Mosby: Professional Reading

John Mosby brings us the operational complement to Billy Beck’s political reading list.

Hard copy wherever possible, ja?

3 responses to “Mosby: Professional Reading

  1. 2 ordered, sending url to peeps

  2. robroysimmons

    Kindle editions are available if you have to sit around co-workers at lunch and don’t want the PC to notice you are reading on how to whack a tyrant in several lessons.

    If I may, I think I have found a hole in the cirriculum that an enterprising young man and maybe a woman could fill. While good men like Mosby start the tactical at 101 and proceed from there, I think in this day at these times a 100 level course would be a better starter or gateway into tactical operations. This would be more advanced than the gun courses which have proliferated and the tactical training offered where the clients’ names have to be redacted. Consider it tac training for people who think 911 will be just a little late and that voting for the GOP will eventually turn things around, but have those nagging doubts.

    Not to drag this out I think it would be somewhat like a hands on training version of Every Citizen a Soldier and the fine essay by Lizard Farmer on breaking contact and getting to a friend’s house (tribe member). This could be a thing where the nice ladies at the Women’s GOP Auxilary could talk about in more progressive places like the American Southwest or the South.

    PS thanks for the great site, Semper Fidelis

  3. robroy, The only reason I redact participants’ names is for their comfort. The reality is, nothing I teach in a class is illegal to practice, and there’s really nothing too controversial about it. They are basic patrolling, battle drills, etc, that anyone would need to know, regardless of what bad guys they anticipate facing. Come check one out.