Bracken Asks

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8 responses to “Bracken Asks

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  2. Yup.


  3. Does a cat got an ass? Do bears shit in the woods? Do porcupines piss on flat rocks?

  4. Christ, does that say it all, or what?
    “President Obama approves of this message.”

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    Not terribly efficient are they? Three guys to execute one, ruins the clothes of the victim, and you have to move the body to the disposal site. For as much practice as they get, you’d think they’d be better at that sort of thing.

  6. shovelDriver

    What do you expect from inefficient (government) thugs?

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  8. Gary Smith

    Inefficient ??? 5 cents for the round, they value the retainers and trigger puller about as much, ” and they know it ” and dead is dead, problem solved, she probably got pregnant too many times. Elizabeth Warren says we should be more like the Chinese, stupid bitch!