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AmMerc: More On PT


Tempus fugit.

Buppert: Imperial Conditioning And The American State

Read it all.

Then think of the zombies at both this week’s Stupid Party and next week’s Evil Party conventions.

And those good, clear-thinking folks are the intellectual and activist leaders of their respective covens.

Any questions?

Mosby On PT


Get on it.

Every day, people who will follow orders to kill you and your family are doing their PT.

Are you?

Two On Electoral Farce 2012: Four More Years For Obamney

The Unseen Class War That Could Decide The Presidential Election (h/t Maggie’s Farm)

The Last Line Of Defense: Property

My two cents?

Until candidates start talking honestly about the inescapable numbers and the elimination of the national surveillance state, I’ll just keep rooting for a hellzapoppin’ crash, with spectacular secondaries for extra fun.

As a smart guy said to me today:

We’ve got the stupid people, the dependents-on-government (both employees and aid recipients), the union Democratic ‘bots, and the elderly people who refuse to take responsibility for getting rolled and now demand that government steal from their grandchildren in order to fund their dotage.

In other words, we’re screwed.

Someone go get some popcorn, please.

Repost: Thoughts On LBE, Plus An Info Bleg

Part I

Part II

The info bleg:

Can any readers provide links for how to load an ALICE pack properly?

What enhancements are worth the bother on the basic ALICE set-up?

Obviously, both doctrinal and field experience is useful.

Thanks in advance.

Codrea: More On The USMC/LEO Training Issue

David weighs in.

Have you?

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Mil-Dot Reticle

A very useful reference.

Permalinked in the left margin as well under “Shooting Resources”.

DumpDC: The Twenty Ton Whale

Russell gives a reminder, along with the video above.

Do you understand yet?

A Letter To The USMC PAOs

AP gives us the template, based on the events in this post.

I suggest that as many folks as possible send similar messages to the following email addresses and phone numbers:
(910) 451-7435

Make sure to cc your Senators and Congresscritter on the email; info for each is here and here.

I will update this post as necessary; please link as much as possible, along with sending to your networks.

Semper fidelis.

Pistol Feat


America’s Crisis Of Political Legitimacy

A sobering essay on just how ugly the situation is.

But at least The Freedom Party is on the way!

Alea iacta est.

The Integration

…Brian Dye, Operations Chief of I&I in Lexington, Kentucky says training civilians as a blended force with Marine Corps personnel eases the transition into a real world scenario.

“I think it’s always good when you get an opportunity to work on some similar tactics and procedures so that everybody’s kind of operating on the same page. That way when you bring teams together from active duty and the civilian side, it makes the integration a whole lot smoother…”

(h/t RITR)

.-. . … .. … –

From Resistor.



An Extraordinary Man

Codrea: Issa Hammers Away

David reports the latest F&F news.

For those who choose to do so, please contact your reps and demand the release of OIG’s working papers.

The details matter – if for no other reason that the historical record.

DumpDC: The Secession Paradigm

Russell’s latest essay is here.

Take your time to read it all.

Then consider the possibilities.

The collectivists certainly are.

And there is at least one possible recent model for a non-violent divorce.

Audentes fortuna iuvat.

SK: Starving Amidst Plenty

Sultan Knish posts more goodness; sample graf:

…The essential 21st Century conflict is between the rationers and the producers. This is not a class conflict, that is the fallacy that the left has fallen into for over a century. It is a conflict between a system of bureaucratic collectivism and a society of individuals. It is not a conflict between the rich and the poor, the majority of the rationers are either rich or close enough to it. Their charges may be poor, but the representatives of their victim groups invariably become rich. The rationer camp is funded by some of the wealthiest men and companies in America who agree with its premise that we need to ration everything from children to jobs to food to carbon emissions.

This is a fundamental philosophical conflict between those who believe in a free society and those who believe in a managed society. It is not simply a conflict between capitalism and socialism, many of the capitalists are on the side of the rationers because they agree with them or profit from the rationing. It is a conflict that predates the American Revolution, a conflict that became inevitable with the rise of the supercity and the closing of the frontier…

What can you produce and trade in the black market for hard money?

Best to be working on answers.

Jane’s Recognition Guides

From the new Mounted Tyranny site comes this list of essential guidebooks:


Special Forces


The 31 December 1994-8 February 1995 Battle for Grozny

H/t to FNC for this chapter from the Urban Operations Casebook.

See also this USMC briefer on Grozny.

Sure glad this kind of thing can’t happen in Amerika.

Aren’t you?

LF: Obstacles, Part XI – Breaking Contact And Evading


The “Oh Sh*t” plan is an oft-neglected part of planning.

Don’t make that mistake.

Tempus fugit.

DumpDC: Who Will Be First?

Russell looks at secession-state possibilities.

Much is possible in tumultuous times.

Audentes fortuna iuvat.