“AK-47s Belong In The Hands Of Soldiers…..”

Bracken sends.

See also this pic sent last week from one of our correspondents at the Great Wall of China:


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  1. A good one from Bracken. Posted.

  2. Stole and Facebooked that first pic.

  3. Likewise, only I emailed it to my list. 2nd pic too.

    I don’t do facebook.

  4. Michael Downing

    I know I am not a criminal so following basic logic that must mean I am a soldier. I own an AK. Passed on as well…

  5. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/white-house-plays-down-prospect-gun-laws-224057070.html

    Implicit in this statement is that executive action will be taken outside of congressional approval (surprise! again).

    The water is getting warmer, but the froggies are still comfortable because “congress will never go along with it,” “Harry Reid is against gun control so it is dead in the Senate,” “Obama can’t just ban guns or ammo, that isn’t how the law works,” “read the constitution,” “I hope he campaigns for gun control, it will guarantee his defeat” and best of all: “vote Romney.”

    All of the above from a popular gun forum.

  6. Jack Hinson

    It seems that Obama and the Chicoms both agree with former NRA President, Charlton Heston.

  7. Democratic senators offer gun control amendment for cybersecurity bill
    By Ramsey Cox – 07/26/12 07:29 PM ET

    “The amendment…would make it illegal to transfer or possess large capacity feeding devices such as gun magazines, belts, feed stripes and drums of more than 10 rounds of ammunition”


  8. “The British are coming to take your guns!

    That was sufficient to open the action once upon time.

  9. Cassandra (of Troy)

    For those who may not know what Jack Hinson’s referring to, see the following.:

    Charlton Heston Always Had A Problem with the AK-47

    Makes the point about choosing icons w/ caution.

    Cassandra (of Troy)

    • Mr. Heston didn’t have a problem, however, with waking up to the political and cultural threat posed by his own “industry,” or with having the personal and professional courage to change his mind and spend the rest of his life and reputation defending the Second Amendment and The Rights of Man generally.

      And doing so with grace and eloquence few can equal.

      So, please, spare me the knee jerk cheap shots at the NRA using him as your stalking horse.

      • Not at you personally, Cass.

        • Cassandra (of Troy)


          Your meaning was clear, therefore no offense was/could be taken. I’m not the reflexive type, & unless the tone of a comment/response is unmistakably hostile, my tendency is to wait for further developments before proceeding. Recall what Spock said to Kirk about the Horta’s personality & how Kirk described the Horta to Chief Vanderberg, & you have the right idea. Both of us are practioners of the Modified Golden Rule.

          Cassandra (of Troy)

  10. Don’t got no AKs. The tools in my hands, and in the hands of my tribe, ARE in the hands of soldiers. Just not in the hands of soldiers in THEIR Armed Forces. Let’s dance, bitches.