serves the interest of those who wish us to be divided and distracted.

      this was partially my point in my first comment. why push me away because of my beliefs (or lack thereof) when I can be of great service to the very same societal movements and causes that you fight for? (in this context, “you” can be anyone who’s closed themselves off to the rest of society based on religious lines)