Good News

No Arms Trade Treaty from the UN (h/t Hardy).

6 responses to “Good News

  1. Prairie Fire

    Barry, with Alinsky’s bit in his desperate teeth, was denied the chance to override by executive order, the closely-watched US Senate vote on a treaty that never was presented to that body. Hhmm. He probably would have gotten a second Nobel Peace Prize for doing that.

    Thank goodness for the internet.

    Has anybody listened to Rush’s description of United Nations deliberations as being akin to the bar scene in a Star Wars movie?

    As the linked story says, those other people will be back, and their work will be supported by your taxes.

  2. This just means they’ve found a more effective way to do it.

    • What would be “more effective” AP?

      They’re trying every way they can to give the takeover the appearance of legitimacy to lull and gull the sheeple. That’s what this treaty nonsense is supposed to do… absolve them, a little. “It’s a treaty! It supersedes US Law! What can I do? Not my fault! We don’t want your guns! Waaaaahhhhh!”

      What has ever been more effective than that? Their only alternative is just to come right out and attempt the confiscation, which they are not prepared to do just yet. If they were not mortally terrified of us, they would already have done so and would not need window dressing and incremental ism such as this treaty. Nor staged events such as Aurora.

      Speaking of which, if that poor schmuck was not chemically induced, psyched, trained, supplied, prepped and supported by, I’ll kiss my own ass on MSNBC/LSD on the Madcow show… or any other unseemly and distasteful behavior you might suggest!

  3. Be interesting, what happens between Nov and January.

  4. Schumer is making noise about a mag ban in some ‘cyber security’ bill. This will not go away, our foes never sleep. Always remember Bush #1’s import ban and the ever present sporting arms bs in the gca of 68.

  5. Ignore immoral “laws.” You’re required to break them.

    Calm down. Breathe. Relax. Aim. Press/surprise break. Follow through.

    Repeat, as needed. 100X each, at minimum.

    Then, go take a nice healthy schumer and ….. relax.