DumpDC: The Twenty Ton Whale

Russell gives a reminder, along with the video above.

Do you understand yet?

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  1. Russel needs to get his story straight. I’m middle class, I pay a hell of a lot of taxes, including fed. income taxes, and plenty more besides. I think he should go ahead and secede. Then he can solve his own problems, and not concern himself with everyone else. Secessionists are a lot like anarchists. They want something, and after they get secession, they will spend the rest of their lives trying to figure out what to do with themselves, other than raise hell. I recall the Gov. of Georgia, in 1864, refusing to turn loose several hundred thousand uniforms, to the Confederate Army, which was approaching nakedness at the time, because they weren’t all Georgians, or in the Georgia State Militia. The report cards of secessionists reads “F” when it comes to “works well with others”. While I’m no fan of working with Marxists, tyrants, or other collectivists boobs, there are a great many people NOT in that camp, and though they may be not the most wonderful people in the world, I can probably get along with them, if I try.

  2. Secession won’t be a choice, it will be what you must do to avoid as much catastrophe as you can.

    The US government has denied Texas its voter ID law, nullification is the only answer to that, then interposition if the US government attempts force, and secession when they do.

  3. Even some (not all) of the statists in Oregon are waxing indignant over the treatment of some farmers SW of Portland:

  4. Gee, I guess I didn’t get the memo. I’ve been paying taxes since I was thirteen. And I’m fairly certain that I’m middle class. Gonna have to say ol’ Russell is full of shit on that point.

    I take from the post that secession will relieve a state from their obligation to the national debt. Well, yeah, for a moment. Just long enough for the Federal government to come in and kick their ass. They can’t afford to allow that to happen. That, and just about any of the motherfuckers with presidential aspirations would just love to be a modern day Abraham Lincoln.

    Which state has the military capacity to fight that off by themselves? None.
    Which state has the capacity to continue the Federal programs for up to half their population so that there is not a complete riot? None.
    Which state is without a significant number of leftist leaning bastards that will stymie virtually any initiative? None.

    Secession is the only answer? Ol’ Russel is full of shit on that point too.

  5. Secession is a way-station to civil war: Left vs. Right, race vs. race, rurals vs. urban. The Beast walks. Chaos is our friend.

  6. May I point out that a country full of goatherds and poppy farmers has run the US government’s military ragged for almost 11 years.

    The US government MIGHT try to “kick a state’s ass”, but that won’t last long, if indeed, it ever happens at all.

    May I be so bold as to suggest that those that can’t see secession need to get the bigger picture?

  7. I have a bigger picture for you. The Intercontinental Highway System. The most modern and best airports in the world. A communications system that is the envy of the world. Water systems, Electrical systems, Gas systems, refineries, food stocks unlike any seen anywhere, truck transportation, and anything else you can name, infrastructure. Yes, is has problems, yes it is fallible, and yes it is vulnerable to sabotage etc. However, OPFOR will have all of it, and interior lines of communications and supply, completely at their disposal, should they need to coax a state back into the fold. The goatherds and poppy farmers live in a third world undeveloped shithole, full of other idiot Moslems, much of it arid and mountainous, and 10,000 plus miles AWAY. They don’t even speak the same language or dress like we do. Right here where we live, The OPFOR has every advantage they need to stomp whoever pisses them off, flat as a cow pie. Go right ahead and secede. And they will be on you like white on rice, and it’ll be over. I’m not saying they are invulnerable, or invincible, I’m saying that without a united and strong opposition, they’ll cake walk over anyone that has minimal and spotty support. Tallied up how many in your state will ACTIVELY support secession? I knew you could. The time to secede is when EVERYBODY wants to secede. We ain’t got the numbers, or the cred. And get back to me when you’ve got numerous and credible plans for both governance, and defense.

    • alan w. mullenax

      And yes Sean, the “mechanism” does seem rather nebulous from Mr. Hines. There are times when I perceive that some “group” is gonna takeover and institute the secession.

      I don’t trust the bastards. But then I don’t trust a wide variety of groups at the moment. I guess I’m just… paranoid.

      Love that scene from “Scarface”.

  8. Once more, with feeling:


    What you guys said.

  9. Those comments tend toward:
    1) Fed.Gov is incapable of correcting itself
    2) States are incapable of seceding or altering Fed.Gov behavior
    Does that mean your concensus plan is to do nothing, but wait?

    And isn’t that just what tyranny requires to have it’s way?

    Rather, we should be supporting everyone resisting, at every level and in every possible way: A thousand papercuts.

    Those who resist, will shape what comes next.
    Those who do nothing, will continue to be irrelevant.

    • alan w. mullenax

      Bullshit. Absolute bullshit. We support only those individuals/groups that support our heritage, our culture, our way of life, our flag, our documents, our economic system, and our ideal.

      To those that don’t or want to compromise. Fuck ’em. Fuck ’em in the ass with a square dick.

      Now you sons of bitches know how feel.

      • Now, now, Alan, don’t let your righteous and justifiable rage at the willful destruction of the best thing that’s ever happened in human history, Liberty, get in the way of ‘civil discourse’ with every …………..(fill it in) hating, one issue ideologue with an ax to grind.

        Aw, hell yeah, you’re right… phuc’em… with a two by four wrapped in barbed wire.

        (I hate to take way any venom from this comment but I have to say to
        sofa, this was not aimed at you.)

        • alan w. mullenax

          My apologies. That post was out of line even for me.

          At least I didn’t shoot the montor this time. The woman got real upset about that last time.

          But, God damn, I can’t for the life of me understand how natural born citizens of this country are so willing to find fault, condemn, and reject our basic prijnciples. I just can’t.

          • Damn, Alan, I was writing in COMPLETE agreement with everything you said, just trying for a little ironic humor….

            Never apologize for the truth, Brother.

            Just wrap that two X four in razor wire next time!