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An Extraordinary Man

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  1. I found this by accident on NetFlix early this year and watched it. This guy had Big Brass Ones and the film is a good study for us all. The one saving grace the Norg resistance had was that they were bordered by a nuetral and had a friendly island in Great Britain, not that it was easy to infiltrate/exfiltrate but there were havens available to them if they could reach them. Not sure we’ll have that at the onset and identifying them later might be tricky too.

  2. This movie is available for streaming from Amazon, free if you’re a Prime member. Three day rental for $3.00, or purchase and download for $10.00.


  3. His meltdown at the end and somewhat recovery really caught my attention.

  4. Larry Elliott

    My #2 son recommended this to me so we ordered it on Netflix. Excellent movie, and well worth watching.

  5. I’m Norwegian and am biased for liking this movie. I have taken a few lessons from this it, my family history and stories from occupied Europe.

    1. There will be millions of informants that pop up after a change of government / occupation. They will settle old scores by informing on their neighbors. Stay friendly but be private.
    2. Bad OPSEC will get you killed and /or put in a camp. My relative was on a list of contacts that Mr. Manus neglected to destroy and were put in a concentration camp. He made it but not without scars. Apply good OPSEC!
    3. The Gestapo in Germany, Norway and every other country under Nazi occupation were overloaded with information from informants. They simply lacked the manpower and means to analyze all the data that they received. Computers were not invented yet. The cards they blow up at the and are punched cards, the precursors to hard discs and databases.
    4. Always have a valid passport for you and your family members.

    Now think hard and come up with the worst case scenario for using Facebook on your iPhone. You just took care of the first three points your self.

    @LFMayor. The Swedes were and are never neutral. They always lean towards the ones that appears to be winning. (Rad anything on the battles of Narvik) And oceans never separate people. People crossed to Britain in 9 ft rowing boats. One guy put a cow in the boat so that when the German patrol boat stopped him he told them he were taking it to the vet in the next fjord 🙂

    The saving grace for Norwegian resistance was the US joining the allies. Without this I’d be speaking German. Many are grateful but fear you are not able come to Europe’s rescue a third time.