The 31 December 1994-8 February 1995 Battle for Grozny

H/t to FNC for this chapter from the Urban Operations Casebook.

See also this USMC briefer on Grozny.

Sure glad this kind of thing can’t happen in Amerika.

Aren’t you?

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  1. For more on Grozny go to


  2. Back then the Chechens put up a web site that had the vulnerable areas of Russian tanks to help the three man hunter/killer teams learn their trade.

    Each three man team consisted of a rifleman, light machine gunner, and a RPG man. They put together one, two, or three of the teams depending on where they thought their targets would be located.

    The web site was very enlightening. Ought to be duplicated today for a wider variety of OpFor vehicles.

    • And they proceeded to spank the brand-new T-90s, and taught the Russians the folly of sending armor assets unaccompanied into urban areas.

      Tanks can only elevate their guns so far.

      Ought to be duplicated today for a wider variety of OpFor vehicles.

      Interesting idea. I used to teach IFF for NATO/Soviet Bloc vehicles some years back. I might look @ such an idea, but am somewhat unfamiliar with domestic threat assets.

      Very good idea.

    • Pat-

      I’ll start building it. Anyone wanna help?

      • Semper Fi, 0321/1811

        Good on you!
        I served on an M60A1 tank 30+ yrs ago, several yrs after my time in Recon. Will help out if anything pops up that I’m familiar with.

        • Semper Fi 0321/1811-
          Appreciate it. Let me know if you think of anything pertinent- even if it’s just a rabbit trail for me to follow. We’ll see where it goes.

      • Can’t help unfortunately, except for a few thoughts–
        –the site should be onion mirrored.
        –Aside from the vehicles themselves, there should probably also be information on weapons suitable for use against vehicles, from tungsten 7.62 to anti-tank missiles and other vehicles.

        • fabbersmith-

          Good call; working on it!

        • Don’t know how to do onion mirroring. I might work on learning at some point.

          As for countermeasures, I’ll work on it, but there are some concerns involved…I still have friends riding around in some of these vehicles in the middle of a few hot wars. There’s a line to be walked in there somewhere.

          • .onion sites are accessible only on the Tor network, it’s part of the Tor setup. Likely someone nerdy on our side can help with that. I don’t know about keeping it on blogspot and doing it though.

            As for weapons, most of what I’m thinking about(don’t try a tnak with a hunting rifle, this is what an RPG is for) is already out there, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  3. I’ll see what I can do.

    • You never know when the Red Dawn scenario is going to happen, or when aliens might possess our LEOs to become tyrant-enablers.

      We all know the ones we have now would never consent to enforcing tyranny through no-knock raids or Stalinist “psychological evaluations”.

      One would never see one of those vehicles on, say, a raid to take a child away from his/her mother… right?

      Such things could not happen here, right, CA?

      Right Lee?


  4. Bill Freeman

    Nice to see a small group take care of business. Gives a good heads up to what we could expect and what they should expect if we get taken over by a pro socialist, leftist government, eh?

  5. “…Sure glad this kind of thing can’t happen in Amerika…”

    ‘Course it can’t!

    After all, our .gov is benevolent, and just in case it ever isn’t we have Posse Comitatus, right?

    Plus, no Patriotic American would ever resist our benevolent, generous, Constitutional government – right?

    And besides, no rag-tag bunch of citizens with individual weapons and ammo could EVER hope to stand against the might of a modern military!





  6. Good on you for working on the IFF site. Thats 4GW at its best.

    Now back to the article at hand,
    There is a tendancy to focus on material, tools and weapons when discussing resistance movements. I think this is just natural for too many folks as its an outgrowth of what we see daily on our own “gun sites”.
    Too much focus on the least important thing. As I was taught tools are the lowest order of importance on the scale behind Tactics, Skills, Awareness and the most important Mindset. There were a number of important take aways from this material. One, notice how even in the old Soviet Union the Military was not given free reign to have total control over the situation. The Russian forces were a mixture of military and “interior” forces and ultimately command was given to the Interior Ministry to run things. I think this is an important note and should give us a notion of what to expect in our AO. We cant expect politicians to trust the military to conduct an operation without significant Federal oversight (involvment).
    Two, dont exepct the US military to be so inept at city fighting. The operations over the last 10 years have served a purpose however they are not supermen and will be subject to the same shortcomings as all of us.
    Three, the Checyens used small independent units with very little overhead command and control. This was very successfull but the after action reporting reflected the shortfalls in the eyes of upper “leadership”. They lamented the inability to keep the units in the fight when things got uncomfortable. This is not a shortcoming of the units as its presented, its a shortcoming of leadership. The upper echelons were looking to command and organize at larger levels and this conflicted with that desire. The problem lies not with the units but with the leaders desire to implement larger plans. The resistance leadership in this kind of organization exists to fight the information war and provide logistical support only. They cannot “command” the small units. For example the larger 75 man “companies” seemed to be the largest mobile unit in the field. The leadership should have made connections to those units for the purposes of asking no more than “what can we get for you?” or “can we shelter your men for a few days to rest?”. Thats it. No resistance Generals issuing orders to attack at 0400 on Tuesday.
    The take aways on the Information war should be studied more intently than this paper presents them so I would reserve comment on that. i will say that it is imparative to get out in front on the information highground and keep out in front.

  7. Jimmy the Saint

    It seems like urban fighting would be different in most US cities than in other parts of the world. Our streets tend to be wider, and we generally build out, not up, so less “urban canyon” issues – downtown areas excepted, but they tend to be more business districts than governmental. Also we tend not to build with as much stonework as elsewhere in the world, since our buildings are generally a lot newer. It wouldn’t take near as much firepower to reduce your average glass and steel building, at least compared to the stone/brick stuff you’re apt to find in other places.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Jimmy the Saint/27Aug12@13:55,

      When contemplating tactics against the Imperium, the actions taken by Wilson Goode in Philly & the Fallujah battles should be considered. It should also be understood that those wide avenues & spacious boulevards were designed for military purposes as well as for civvy traffic. While it’s true that armor’s a juicy target out in the middle of same, that very openness complicates things for AA teams if they don’t have effective distance ordnance. The further north/east you go the closer things get & the easier it is to handle Imperium armored assets, but lest indigenous FreeFor get overconfident about the opportunities that closeness provides, they should well note the examples given above as they demonstrate how far the Imperium’ll go to achieve its goals.

      The burbs are even more problematic in that their construction’s little more than paper to the Imperium’s mobile hard assets & their layout’s a blessing for arty. The artificiality of same also makes opposition containment easier as all utilities & supplies come in from outside & their interruption can be presented by the Imperium as the acts of ‘domestic extremists’ as per the SWJ ‘vision’. And the Imperium line’s more than likely to be believed by the rest of the population should its message be the only verifiably accurate info available. Goode did his satchel charge thing in one of America’s major cities in full view of its press & citizenry, got away w/ it, & ‘history’ has given its stamp of approval thus closing the loop of acceptance & emboldening the Imperium to repeat similar acts later at Waco & NO.

      If The Man really wants someone it’s quite likely they’ll be got eventually, so it’s a good idea to tattoo that fact on the inside of one’s eyelids & make it work for one by including Imperium assets in one’s final exit plans if necessary. And I mean ONLY if necessary, folks, jihadi-style statements of dedication used sparingly can affect opponents negatively but w/ regularity become a military & propaganda asset for same as has been proven in Islamiland: “Those people are crazy, blowing themselves up like that, they all deserve to be killed”, “Until proven otherwise, consider everyone/everything to be rigged & proceed accordingly” .

      Cassandra (of Troy)