Anyone familiar with a supplier who can do better than these guys?

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  1. Depends on how many you need. Search for “earthbag building.” Here’s one source:

  2. I looked around the web a bit and could not find a lower price than the resource you listed. Most were between $1.00-1.50 per bag, a lot more.

    That was for a 14×26 bag (some sources gave slightly different dimensions) which holds up to 40 lbs. of sand/soil.

  3. Nope – I’ve bought from several suppliers but Uline got my last order. Plus they have green sandbags that aren’t quite as loud as the orange or yellow ones.

  4. Just thought I would mention that I have been thinking of bullet-proofing my home…just in case. I found that 3 inches of 3/4 minus crushed rock stops a FMJ 30-06 in its tracks. Just put two pieces of plywood together with 2X4’s between and fill up with the rock. Each one can be stood up leaning against a home and will cover up about 7 feet. Laid sidewise, you have a 4 foot high shelter 8 feet long…

    Just saying.

  5. hillbilly jsck

    Hint! Old tires you know the steel belted radials. These put in place with sand bags will stop some heavy duty slugs. First the belt on the front snags the bullet then it moves thru the filler to the second belt. Think about it!

  6. Having just received a timely order from them I must say no. Searched far and wide and ended up with uline, quick shipping and good communication. Bags look good and I got a a free CD included just for ordering. Love the blog!

  7. Keep in mind that sunlight will break down plastic sandbags after a while, unless they are covered with a tarp, a thin layer of dirt or mud plaster, or another barrier to UV light. Weak or broken bags can then split or peel, and lose their fill to erosion. Just FYI-in’ ya.

  8. Buy UV treated bags — most of the sand bags out there won’t last 6 months. — WARNING: If you keep standard sand bags where any outdoor light can get to them they will fall apart on you. Sand bags are cheap for a reason. Anyway, the best bags that I could find have a 5 year UV rating — DuraBag — These are the best that I have ever seen. But I have never tried them.

    DuraBag Green 50 pk.
    Regular price: $122.40
    Sale price: $102.00
    Green 500 pk.
    Regular price: $1,002.00
    Sale price: $835.00

  9. I’d recommend earth tones, or water based spray paint (to not dissolved the bag material) to blend the bags into your AO.

  10. indyjonesouthere

    You can always recycle your dog food bags and if you have horses, etc. you can also recycle all those bags or have a neighbor save them for you. Burlap bags are no longer used due to a law that does not allow the reuse of them for feed. It was to prevent to spread of disease such as mad cow. At my age my back will give out before the bag count gives out. And as Pat mentioned…paint them in a latex camo pattern for UV protection.

  11. If a person is making a semi-permanent bag emplacement, adding some portland cement to the fill will firm-up the bag when it gets stacked and exposed to moisture. For bags that are going to be used indoors, pea gravel beats sand when considering spillage in your living space. Consider floor loading on wooden structures if stacking bags inside.

    Filling sandbags with a shovel and helper (holding bag open and stacking) from a pile of sand is backbreaking work. Fixtures to hold the bags open and direct the sand in are helpful. Calibrated filling fixtures like PVC tubes help to make consistent bags that stack evenly, while letting a person fill multiple bags at once ahead of the tie-up and stacking crew.

    50# bags are the right size. Smaller is a PITA, bigger is too heavy/floppy if under-filled.

    Sandbags save lives.


    • Shipping makes a difference in total price. U-line is shipping the $39/100 bags from Auburn WA ( to Portland OR, 250 miles) at $31 for a group of 600 bags. Seems like a good deal for me, but a person in FL might find the shipping cost excessive.

      • I’ve used ULINE for years for shipping materials; they’ve always been a great company to do business with. They have regional distribution centers, so my orders come out of Atlanta. They are also really nice about pickups; usually when I have to be in NE Atlanta I’ll call in an order in the day before and run up 985 to their warehouse. For bulky things like large boxes a pickup could save a couple of hundred bucks on oversize shipments. For these sandbags, which are probably relatively compact, they’re probably able to do ground shipping reasonably cheap in each distribution area.

        They’re also great for things like moving supplies …


  12. I understand that a great many expensive and bloated ones can be found in the United States Senate cloakrooms. In the former United States American Republic. Now the SUSA, Socialist United States of America.

  13. This sandbag filler works well:

    Get the OD green or desert tan one.

  14. This blog and its readers effin’ rock.

  15. TM – thanks for the referral. You guys are all on track for securing your homes and families because your looking for sandbags now (when you don’t need them). When buying bags, always always consider the UV life you want out of the bag. Cheap bags can be found anywhere. If they only last a few months, then all of the work you put in to filling them is for nothing. When considering price, what is your time to fill the bags worth? For this reason my company only sells high UV rated bags, because our customers time is worth far more than a few cents per sandbag.

    I have included a discount code for anyone looking to buy sandbags from us that found us here at . Enter the code westernrifle at checkout and save an additional 5% off our sale price and get free shipping. Happy hunting.

    Chris Haas
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  16. Hmmm, tried promo code “westernrifle” and got “Sorry, the coupon code you entered does not exist.” Too bad, wanted another hundred. (never have too many sandbags.

  17. Sorry about the delay, took a few hours for the new coupon code to go live. Should work fine now Sandman.

    Chris Haas
    The Sandbag Store