Four More Years

Asked by Parade magazine, “What do you hope to accomplish in your second term?” First Lady Michelle Obama said she wants to “impact the nature of food in grocery stores”…

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  1. Disciple of Night

    Only thing worse than Chairman Mao was Madam Mao…

  2. Damn! That first pic looks like a freakin ape!

    • Unelected person who talks about forcing Americans to do things. Her husband wants this unelected, unhired, person to have a salary. She gets her own US Gov jumbo jet and security team for her use anywhere in the world for personal vacation purposes. Bill her for the full cost, including repair/replacement of hardware and retirement/recruiting/training costs of USAF elite ground and air crews.

      A legitimate replacement for the Jarrett regime will call for legislation restricting the unelected family members use of government assets to the kind of priority that the family of an E-3 Airman First Class gets.

    • You may want to get in touch with your hatred of powerful black women so you can learn to focus on what people are trying to do to make this country a safer, healthier place to live. as a developed nation we are lagging behind, dumping sewage on farm land, calling it “biosolids” & then giving the vast majority of our citizens no choice but to feed ourselves food grown on a bed of toxic waste. Europe’s standards far exceed ours. Have some respect for the first lady & try to curb your bigotry.

  3. Perfect!

    This is even MORE of a reason for me to cultivate the rest of the back yard.

    Thanks, Shellie!


  4. Yep, got me some high plains corn, a new to me 1951 tractor, sheep, chickens, lots of work ahead, these folks don’t back off, neither must we.

  5. The hate in her eyes is real and palpable.. does no one else see it ?

    • Mr. Yank III: I see it. It was also real and palpable in the eyes of Hillary Clinton. “Hell hath no fury…”

  6. My word but this woman looks like the wicked witch if the west. Is there any doubt when she states that she hates America? I pray we get rid of her and her spouse Obummer at last.

    • No. Mittenz would be a wet blanket. Only way we’re getting the Republic back is via hot Civil War. The Kenyan – and his group-entitled life wife – polarize wonderfully. We need him to win, and by a razor-thin margin. Come on Florida, you can do it again.

  7. wookie can kma

  8. Battlefield USA

      • Battlefield USA

        Allllllll righty then! Had your beer goggles on… huh.

        • Battlefield USA

          Kidding aside, her position is testament that Americans have voted themselves into this mess… and soon, will vote for more. Which just goes to prove, unless voters have a real Jesus moment… we’re not voting ourselves out of this mess. People would rather fall for a lie, the ear tingling of false prophets, than face the truth. After all, here we are. Their false prophet worship will bring them tomorrow. They have made it so…