AmMerc: Counter Vehicle Tactics


Especially with these bad boys bound for CONUS.

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  1. Yeah, it would be nice for Russia to supply the III with those grenades like they are for the rebels in Afgan, they are deadly. Someone is supplying them. But something like those will be needed.
    Papa Mike

  2. Who is selling deactivated parachute grenades? I’d like 20 weight corrected (so it will fly just like a live unit), with 50 extra parachutes. The game will be like Chechen Frisbee golf, but with teams of 3 tossers and inverted metal garbage cans as targets. .22 blanks would help with knowing if you got a point with that toss. Patriotic games for age 10 and up.

    • alan w. mullenax

      Deactivated? Not me brother. I want the real thing. I’m thinking a gross.

      I would readily accept a platoon in lieu of a gross of parachute grenades though. However, for the trade I would want an additional squad with it.

      Seems fair.

      • Practice/training. These are some dangerous toys not to be trifled with in practice. Your squad needs to be skilled “group tossers”, observers, defenders/distractors and over-watchers who can work together to overwhelm vehicle defenses, even when several vehicles are in convoy or have dismounted infantry with them. Practice models build muscle memory and let you shake out errors in technique without the “Arab training plan” that sends young men to Allah after doing what seems “natural” at the ambush site.

        Real munitions will be needed by the truckload if things get hot, but practice models will be used & repaired over and over during the gaming period. They are props to add realism, not to employ medics (which live-fire 360 degree training will do). Non-exploding hand-parachute grenades have the advantage of being decorative novelties, as opposed to the real thing which are pretty controlled and subject a non-official person holding them to being labeled “a terrorist”. This being Stage I of the Three Stages (4GW, Mao), lots of training and cadre-building is in order, not necessarily getting and attempting to hold things that make one a target for big-Army destruction or big-Government incarceration.

        I am of the opinion that a small improvement in survival/fighting capability (like the realization that being able to walk 5 miles quickly -under 90 minutes- with 30 pounds on no-notice is really important) distributed and implemented by millions of people is worth more than an incremental advance in weaponry that makes professional full-time soldiers more 3L33T. As things fall apart, the ability of big-Army or big-Gov to source/direct/maintain/deliver soldiers will devolve to what the Paki’s can do in their Tribal Area. Everything will go local, with occasional temporary upgrades as a C-5 or C-141 arrives.

        Contrary to what television proclaims, “hormones” are not what cause 44 year old women named Jennifer to gain weight and feel listless. She should look to the daily intake of 4000+ calories of industrialized food made of carbs/fat, and couch-potato lifestyle for that reason. Don’t be a source of stationary fat to be rendered for 2nd gen bio-Diesel or Soylent Green bars.


        • alan w. mullenax


          I just want a gross of parachute grenades or an overstrength platoon.

        • Cassandra (of Troy)


          The sling munition described over at AmMerc might be the item you seek, for training as well as real-time use. The addition of an appropriately configured piece of cloth complete w/ ‘shroud’ lines would complete the package. A PVC/similar piece of pipe of proper length, an inner tube band/slingshot surgical tubing, & a rudimentary sighting device, & VOILA, you have a field expedient launcher/projectile system that’s useful for training & party time & is also easy/cheap to mfr/deploy. The original config sling munition would be used by the secondary forces on the other vehicles/their personnel.

          Your opinion?

          Cassandra (of Troy)

          • Absolutely. If there aren’t surplus shells for the cost of scrap metal, DIY as closely as possible based on pic’s plans will have to do for gaming purposes. The parachutes remind me of the ones used for model rockets, with a few details of deployment not obvious.

  3. What to do with MRAP’s? Bear-resistant camping vehicle for Kodiak Island.
    Take the guns off and surplus them to US Citizens as off road only vehicles. We paid for them, and we ought to get them.

  4. It’s a good thing that there are Russians to help reveal our flaws in tactics or top-armor before anyone could go all the way to defeating us.

  5. looks like drone swarm droppings?

  6. It looks like “arab training” was in full-effect for the video of 3 Jihadist Youths attacking the vehicle also blowing themselves up. They must not be able to read German (who needs to be able to read when the Koran is memorized?) because each grenade clearly states that the thrower is to be behind cover. Ha. UK readers understand “Arab Tossers”.