SHTF School: Fighting Superior Forces

Selco shares some important psychological insights.

Keep in the fight.



4 responses to “SHTF School: Fighting Superior Forces

  1. Grenadier1

    Nice work.
    So actually getting out in the street to fight means we have a chance even against modern armored vehicles. I see so that means sitting on the couch and waiting for them to smash down the door to make a “final stand” is NOT a good strategy. Okay now I get it.

  2. Keeping in mind also, the basic doctrine for anti-tank warfare, on foot, is to Blind, Halt, and Destroy. Blind also means not to give the tank anything to shoot at, and use smoke, camoflage, paint, mud, whatever is handy to screw up a tank crews’ vision. They can be made to button up with concealed rifle fire, sporadic and uneven, giving them no targets to range in on. Once buttoned up, smoke or paint, or even mud thrown from Concealed positions can keep them from seeing a lot. Most of the time, you won’t be able to fix something to halt them, but when they can’t get through an area, or when blinded, that’s when you get busy with your Molotovs, other flame weapons, or explosives. I even trained in the Army to run up to a blinded tank, on the flanks, and throw something solid in between the road wheels to temporarily halt a tank, forcing the crew out to deal with it. Current training and doctrine says that tanks will always have ground troops to secure their immediate blind and vulnerable spots, but you know what war is ( a MF) and once a tank has no troops to provide security, it’s vulnerable. You can even “honey pot” the troops away from the tanks, momentarily, and that may be all you need. If you can’t get gasoline for molotovs, you can use straight anti-freeze, or alcohol, thrown full on to the engine compartment, while it’s running. I would use a bottle to throw it in, with no flaming rag. Straight bleach can also be used, it may make the tank uninhabitable.

  3. Bleach and Ammonia, kitchen variety makes a most nasty gas, not sure anymore what it is, but it is extremely nasty. Two bottles breaking together would be sufficient. Found a link:

  4. +1, and thanks wasajco, spot on. It makes a chlorine-heavy gas that will kill, so you might want to keep them separate until applied to the OPFOR tank or whatever.