We All Need To Be “Runaway Slaves”

John V. comments on Runaway Slave, the new freedom movie currently in limited distribution.

Background here.

Defy the slavemasters.

Break as many of the malum prohibitum laws as you can each day.

Learn the truth, from this movie and elsewhere.

Help others know it as well.


7 responses to “We All Need To Be “Runaway Slaves”

  1. Been looking forward to this movie for a long time, hope it gets close enough to see.

  2. Craig Cavanaugh

    +1 on Rhodes’ comment.

    Defiance is something I am engaged in on a daily basis. As much as I can get away with on my own anyways. The support network necessary for real defiance has not yet materialized…

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  4. I have been aware of this film for a while now and look forward to seeing it. More importantly take others to see it and plant the seed of “getting off the plantation”.

  5. Looks like both “sides” are starting to play race-as-politics. Nothing I see anywhere indicates that this is not what this movie is.

    Bad move.

    I don’t think that this tactic is a good idea in the long run. I think it might lead to short-term tactical wins (or more likely just an affirmation among people who already agree), but I think that it screws up the larger, long-term strategy.

    Whatever is coming to this nation will involve race.

    Using it, especially in using the injustices of the past as emotional leverage, is very, very dangerous.

    Just one man’s opinion.

    • OTOH, making a movie is more than I’ve done. I just question the wisdom of the emotional appeal used and the leveraging of the tragedy of early American slavery.

      I spelled out a lot of this during the “As Ratified kerfluffle”.

      We’ll never be able to use that card as the enemy does.

      • You have it right. Increasing flash mobs/home invasions/general violence and mayhem from You Know Who will immediately destroy any goodwill created by a magic Negro. A cursory glance of history will tell anyone that people stratify along ethnic and racial lines when real chaos comes around.

        Most Liberty Firsters are sub-retarded on race. Survival demands that they get smart, quickly.