Barnhardt on Bracken’s Latest

From Ann Barnhardt:



Matt Bracken has written a piece over at Western Rifle Shooters that matches exactly how I have envisaged the coming collapse and civil war.

His belief that it will all begin with the rejection of EBT Foodstamps cards is, I think, spot-on.

Next comes the urban riots.

Then comes the rioters spilling into the suburbs.

Then comes full-blown chaos when the rioters realize that the cops alone can’t contain them.

Then come the beatings, rapes and murders. In the open. In broad daylight. At heavily trafficked intersections.

Then comes the militia, which is what I intend to do when shizz gets real. That has been my intention all along, since the fall of 2008 when I knew that collapse and civil war was an inevitability.

Echoing Bracken, if I am either sandbagged or on a bipod, 400 yards is an EASY kill. Men are a hell of a lot bigger than prairie dogs, which is why learning to snipe on prairie dogs is so wise, in addition to good, wholesome fun.

When I tell you people to be buying LONG GUNS and ammo, I’m not kidding. Assault rifles and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition is one of the best places to park wealth right now. And you better know how to use it, and you better sit your wife down, tell her to cut the sissy, whiny female bullshit and learn how to handle every weapon system in your arsenal. This isn’t a damn game or a TV show. Many, many women are going to find themselves as the ONLY THING standing between a hip-hop rape mob and their children.

If you haven’t watched my Vendee Genocide YouTube presentation [Parts I, II, III, and IV], I clearly lay out the case that it is an absolute certainty that THERE WILL BE MASS RAPES when the inner city hip-hop contingent can no longer be contained by standard law enforcement.

It isn’t even debatable.

Read the essay above, and then GET READY.


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  1. Pray for the prairie dogs. With 24 years of unhappy estrogen sloshing around in her system, Ann Elizabeth is in serious need of an orgasm. And: no, Annie, this is not a RAPE threat.

    • Prairie Fire

      My life would have been better without having read the above.

      That said, it is good to read Barnhardt’s expansion on Bracken’s piece, and good to see all the comments about it.

      The other people continue to crunch numbers and game plans as to how currently they will get their butts handed to them.

  2. to: MajikFireHornet

    Ann Barnhardt is a great Christian and Patriot. Why the snotty remark? Did you ask her out, and she said no?

    • Early on, Ann Elizabeth wilfully mis-interpreted a friendly overture, and responded: “if you ever again contact me in any way, you will hear from law enforcement!” Later she attacked me on her site, labeling an innocent lad the Devil Incarnate, & the “Symbol of Mankind Fallen”….yaaaawwwwnn…since communicated many times, correcting factual errors in her posts, sugggesting that she ‘fess up to her economic peccancies & etc…..but, yes, she’s still playing hard to get. What normal guy wouldn’t want to help Annie B. relieve her excruciating tensions?

      • If your intention here is to discredit Ann; or, as I suspect, to deflect attention from what she writes; and to somehow justify your pathetic self in the eyes of this community, you have failed miserably.

        Anyone who feels the need to attack someone in such a puerile and disgusting way, is simply not to be taken seriously. We cannot evaluate, much less adjudicate, whatever disagreement between you and Ann has occasioned your poisonous outbursts. After all, we have only the word of a disgusting pervert for any of it. All any fairminded person can do is to compare your demeanor and the value of your “contributions” relative to Ann’s.

        Guess what? You lose in a catclysm.

        You want attention? Try offering something of value in the fight for survival/Liberty rather than attacking one of the most courageous and outspoken advocates of the truth, Ann Barnhardt.

        You have the intellect of an amoeba, the morals of a lawyer and the credibility of a democrat.

        S.T.F.U. & E.S.A.D.

      • regulator roots

        I remember that incident. You approached her dwelling in a highly inappropriate way with a highly inappropriate suggestion; the sort of suggestion that in times past would have earned you a call to the Field of Honor under the Code Duello by her nearest male relation. Times have changed, as have laws; if police response is too slow, she is more than capable of defending herself against a blackguard such as you.

  3. MFH:

    Enough with that shit.

    • It’s your shop, CA, but it’s about time.

      If you hadn’t written that, I would have laid down something so scathing at that bastard that the screen would have caught fire. Hell, I may any way.

      See above….

    • BTW, as received from AB last night:

      Subject: Re: thanks for link
      Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2012 23:17:49 -0600

      The commenter is
      David Robert Luck
      219 N Kellogg Ave
      Santa Barbara, CA
      He has been sending pornographic rape threats and blackmail threats (LOL) since January. He is a self-loathing anti-Semitic Jew in extremis who has a fetish for porn depicting Jewish women, preferably being raped. He was very angry to learn that I am not Jewish, and yet I am still the object of his masturbatory sodomy/rape fantasy sessions.
      This guy is an example of demonic influence in our society, with the main gateway vector being pornography. David Lucks walk among us, everywhere. The David Lucks of the world will join with the MUYs when the S hits the F in order to facilitate opportunities for actual rape.

      Feel free to publish this as a comment. WordPress doesn’t like me.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • I vaguely remember her posting about this dink. The great die off will do wonders when it comes to weeding the garden. I know enough to know better, but I still catch myself looking forward to it sometimes.

      • That last line gave you away, Cluck. It’s you alright.

        I doubt if your flaws pulsate much if at all in spite of your fevered imagination. Save your breath, you’ll be needing it to blow up your “date.”

        And now every MAN here knows where you live.

        Even cockroaches know enough to hide when the lights come on. (With apologies to actual honest cockroaches.)

        • David: add value or be gone. Your choice.

          • You have added nothing but your stupid allegations of what Ann may or may not be doing in her personal life (“DL” which according to is short for Down Low a male homosexual term, and she isn’t male), diverting the conversation away from the original topic of Matthew Bracken’s hypothesis.

            To say it in a language that is easy to understand, you are trolling.

            No more feeding of the troll.

          • CA, please ban this waste of skin, air and bandwidth. Please.

        • You are making a very dangerous assumption about someone of whom you know less than nothing. Even if I am not the real deal, and you do not know one way or the other, there are plenty of contributors here who ARE completely for real in the ‘commando’ department.

          Since you probably enjoy being groped at the airport (and I refuse to submit to it), why don’t you bring your ass/umptions to Springfield, Missouri and say it to my face?

          Better yet, go to Ann’s house… she has a map up and everything. Announce your desire to “ease her tensions” and give her the “release” you think she so desperately needs.

          “Go ahead. Skin that smokewagon. See what happens.” I’d pay good money to see her kick your ass.

          You are a snide, sniveling, pestiferous pervert and liar, slandering a woman most of us admire for reasons incomprehensible to honorable men and women. I do not doubt that you “tremble” often and for several disgusting reasons, including cowardice.

          Do us all a favor and E.S.A.D.

      • Your attempt to distract and divert the debate is failing miserably.

      • “But I still can’t rouse myself…”

        So that’s your problem. Thought so.

        Blow up date sprung a leak?

  4. I question one aspect of the EBT failure. Wouldn’t GovCo be more interested in printing the needed cash after a short bout of no-chingy-in-the-thingy, (in order to buy and create loyalty), than it would be in watching its constituents go to hell and take their votes and taxes with them? I don’t doubt that it could happen, I just wonder about the thought that it would be a permanent condition.

    • alan w. mullenax

      My take. Nobody knows how it’s gonna go down. Not Bracken, not Annie, not CA, no one.

      It will come how it comes. And I suspect all of us will be surprised.

      For sure there are three main commodities. Food, water, ammo. Everything else is a luxury.

    • Uncle doesn’t even need to print cash.
      Digital is as digital does.
      You have a card and go swipee, swipee with it and take your plastics bags out the front door.
      All Uncle has to do it push the right button on the right computer and
      presto-chango, the account needed to ‘pay’ the card’s clearing house has the necessary digits in it.
      For the EBT to fail, the entire electronic system would have to fail. And then even your credit card won’t work.
      The urban yutes may run riot, and need mass ventilation, but like Mr Mullenax wrote, we won’t know how it will fail, until it already has started.

  5. Then comes the militia, which is what I intend to do when shizz gets real.

    The bad people are in tribes rightfreakingnow.

    Don’t wait.

    A disorganized tribe overruns 100 “tough individualists” every time, until the tough individualists get together.

    And MFH, grow up just a little, will you?

    No need to publicly validate all of Ann’s points on the sorry state of American manhood all by yourself.



  6. To the point article. My late wife was one heck of a shooter, especially with her 7mm 08 Rem. I’ve met no one to date who has any interest in shooting.

  7. It’s worth mentioning that if you’re going to teach your wife to shoot you’d best be able to keep your hands off other women 😉

  8. Teaching a spouse to shoot can be one of the single most challenging tasks a man can undertake in my experience. If you’re going to do it, you better have a far better relationship than most I’ve seen.

    • 2nd that… my group found that by swapping (forgive the term) it’s a lot easier on the relationships. Because no one can tell you better than my own Snake Woman that I don’t know sweet.

    • I remember hearing when I was in my teens that “you can’t get your parents to teach you to drive” – after I had my dad try to teach me, I understood exactly what that meant.

      I’ve been trying to teach my son to shoot, and it’s pretty tough. Knowing how to do something is not the same as knowing how to teach it. I might break down and try to find someone else to help out.

  9. “Swapping” not as in the phrase “swap club”, but as in “I’m letting my best friend who is a skilled shooter and firearms instructor teach my wife to correctly use a firearm, as I would do for his wife/daughter if asked”?

    Did I understand correctly? It’s easier to teach a person a skill when you have an instructional/professional relationship with them, without the living-with relationship to interfere.


    • yes, that’s exactly what we did, everyone kept their hands on the table top. Our group is Christian before anything else, hard to build trust without that to start from. Mosby had it right, it’s easier to learn from someone who isn’t your spouse, hell, I think it’s easier to train someone who’s a little unfamiliar. You tend to be more courteous, patient and careful/exact. Maybe because you don’t have such high expectations… I mean come on, my wife should be able to shoot a Nagant as well as I can and I should know not to put the damn reds in the wash with the white socks!

      I was making light of an aberrant culture that has come out of the closet in our “modern” society. The weeding of the garden I spoke of upstream here will help to fix those, too.

      Disclaimer: it’s a measure of the sorry state that our group is in that I’m teaching anything, but we have to dance with the gal we came with.

      Use your time wisely peoples, we’re near I think. And pick your tribe carefully, while you still have time to remove mistakes.


  11. @LFMayor….Your last paragraph about picking your tribe says it all. Spot on.

  12. Well, I guess this is what we come to these blogs for. Lots of “it’s gonna get hairy, so buy a few more ARs!”

    I call this kind of post “collapse porn.”

    And I’m as guilty as the next guy for loving to read it. You’ll notice there are 40+ comments already. 🙂

    While I fully agree with it (and my wife can shoot all our guns pretty well – sometimes better than I), I think there is a danger in only seeing one potential outcome to our situation, and one potential solution. As CA likes to point out, it’s a polygonal battle space. Who knows what will happen with the EBT cards stop working. Maybe it will be a “soft reset,” allowing some of the white and black loafers to actually look for honest work. Maybe the churches will grow some nuts again, start preaching law and gospel again, and we’ll have a revival.

    It’s possible. “With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.”

    There have been civil wars before. There have been societal resets before. There is nothing new under the sun, and we will survive this, too.

    …or maybe I should just be double-checking the bullet-drop compensator on my AR-10.

    • alan w. mullenax

      Funny you should mention that. Been working with my AR-10. An Armalite with a Leupold 3-9.

      Gonna change the zero to 250 yards. The 168gr BTHP shoots pretty flat out to 300 yards with that zero. Won’t have to think as much. I like that.

      • Hi Alan,

        How do you rangefind with your Leupold? Is it a mildot scope?

        Or do you plan to just guess?

        • alan w. mullenax

          Not a mil-dot. A duplex. With a 250 yard zero 2-3 high out to 200, dead on 225-250, and 3-4 down out to 300.

          Can work with those ranges at 9 power. So far, actual rounds out concurs.

          I’m happy.

    • alan w. mullenax

      And further. I could watch Ann all day shooting varmints from the bed of a truck.

      I would also not hesitate to fuck up any low life individual that would even attempt to harm a hair on her head.

      Just sayin’.

      • “I would also not hesitate to fuck up any low life individual that would even attempt to harm a hair on her head.”

        Get in line, Brother!

  13. Dont buy any more AR’s or AK’s or A anythings…
    Buy more ammo and shoot the fuck out of it.
    Learn to run the gun you got as its intended to run.
    Folks get this straight.

    In order from least importance……

  14. On the EBT cards running dry, Denninger is saying the same thing on MarketTicker.
    Great minds or reading each other’s blog?
    You decide.

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