Pistol Feat


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  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    The 70+ yr old guy does amazing shooting, and ends the issues.

    When other L-E arrives this hero is handcuffed and forced to lie on the ground in West Texas summer heat, for over 20 minutes……….of course “officer safety” is the only issue of importance.

    Real show of gratitude by the goon lawdawgs

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “of course “officer safety” is the only issue of importance”

      Precisely. We can’t have our sworn defenders of peace and justice feeling that their righteous work of destroying the lawless elements within our society — of which those who commit “contempt of cop” are far and away the most reprehensible and dangerous — might, just might, involve an element of danger.

      Until it’s time to justify those sweet taxpayer-funded pensions – then it’s “O! The dangers we face so that you don’t have to! *swoon*”

  2. I get real uptight thinking that this old gentleman was forced to the ground and cuffed AFTER SAVING LEO’S BACON! I can see him restrained for a few moments until the rescued officer could set the record straight. But 15 or 20 minutes to do that? Hell no! Before I accept 10 seconds in cuffs I’d let LEO get their ass shot off!

  3. This is a police selection and training problem. They need to identify who was the problem and who just saved their bacon, swiftly. Current training/policy would have had the officers shoot the armed 70 year old if he had refused to “submit” quickly enough.

    Different articles have different ranges listed. Some are Yards, others are feet. 156 yards is a far different shot with a handgun when compared to 156 feet. Still, shooting folks over dog poop is bad behavior.

    Agree that people under stress in little boxes can behave in interesting ways. Any indication of the type of mind-control drugs (prescribed anti-anxiety/anti-depression/anti-psychotic) the shooter was enjoying?


  4. Training Citizens to never help them.
    They assert that they are different and demand special treatment. As did the Redcoats, NKVD, and other special groups that claim power over all us lesser beings.

  5. From the sound of things, the way he was treated, he helped the wrong guy.

    Damn shame…

    Still, some damn fine shooting!

    A quick look at a BC (the use of which I am in no way an expert) SEEMS to show that the drop of a typical JHP with 1500fps at the muzzle is only about 18 inches at 165 yards! – which would seem to explain why Pop hit the goblin in the thigh and not the chest with his first shot…

    Still some damn fine shooting though!


    PS: I *LOVE* to blow people’s minds at my club-range by popping off a few at the (man-sized) 200-yard “gong”…

    Never fails to elicit a “holy SH!+!” reaction from the uninitiated – I just grin and wink, then go on about my business…

    The truth is that all I’m doing is aiming high by an adjustment I could draw but not really explain in typing… One day I decided to take a shot at it, and after a little trial-and-error figured out where my aim-point needed to be for it to work… It really ain’t rocket-science, it just LOOKS impressive as all heck!

  6. Oops – should have been more clear…
    I like to shoot the gong @200 with a pistol – usually a 9mm or .40 though I HAVE hit it with a .22, .380 and (I’ll admit – this one even impressed ME) with my .32 seecamp on a “rainbow” trajectory… Found the (FMJ) bullet from the latter laying on the ground ~8-10 feet this side of the plate, not even terribly deformed…

  7. DD,

    With accurate range and knowledge of drop, indirect fire becomes not just “possible”. Nice work with slide rules and roman numerals for the ballistae crews (is there an app for that?).


  8. alan w. mullenax

    I compete every week. Mostly with pistol. But carbine and shotgun as well.

    It is amazing what some men are able to do.

    More important, it’s amazing what I can do.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      I shoot handguns often at 200m. Next time you are out, take a .22 and amaze yourself. 200m hits are not hard either, it just takes some practice. My Browning .22 Auto is amazing, or rather I am also. And another lesson learned.

  9. I entered a black powder rifle shoot once — but with an 1860 army revolver. The targets ranged from 5 yards out to 300 . There were twenty targets, one attempt per target, one point per target (+1 point sequentially). I don’t remember my score, it wasn’t very impressive. However, I did manage to hit the last target worth 20 points. It was at 300 yards – a full size oxygen tank with the bottom cut out. It made a real nice ‘Gooooonng’ sound just after turning my head to mention to one of the other shooters that I had missed. LoL.

  10. Notice the S&W advertisement: they’re advertising an S&W N-Frame with 3.5″ barrel as a “Super Undercover Service Gun”. Our ancestors thought differently.

  11. Yes, the 3.5″ N Frame .357 is a pretty chunky piece to consider an undercover gun, but people wore suits routinely back in those days. The .3.5″ is one of the most pleasing lenths visually with the old style barrel.

    It’s interesting that they have made the gun with 2″.2.5″, 3″, 3.5″ 4″, 5″ 6″, 6.5″ 7″ and 8.3″ barrels over the year. (Maybe some 10″ ones in the; shilloette era?)

    I love Smith wheel guns.

  12. lengths

  13. He’s probably lucky the arriving Cylons didn’t kill him. When the shooting starts, better to go in the house, draw the curtains, and keep quiet.