Dump DC: Ammo – Isn’t It Obvious?

Russell points to a glaring vulnerability.

Best plan to close that gap fast.

Tempus fugit.

6 responses to “Dump DC: Ammo – Isn’t It Obvious?

  1. Boston T. Party advised in his first “Gun Bible” well over ten years ago that we should acquire 10k rounds for each main battle rifle, and 5k rounds for each shotgun and handgun.

    Golly gosh, that’s a lot of ammo. It’s making a whole lot more sense now than it did when milsurp was readily available.

    Try to find some now. You won’t.

    Boston’s first book: Boston on Guns and Courage: Proven tools for chronic problems.

    Boston’s second book on this subject: Boston’s Gun Bible.

    • Not to get into particulars but Royce makes a lot of sense if you can store it correctly not to mention pay for it.
      It was on the strength of his arguments I went .308 on everything. Good source.

  2. If all else fails, every cop and dhs agent will have .40sw on him/her, every guardsman,reservist will have 5.56 on them, some will have .308. What I’m saying is where there’s a will there’s a way.

  3. Royce and Mel Tappan before him emphasized the .308 as a primary weapon. There are excellent reasons to acquire an AR type in 5.56 as well, but .308 (7.62×51 is identical, for all practical purposes) will go through most body armor, where .223 (same comment re: 5.56×45) usually will not. (Heads and hips/groins are still the best targets.)

    Think about it in the same way that DHS and our government think about it: are the muslims or the Chinese likely to be our adversaries here, or is it more likely that our own government – which publishes war game scenarios where they describe the Tea Party as the “real” terrorists – will be our adversary? DHS and DOJ, plus any military who are deceived into thinking the Tea Party needs to be stopped, are who we will be facing. And they tend to wear body armor.

  4. One of Tappan’s suggestions was to select ALL arms in common military and/or police calibers, so that resupply was easier. Made sense in 1970 and still makes sense today.

    • Along these lines of thinking, combined with the axiom that all politics are local, it would behoove all to be very familiar with what calibers and arms their local police and sheriff’s department use. That will be the closest supply for you, as an individual.