Statist Senators Push Magazine Ban Amendment To Cyber Bill


Bring it.

9 responses to “Statist Senators Push Magazine Ban Amendment To Cyber Bill

  1. I agree, it’s time for both sides to give a little.
    We’ve been giving ground since 1935, now it’s their turn to give.
    Repeal the 1935 NFA, the 1968 GCA and the a986 Hughes Amendment.
    That would be some real cooperation.

  2. Chuck is so wrong to implicate the second amendment is in some way connected to hunting. On the other hand, there is the IRA story of “One Shot Paddy”…..

  3. Ban anything you want, ladies, I just don’t give a damn. The Marxist Congress has their agenda, and I have mine. One of us is rigged for collision, and the other is just rigged.

  4. This will do nothing but accelerate purchases. Good. The more tinkertoys there on the floor, the more wonders we can create.

  5. alan w. mullenax

    Cocked, locked and ready to rock. Your ideas or mine. Tell me where I gotta be.

  6. Ray Brooks

    I plan on moving out of town, with enough to live with my family. I am not sure what enough will be, but I am sure going to try to have it. Probably in .223 and .308 with some .45 and 9mm for the small stuff. Oh, and 12 gauge to get the birds.

  7. augustarichard

    535 < 310,000,000
    310,000,000 x 3% = 9,300,000
    9,300,000 – women and children = 2,325,000
    2,325,000 / men with balls = 69,750
    69,750 / 535 = 131 Patriots with balls for each gummit official…
    What's the problem?
    Ah, yeah, resolve…that is the problem.
    After round one, do you think things would change? Who would be willing to so easily betray the people of these united states? I am not necessarily speaking of capital crimes. All that is needed is to get their attention. Pain management, if you will. Make it more painful to betray us than it is beneficial to listen to any number of liberty stealing special interests groups, which are just government protected traitors. We the people need to speak in a language that cannot be ignored- whatever it takes. Our posterity demands this of us as men. Oh crap, gotta go, the game is coming back on…