A Letter To The USMC PAOs

AP gives us the template, based on the events in this post.

I suggest that as many folks as possible send similar messages to the following email addresses and phone numbers:


(910) 451-7435

Make sure to cc your Senators and Congresscritter on the email; info for each is here and here.

I will update this post as necessary; please link as much as possible, along with sending to your networks.

Semper fidelis.

9 responses to “A Letter To The USMC PAOs

  1. Since this is just one of OPFORS intermediate goals, why the surprise and indignation? I didn’t expect they’d train the Girl Scouts, nor mask their intentions or their direction, at this point. To those who don’t think the US military will aggressively attack US citizens in the future, you’re in for a little disappointment. American blood will drip from American hands, all in the name of “legitimate” govt. As if it doesn’t, or hasn’t, already. What tyrant has not used what is at hand to make his ends?

  2. And Romney can be a much worse tyrant than Obongo.

  3. Being Navy, can’t Marines legally operate in CONUS? I think they can…

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    Although I have not served in the military and I am no longer a member of the Arizona Militia(because of age) I am still an American, a three percenter through and through.

  5. So how many of you wrote a letter, like was suggested?

  6. bpfreebuckeye

    Sent far worse…many times…nothing but crickets…

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  8. I received a response from N. G. Fahy, Director, Public Affairs at cljn_globe_web@usmc.mil today. Apparently, they have gotten enough letters on the subject to warrant a form letter, mostly blowing smoke and patting themselves on the back about what a good job they are doing. It states the LEO’s are being trained to assist in security at Corps installations, and not for use against the American People. Anybody want to buy a bridge?

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