Buppert: Imperial Conditioning And The American State

Read it all.

Then think of the zombies at both this week’s Stupid Party and next week’s Evil Party conventions.

And those good, clear-thinking folks are the intellectual and activist leaders of their respective covens.

Any questions?

6 responses to “Buppert: Imperial Conditioning And The American State

  1. No questions,really. Just fuck a bunch of politics. Really!
    That is all.


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  3. Poorly written but the author demonstrated a uniqe ability to whine without offering a realistic alternative, Reminded me of my six year old.

  4. Veritas, are you kidding me? He did offer an alternative.


    Did you miss that?

    I think I know exactly who you are, you coward.

  5. We find ourselves in the company of lemmings and quislings….
    We need new company.

  6. Thanks, Veritas; I always enjoy my prescience being confirmed. I wrote my comment there before I saw your comment here.