Buppert: The Kids Are Not Alright

Bill looks at the yutes of the West.

And shudders.

How about those around you?

Will they be with you?

Or against you?

8 responses to “Buppert: The Kids Are Not Alright

  1. Why is there no diversity in that ad?

  2. 250+ of these used to fall into my hands, every ten weeks, during the early 70s. Most hadn’t a clue, and most saw some movie or heard a story, and were prepared for something else, other than what actually happened. Kind of like what happened to Selco, only not as brutal and depraved. To be turned into a fighting man is to experience extreme fatigue, hunger, thirst, sleep deprivation, loneliness, anger, fear, anxiety, cold, heat, boredom, temptation, ambivalence, and cruelty. When this next ball commences, it’ll take about six months of winnowing out the fat, stupid and lazy, and what’s left will have to get it done. Same as it ever was. Old guy alert. Stick around and stay in shape, and keep your mind sharp. There’s a lot o’ young pups need training, and you’ll be needed to do it.

    • Disciple of Night

      Don’t discount the youngins like me who aren’t allowed into the service because of underlying medical conditions. There are plenty who want to be mentored and life got in the way.

  3. RRM, to answer your question. It’s because you’re supposed to be looking for something to inform about so that it can be “fixed”. And we all know that those damn Mennonite Christianist Right Wing Haters have been acting up more and more lately. So keep your eyes peeled and your phone handy.

  4. It’s a photo of those that must be watched; you know, Anglo-Celtic types; haters all.

    It’s a preselected target group.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Pat Hines/7Aug12@15:50,

      If you think about it, the image’s not only subtly waysiss for the reason you note but fatally deceptive as well as it simultaneously implies that Trey & Jannafur from the burbs are the only people Kwaneesha & Dantrelle have to worry about & that Pablo & Maria from La Raza are their true hermanos y hermanas. Vizhalyze K & D’s shock wen dey fy nowt duh troof.


      Mierda y chingada indeed!

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  5. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Yet more reason to work on hardening one’s heart along w/ one’s body & mind, as some of those one may have to winnow will be those who are closest & thus more able to betray one effectively. For those who don’t remember/haven’t seen it, take a look at the original TV sci-fi mini-series V & note the parallels to the current situation. The best part, to me, is when the old Holocaust survivor shows a yoot the correct way to do graffiti. While not as overtly dramatic as Aardvark’s “WOLVERINES!”, it makes the same point.

    And if the job’s been done properly, one can die knowing that the Mosaic charge Tom Eckert gave his young Joshuas as they left the ‘re-education camp’ will be done.

    Cassandra (of Troy)