Four More, Encore

Romney, GOP Groups Pull Ads From Michigan and Pennsylvania (h/t Maggie’s)

Mesdames et messieurs, faites vos jeux!

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  1. 4 more years equals a much quicker start of the big reset. After all, that’s why we’re preppin’ ain’t it?
    At this point in our history, it doesn’t really matter anymore. Prep, Train, and Pray. It’s all we got left.
    Oh yeah, and don’t forget more PT Drill Sergeant.

  2. There are three fellows who project elections real well. Larry Sabato has his own siite, so does Charlie cook. Both rate the election as too close to call. Both assume Obama takes PA and Mich. The third, arguably the best is Nate Silver who has applied a lot of the statistical techniques used by baseball analysts (ala Moneyball) to elections. His site is five thirty eight, after the number of electoral votes. He has Obama with a 70% chance of winning. He has 13 states in play, but neither MI nor PA are among them. So the fact presented here is already built in to both sides expectation.

    Romney needs to win FL and Ohio and 8 more electoral votes. Wisconsin or Virginia or Nevada and New Hampshire. That’s where the battle is.

  3. Well hell… time for a little taste of sanity.

    • Rhodes,
      At this point,the appropriate song from that group would be Dead man Walkin!
      Right? I know what i’d do,do you?


  4. I may be wrong, but I do believe Obama will pull this off.

    What Carter could not do, Obama will: utilize the full power of the State (DOJ Civil Rights Division, for example), the full power of the MSM, the full power of racial invective, and the tools of mass mobilization (FB, and so on) to eke out a victory in November. As sad as it sounds, the U.S. of 2012 is no longer the U.S. of 1980 — and 2008 proved it.

    The need for a Nietzschean “Dear Leader” is palpable. Vendors outside the DNC were selling hagiographic memorabilia of Obama using John 3:16 (“For God so loved the world…”) to pose Obama as the Son of God. Inside the Convention, the Dems were doing one better: removing “God” from their platform, leaving Government and Obama as the new implicit Deity. Villaraigosa rammed “God” back in there, but he did so over the protests of most of the delegates — and we all know that the Dems put it back in for tactical reasons, not because they truly have a God aside from Obama. It doesn’t get more unhinged than that; it’s mass psychosis, and most of the country is infected with it. Obama is the beneficiary, and a transitory one at that, but he is a useful marker of our decline: a Nation that can elect an Obama is a Nation that will not last long. Hence the need to prepare for the eventual break-up of the U.S.

    I am not particularly religious, but even I am scared as hell of the Dems now. This hunger to deify a mortal man signals the end of any republican inclination in a large percentage of the American populace, just as the same urge to deification signaled the end of the Roman Republic. History doesn’t always repeat, but it does rhyme.

    And I hope we all are clear on what such a population is capable of.

  5. I have a strong feeling the used car salesman (okay I won’t insult used car salesmen by lumping in Mitt Romney with them. I apologize) is going to win.

    All the party firsters and ‘lesser evil’ zombies and those tea partiers who still think Paul Ryan is anything other than a big government statist will finally see that the lesser of two evils ultimately becomes the main evil. Oh who am I kidding, they will never learn after voting for Juan amnesty McCain last time.

  6. Bah, I’m skeptical this is as bad as some make it out to be. There are plenty of people who will say one thing to a pollster and do another when in the voting booth.

    • Marcus Aurelius

      Yes — that’s a fact, especially in today’s highly charged P.C. atmosphere — people know exactly what they’re expected to believe, and they’ll say it when asked. Long gone are the days when the average *man says what’s on his mind, especially when it comes to matters of race (and as the lefties hath shewn, everything’s about race, isn’t it?)

  7. I think one has to look where that report came from – looks like negative “spin” to me. THIS report states Romney has NOT pulled out of those states:

  8. Keyser Söze

    Propaganda to suppress Repub turnout…pay no attention to the polls…just get everyone you can to the voting booth.

  9. What do you propose they do in the voting booth?

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