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People, Places, and Things: A Moral vs. Physical Dilemma, With Its Own Solution

Reader Morgan sends:

Contemplate the following statement:

“Poking holes in people is relatively easy. Poking holes in things, however, can be much more challenging.”

Physically, the above is true and fairly obvious. Morally, however, the reverse is true. Shooting a person takes a tremendous moral leap, while shooting mere inanimate objects is something most of us do regularly, just for fun, and with no moral compunction.

This inverse relationship needs to be explored. As we move forward into the Accelerating Unpleasantness, we need to give some thought to the tactics that this premise suggests, how best to exercise them, and what we need to do now to increase our efficiency should current trends continue.

The “People” Part

In tumultuous times, some Bad People will simply need to be shot.

No getting around it.

However, as both wartime and street-crime experiences show, not everyone is capable of carrying out this action. From my research, it is not always predictable what kind of individual will have the most difficulty taking life. Some are just not cut out for it. Some can tolerate it. Some relish in it – generally not a healthy condition.

Additionally, even for those who can cope with this dark path, doing so is nearly always a significant upping of the ante. In a modern discussion of Freedom versus Oppression, it may be called a “Fort Sumter” level event. It is the ultimate statement of force, with no close second place, and no turning back.

Finally, many times the goals of Freedom can be accomplished with just the warning of more serious action. The figurative and literal “shot across the bow” can alter the course of a ship without spilling blood.

For all of these reasons and more, a serious study of materiel destruction must be undertaken. Today, much that is written about dynamic 4GW focuses primarily on anti personnel action, and rightly so. However, the field of anti-materiel ballistic intervention is only lightly touched on.

Part of this omission is due to the fact that freedom-minded folks have more limited capabilities available for this role. However, a very large part of the gap is due simply to a lack of creative thinking.

Let’s work on the latter.

The “Places” Part

A few minutes’ contemplation will validate the truism that governmental power is largely based on the population’s belief in that power. From the fiat Federal Reserve Note to the alleged omniscience of surveillance systems such as TrapWire – if the government’s tools, symbols, and tactics can be shown to be vulnerable, the resulting loss of credibility can be a devastating blow to the regime’s ability to preserve itself.

Imagine if you will an early Monday morning, somewhere around 2:30 am local time, in any of the Top 100 metropolitan areas in America.

Based on previous reconnaissance, three two-man teams take position. Each shooter has a common-hunting-caliber centerfire rifle.

Their mission?

Fire one 5-round magazine of soft-point hunting ammunition each into the exterior windows of particular offices housing elements of the repressive security apparatus, police their brass, and then return to their quiet civilian lives.

Their objective?

Communicate through shattered glass and aimed rifle fire the vulnerability of those who would extinguish freedom.

Five rounds per shooter, ten rounds per team, and twenty seconds max.

From rifles and ammunition numbering in the millions and billions, respectively.

Executed at a time of day to minimize the chance of collateral damage to the absolute greatest extent.

Welcome to applied 4GW.

The “Things” Part

Both flesh and exterior glass are fragile. Neither provides more than limited resistance to ballistic energy delivery. However, many potential targets resist penetration or damage when one shoots them. To punch respectable holes in these everyday objects and machines, you need more energy, better (and sometimes specialized) bullets, and often increased accuracy. As the distance to your target is increased, these limitations are exacerbated.

In a military context, this function has often been the role of the .50 BMG and handy projectiles such as API and Raufoss rounds. There are also books on Hard Target Interdiction and courses taught along those lines. As a result, there is a healthy level of civilian .50 BMG usage today.

Yet these rifles and their rounds will never be commonplace. No ammo for them at Wally World either.

While all of these more sophisticated resources are fine for what they are, there is also much that the average guy with the run of the mill deer rifle can accomplish. This area of individual target destruction is where we need to do some creative thinking and analysis.


There just are a lot more deer rifles out there than there are 50 calibers.

Additionally, many modern parts of our domestic governmental infrastructure are not protected, armored, or hardened like military doctrine must address. The average urban government vehicle is just like the salesman’s Chevy, not an armored MRAP. The electrical transformer is protected from being stumbled into, but is not surrounded by AR500 steel plate. The satellite dish on a communication hub just sits there in open view. The street lights and traffic cameras are fragile.

You get the idea.

Organizations and bureaucracies have a great many “things” that they like to accumulate and play with. They often come to rely upon these things to an inordinate degree. The more this is the case, the more impact shooting and smashing that sucker will have.

The examples above and multitudes more would all be damaged, destroyed, or at least suffer a diminished capability if smacked by a solid hit from a .30-06 hunting round. Even better, increase the damage level by replacing the hunting projectile with a heavy match bullet. Or put the Holy Grail in action by using the difficult to find M2 AP bullet and put the issue to rest.

The point is twofold: deny the utility of the object to your opposition, and remind the opposition that if you can hit his stuff, you can hit him too.

Debilitate and Deter.

And not one drop of blood spilled.

So far.

In addition, given plummeting tax revenues and continued economic dislocation at all levels of government, the likelihood that the damaged or destroyed system will be promptly repaired is low, especially for items for which spare parts are limited. Add to the equation the repair crew’s understandable reluctance to dispatch and linger in an area recently perforated by aimed, accurate rifle fire, and you have the tactical gift that keeps on giving.

As one career professional said recently on this topic:

“All enemy communications nodes must die. All antennas must die. You cannot have a networked tactical management system if you do not have a network. Degrade the network, and you degrade your opponents’ ability to hurt you. Period.”

So when we look back to the dilemma of having to fire shots in anger, we now see that the act of shooting something rather than someone is not only more morally acceptable, lower on the Sumter threshold, but also has tremendous merit of its own.

If that’s not a win-win-win for FreeFor, I don’t know what is.

Now start paying close attention to your local AO, take notes on places and items that might be vulnerable to small arms fire, and put them on your range cards.

Dilemma solved.

By the way, that scoped hunting rifle’s not a bad anti-personnel tool, either.

Should the need arise, that is.

Raub’s Post

Read closely to see what it takes these days to be cuffed and stuffed into the laughing academy (h/t Sam).

Thankfully, that can’t happen to anybody in Amerika.

Lee Greenwood says it, so it must be true.

Let’s sing along with Lee:

If tomorrow all the things were gone,
I’d worked for all my life.
And I had to start again,
with just my children and my wife.

I’d thank my lucky stars,
to be livin here today.
‘Cause the flag still stands for freedom,
and they can’t take that away.

And I’m proud to be an American,
where at least I know I’m free.
And I wont forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.

And I gladly stand up,
next to you and defend her still today.
‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land,
God bless the USA.

From the lakes of Minnesota,
to the hills of Tennessee.
Across the plains of Texas,
From sea to shining sea.

From Detroit down to Houston,
and New York to L.A.
Well there’s pride in every American heart,
and its time we stand and say.

That I’m proud to be an American,
where at least I know I’m free.
And I wont forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.

And I gladly stand up,
next to you and defend her still today.
‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land,
God bless the USA.

And I’m proud to be and American,
where at least I know I’m free.
And I wont forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.

And I gladly stand up,
next to you and defend her still today.
‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land,
God bless the USA.

See also this related post by Silicon Graybeard.

And hey – don’t forget to watch the Stooge Parade all next week.

They’re the “Freedom Party”, doncha know….

GoV: When Europe Fought

Read this tale of 8 centuries past, and consider:

1. What is the likelihood of freedom-loving teams in North America putting aside their differences for even a single day and fighting to victory against a common enemy?

2. Given the answer to #1, what, if anything, can be done about that sorry state of affairs?

Common ground, anyone?

Property And Self

I began my awakening here, and continue it here.

This video further aided my understanding.

This recent piece from The Smallest Minority covers, in a slightly different fashion, the concepts embedded in this proposed set of foundational principles.

These topics are not academic.

They are at the heart of the Accelerating Unpleasantness.


Know First Things.

Be principles-oriented.


SHTF School: Water

Selco speaks of its importance and scarcity once the Unpleasantness begins.

Do you understand?

How about all of the folks in your tribe?

A prediction:

Most of the deaths in the Big Die-Off will come from waterborne illness and hygiene issues, not violence.

Have you tested your water plan?


A reader sends this WaPo story on infighting within the special forces community, noting that “the lines are being drawn.”



Regime supporters.

Insurgent sympathizers.

You do see where this ends, right?

Alea iacta est.

Debt Bomb

Hard PG for pasties; h/t Maggie’s Farm.

AAR On Mosby TC3/Small Unit Tactics Course

Resistor reports out.

Lots of good material there.

Especially on the need for more PT.

Tempus fugit.

Time To Play

Tensmiths muses about a 4GW tactic.

Be where They are not.

When you are where They are, do not be who They think you are.


The Sky Is Not Falling

Sam provides some balance to the founded cries of “Doom!” heard here and elsewhere.

Key graf:

…If the problem is too many Bad People, then the solution is simple: Reduce their numbers. Cull the herd. They will do most of the work themselves. They will kill one another. The remainder can be handled by Patriots who get the herd of useless genetics moving toward our borders.

What will be left can be easily mopped-up by Patriots who have remained removed, healthy, strong, and prudently waiting for the window of opportunity to favor victory…

If you can, consider supporting his Citadel project.

Keep prepping.

And if all else fails:

Ein Schweizer, sieben Deutsche.

AmMerc: Thoughts On Tasks And Purposes

AM posts advice on thinking better about conflict.

As always, read and think.

Ihr kumt.

The Gulag’s Maw Beckons

Several readers have sent this story on the police/psychiatric tactic.

A little background on this play is helpful, but once one understands the issue, nothing is more important than the advice given below:

Never Ever Talk To The Police – Part I

Never Ever Talk To The Police – Part II

Please, please, please…

Go to the links.

Watch both vids.

Follow the presenters’ advice.

Keep your damned mouth shut.



Barnhardt: This Nation And Society Cannot Survive

From Ann Barnhardt:


First, read this quote from John Adams a minimum of five times or until you COMPREHEND what he is saying. Don’t just phonetically sound-out the words. COMPREHEND WHAT YOU READ:

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
-John Adams

Now that you have that, watch this video. THIS IS NOT SATIRE. This is completely, 100% real.

The perfection of the correlation to the psychopaths running the government and financial sector is hard to improve upon. They have ZERO remorse. They are not sorry, but disgusted and indignant that they were caught, and that society has the gall to hold them to any account. They truly believe that they had not just a right, but a MORAL ENTITLEMENT to the envelope full of money because THEY WANTED IT. They further believe that since the little girl scouts were merely CUSTODIANS of the cookie money which would eventually be sent to girl scout cookie headquarters, that they, the thieves, had every bit as much right to the money as the custodial fiduciaries, the little girl scouts, and that they, the thieves, SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO KEEP THE MONEY THAT THEY STOLE.

Does that sound familiar?

Ring any bells?

Don’t take my word for it. Take John Adams’ word for it.

This nation is populated by soulless, amoral, criminal psychopaths. These people are everywhere, from the trailer park that these two skanks crawled out of all the way up to the leadership of every mega-bank, and filling the United States congress, Executive branch and judiciary. Ergo, there is no possible way this nation can survive in its First American Republic form. The constitution of 1787 is “WHOLLY INADEQUATE” to govern a nation of amoral, godless sociopaths, or even a nation with an exceedingly large contingent of amoral, godless sociopaths. It only works when the nation is constituted by a vast majority of God-fearing, inherently moral people, and that we most certainly are NOT.

Oh, and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are exactly like these two thieves. Check that. At least the thieves were honest and candid about their motives and actions. Romney and Ryan are worse because they are liars who know that the entire system is a giant, mathematically impossible lie.


The United States government is a gigantic, mathematically impossible Ponzi that cannot be salvaged. It is mathematically impossible, as in the mathematics of what Romney and Ryan are saying is totally, completely mathematically impossible, as in NOT POSSIBLE MATHEMATICALLY. And they know it. Hence, they are amoral, psychopathic liars.

Even if the most morally upright and blisteringly intelligent people could magically be put in charge of the United States government and financial system, there would be NOTHING they could do to avert the collapse of the economy and the government, because the collapse is now a MATHEMATICAL CERTAINTY. All they could do would be to attempt to hold the states together, keep petroleum flowing, and try to prevent a land invasion by the Chinese and/or Russians.

Given all of this, you should be asking yourselves the question, “Why in the hell would Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Obama or anyone else want anything to do with being the Chief Executive of a nation that is inevitably going to collapse?”

The answer is:

“Basically, me and my friend, we needed some money and we saw this country, we saw a Treasury with money in it and I grabbed it and she drove away. ‘Cause we needed the money. We just wanted money. Just for anything, and it was an easy way of getting money.”

This nation cannot survive because of the people who populate it.

Good luck fixing that on November 6, 2012, because your choices are Stephanie and her friend, and Stephanie and her friend.

From Oleg Volk

Interesting – 1941 Soviet Infantry Manual in English.

ZH: America’s Demographic Cliff

Geezers versus Younguns.

Key graf:

…Social Security and Medicare spending are projected to grow exponentially as healthcare costs explode and the biggest population wave in the history of the US starts to enter retirement. The Congressional Budget Office expects spending to increase by 150% over the next 25 years, which is hardly sustainable with barely 2 workers for every retired person in 2035… there’s a storm a comin’…

By the way, do you see any of the Stupid Party or Evil Party candidates at any level talking honestly about this reality?

Teach your kids how to live as malum prohibitum criminals in the black market, including street-level alternative dispute resolution processes for those who would take from them.


It’s their only chance.

Tempus fugit.

Bracken: Night Fighting 101

From Matt Bracken:

Night Fighting 101
by Matt Bracken


Would you like an all-expense-paid week of training at a tier-one tactical shooting academy, taught by a Nationally Famous Big Shot? Would you like to ramp up your “operatorship” a few proficiency levels, but you can’t afford the time or the expense of top-flight training?

Well, I can’t offer you such a free ticket, but I can tell you how to improve your operator skills just as significantly, and it won’t cost you any money or even much of your time. You, yes you, can become a deadly night fighter in your spare time. If you are already a hunter who frequently stalks into position long before dawn, much of this will not be news, but for most folks, undertaking this self-training can make you a much more competent post-SHTF survivor.

How can it be so simple to become an effective night fighter, that it can be taught in a mere essay?

Allow me to explain. In all forms of combat, the warrior who perceives the other first has an enormous advantage. If he is clever, he is able to stay inside his unsuspecting adversary’s OODA loop, before either slipping away undetected or applying the coup, as circumstances dictate. On the other hand, the combatant who sees his enemy second, often gets no second chance. It is better to ambush, than to be ambushed. A lot better! (If you are unfamiliar with Colonel Boyd’s OODA Loop, you should look it up and become familiar with its concepts.)

So how do you become a self-taught deadly warrior of the night? You begin in the daytime. Lay out a walking path through your neighborhood “Area of Operations,” a path with plenty of transitions across all types of urban, suburban and rural terrain. Culverts, gullies, overgrown chain link fences, woods, meadows, railroad tracks, bridges, power line right-of-ways, abandoned commercial properties and fallow fields will be your classroom.

To begin, mark your route every twenty or thirty yards. Small torn rags stuck on fences and tree branches look fairly natural, and won’t be noticed. Walk and crawl through thickets, under fences, over walls, through the doors and windows of closed factories or falling-down barns. Travel your path in daylight both ways, several times. If it’s summer where you are located, dress for bugs, thorns and mud, but stay inconspicuous.

Then come back after dark on a moonlit night. Your mind and memory will already know the route very well, but the darkness will swallow up much that was plainly visible by day, while revealing new folds and textures of light and shadow. Your rag markers will help you to stay on course. You can also blaze a temporary trail with a small bag of baking flour, leaving a white pile at intervals.

Try the path again on an overcast and moonless night. Where you must, use the minimal amount of flashlight necessary. A single-bulb LED powered by a single AA or AAA battery can be filtered and shielded to provide just enough light to avoid tripping. A humble mini-compass with a glowing North arrow can keep you on course. Try difficult terrain with and without the penlight, to understand how night movement in pitch-blackness is still possible, and also to understand its inherent limitations.

Next, try a new route for the first time at night, under the moon. Then return during the day to examine the new path you had first explored in semi-darkness. Did you leave a trail of footprints that a blind man could follow? Finally, explore new routes on overcast moonless nights. The idea is to reach a merger point in your mental processing of various types of terrain as perceived in daylight and in varying degrees of darkness. When you achieve this breakthrough, you will be far above the mass of humanity when it comes to night fighting.

Where it’s appropriate and inconspicuous, bring your tactical white fighting lights, and visible laser aiming devices. If you own any night vision gear or an IR laser, bring them too. Use every tool at your disposal, and learn their best uses and worst limitations. Does your red or green laser light up a quarter-mile of tree branches and other foliage, pointing in a direct line to your position? Does your 200-lumen tactical light serve as a beacon for miles around, while also killing your night vision? (Hint: one-eye-open.) Properly used, tactical lights and lasers can end a fight quickly and successfully, but they must be understood as two-edged swords.


Now that you are becoming an expert at stealthy night movement, initiate some friends and relatives to join your nocturnal habits, and teach them what you have discovered. Their learning curves will be more rapid, because they will benefit from your prior experience on your established land-navigation routes. Teens often take to this like ducks to water. Practice using hand signals, and the least and quietest mouth-to-ear whispering possible to communicate. When you have brought a few buddies up to a certain standard, the highest level of learning can begin. Force-on-force tactical training! “Top Gun,” down on the ground, in the darkness. Man, this is so “tier-one training,” that you should send me loads of money just for giving you this idea. (Or, just buy my novels.)

Since all of your night movement is made in ultra-stealth mode, as silently and invisibly as an Indian (and I mean that in a very admiring way), you will be able to conduct training even in urban and suburban areas. While the placid sheeple in your AO are sleeping, you and your pals shall be creeping, sometimes even right between their houses, (but more on that later).

Okay, on to force-on-force training at night. You will need a few acres or more of mixed terrain where your occasional lights and lasers won’t cause distress. Abandoned commercial property often works well. Or your local woods and fields, or whatever available terrain that you have nearby that combines open areas and areas with limited sight lines such as buildings or woods. Designated roads, fences or streams can signify out-of-bounds.

If you need to keep both hands occupied to “keep it real,” then tape your light or laser to a walking stick, but leave your “M-Forgery” at home. Since you might be sneaking around on land that you don’t own, you might just end the night talking to someone in authority. A light or even a laser you can explain to a corporate security guard or even to Officer Friendly, but a few “deadly high-powered assault rifles,” no way! Plus, going gun free while night training avoids the sticky area of certifying every firearm as perfectly, virginally, ammo-free. No guns, no negligent discharges by gung-ho but careless buddies. But hey, it’s your life, so you decide. Nobody knows your AO and your friends better than you do.


There are many force-on-force scenarios you can cook up or adapt depending on your AO and the number of participants, but this is a simple one to start you off. Two players begin on a time signal at opposite corners of the several-acre site. The boundaries are clearly known to both. Both are given identical marching orders.

“This is your land. Violent prisoners have escaped from a local penitentiary after killing the guards. It’s post-SHTF, so no police are available to search for them, but one dangerous killer has set off an intrusion alarm, and is believed to be roaming on this very property. You have fifteen minutes to find him and light him up, or he will leave this area and invade the home of one of your relatives nearby, and do terrible things there. So if you don’t find him in fifteen minutes, it counts as a loss for you.” (Depending on the terrain, you might want to make this a half-hour period.)

The reasons for the time limit and the rapid rules of engagement (ROE) are to ensure that one or both parties don’t simply go to ground, finding optimal ambush locations, while waiting all night for the other to stumble by. This results in a snooze-fest and no contact. Both players must be put on the trail of the other to ensure that fairly rapid contact is made.

The goal of each player is to move in such a stealthy manner, cleverly using the unique and often-bizarre night terrain of light and shadow, that he will detect the other and slip into an ambush or stalking position. When one player moves into a kill position, after hearing and then seeing the other first, he lights him up at a practical range with his visible laser or white tactical light. You’ll know when you have made a “kill,” and you will know when you have been beaten. That particular game is over. Your pulse will be hammering, your adrenaline will be washing through you, and all of your senses will be supercharged. Debrief, go over lessons learned, and then set the next two players into their starting positions. Change the two adversaries each time, until a clear overall winner emerges.

Sometimes there is an immediate “contact front” by both parties, and a crossfire of lights occurs. That’s okay, because that reflects reality. Both sides wind up with folks shot in a lot of gunfights. All the more reason to practice being even stealthier! Move like a hunter, or a specops point man on patrol deep in enemy territory. Stay in the shadows, inside the tree lines, down in the folds of the terrain, crouching low, or even low crawling when it’s necessary to take advantage of low concealment. Take a few careful steps, and then stop to listen. Slowly pan your head, with your eyes and ears and even your nostrils open as wide as possible, every onboard sensor set on “max input receive.”

If you are always the one who hears an enemy snap a twig way out in the darkness, your early detection can lead to success, victory, and ultimately, to your survival. If you are the one cracking twigs and muttering, while ripping through bramble thickets and tripping over logs, you are probably going to wind up painted in red, green or white light, and in the real world, full of bullet holes. He who detects the other first will, in most cases, prevail. It’s as simple as that. And this is a skill you can teach yourself up to the master level.

At that nationally known gun fighting school, they might have taught you how to change carbine and pistol magazines in nanoseconds while ducking under vehicles and around barricades, while pinging steel plates at all ranges. And that is a very good thing! But that expensive training, and that minute-of-angle fighting rifle made of pure Unobtanium, with the latest and greatest optical sight on the rail, won’t make nearly as much difference to your survival chances as simply learning to detect an enemy before an enemy detects you. And since half of your life is spent while the sun is down, don’t you think you had better become the best night fighter that you can?

Remember, if you don’t patrol it, you don’t own it. If you don’t get out and see what’s happening in your AO after the sun goes down, you could be unaware of a midnight meth lab operating just one field or street over. Or anything else.

Be the master of your day and of your night. Cede no terrain, cede no time, to any person or group wishing you ill. When you have learned to be a master at stealthy night movement, your skills will be so much higher than the average person’s that after dark, you will be like a panther among sheep. Instead of fearing the night, you will relish it as your cloak and your shield.


Now, a few tricks to employ in your AO. These will work by day or night, but they are especially useful at night.

First, create your own secret night gates. These are your private wormholes, and will allow you to disappear and reappear like magic. With a cordless drill, some cheap hardware store hinges (let them get rusty, rusty looks old), and some cheap wood screws (ditto) you can make an invisible door out of two or three planks of a tall vertical board property fence. Put the hardware on the “back” side of the fence, optimally against some concealing shrubbery. If you have any carpentry skills at all, this is a snap. I don’t need to draw a picture, you’ll figure it out.

A vertical strand of a chain link fence can be clipped and removed in a location that is not under much direct observation. Again, concealing shrubbery is your friend. A piece of paracord can knit the breach in the fence back together until you need to use it again. Or a micro-sized block and tackle (also using paracord) can hoist the bottom of a chain link fence high enough to slip below. Lower the fence after your passage, and no one is the wiser.

Tough carpet remnants can be tossed over the barbed wire or razor wire atop a fence, allowing you to climb over without being cut to ribbons. The carpet will probably be stuck in place, so factor that into your plan. Trees next to the fence can both hide the carpet, and offer you an easy method to climb to the top of the fence. Or an old ladder can be installed between two trees right over the fence. There are many other ways to leave hidden passages through, under or over chain link fencing – these are just a few suggestions.

Put your own padlock on a forgotten “permanently chained shut” vehicle gate, or access door or hatch to a utility area. Only one person knows that a key even exists for that “forgotten” lock, and that person is you. Investigate and explore your local storm drains and other infrastructure tunnels. You may have an entire catacomb beneath your feet that you can discover and map now, to use for secret movement later. (Storms drains are often big and clean, and empty except during rainstorms. Wear a bike helmet: you will hit your head.)

Imagine waking up to a police or military “cordon and search” operation around your neighborhood. How would you slip through it? Almost everywhere today, there are lots of empty, abandoned or foreclosed homes. Install some secret gates to get access to these properties and to the home interiors via unlocked backyard windows or doors. Where two empty houses coexist back to back, you can have a permanent secret channel for moving from one street to another while avoiding the intersections where, someday, checkpoints or cameras might be installed.

You can even practice moving across properties while the inhabitants are asleep in their beds, but exercise all due caution. Guard dogs can make your night very interesting indeed. Do motion-activated lights switch on when the wind moves the tree branches? Does anybody ever come out to check? Find out. Are the front, side and back yards quiet sod, or full of hard-to-avoid downed branches or other “loud” shrubbery? Is there an easy place to hop a fence, from either side? Shrubbery along a fence can provide a hidden corridor with complete concealment, while also hiding a secret gate that you have installed. Wire cutters can be put to good use on both wire fences, and branches of bushes that impede your movement. Once you learn safe and quiet routes between occupied or unoccupied homes, incorporate them into your mental night movement map.

The point is to invent creative alternate routes for egress and ingress to your AO without using the normal streets and alleys. In one area, this might involve a homemade wire-rope “hillbilly bridge” across a creek between two stout trees. In another, it might be a vertical urban pathway of fire escape ladders. The point of the night training is also to train your mind to find new and sneaky ways of moving around your area without being detected. Always strive to learn new “bugout routes” and secure hiding places. Only by actively patrolling and reconning your AO, especially at night, will you discover useful concealed routes, safe areas, rendezvous points, locations for caches, and so on.


If you want to become an effective night fighter, and be an asset to your family and your community in the hard times that are coming, you don’t have to wait until you can attend some pricey gun fighting school. Just grab a few different lights, some like-minded buddies, and get outside after dark. A naturally sneaky teenage “ferret” with almost no money for tactical gear or training might become the most valuable player on your home team. If you know an early-rising hunter, beg him to teach you what he knows.

Practice night land navigation, and force-on-force training. You will be well on your way to always being the one who detects the enemy before the enemy detects you.

And that, more than any fancy gun, gadget, or professional training you can buy, is often the very margin between survival and death.

Fred: Something New Under the Sun

Some curmudgeonly observations on the tightening noose.

Just wait until the new Master is annointed by the slavering hordes.


No republic can stand the realizations of evil men that democracy is a natural market for lies.

Billy Beck

AmMerc: HVTs versus HPTs

AM explains.

Think about these ideas in your area.

Do not confine your thoughts to living things.


The Last Compromise

H/t to Insty for this review of American racial politics from the purple Walter Russell Mead.

In the face of growing governmental insolvency, coupled with accelerating productive class withdrawal from the “above the table” economy, I would argue that any demand that starts with, “You owe me because…” is doomed – regardless of whether the demand is based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, physical capability, or any other form of special pleading.

Of course, I’m a Fourth Principle guy.