Originally noted by a commenter, this article has some harsh but fair criticism of people who fall into various mental traps surrounding PT.

Highly recommended, including the embedded links.

You are the weapon.

Best get that weapon unfugged forthwith.

Tempus fugit.

2 responses to “Fugarounditis

  1. My lifting shirt says simply, “I’m not here to talk.”

    I especially appreciate his take on squats and deadlifts. If you can do them, and you’re not doing them, you’re not lifting.

    Bench, squats, overhead press, deadlift. Progressive bodyweight calisthenics.

    Get to the gym. Mine is in my basement.
    Crush yourself utterly- go to muscle failure. Intensity is the key, with nutrition and rest. There’s nothing shameful in vomiting.
    Do not quit.
    Do not quit.
    Do not quit.

    And do not listen to the lies from within and from without.

    You can do it.


  2. Thanks for sharing this. AP is right, you can do it.