They Won’t Stop

Cops Raid Wrong House – Kill Owner

Money quote?

…Lebanon Police Chief Billy Weeks said…however, the two policemen were not at fault.

Do you understand yet?

(h/t to RITR).

13 responses to “They Won’t Stop

  1. Another “official” cop murder, and none of the murderers pay for it.

  2. Perhaps we could inquire if Mosby could comment on an approach to defend against such tactics? Should any criminals decide to use them. Should the All-loving, All-provident State choose to use them, we would (naturally) happily submit.

  3. alan w. mullenax

    I’m of the opinion that the local citizens should grab up those “officers”, spirit them away to a secluded location, try them, sentence them, then carry out the sentence.

    I know that doesn’t conform to the law.

    But what they did doesn’t either.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      A lot of folks just don’t understand that there comes a time for feedin’ the hogs, and this is one of them. Local, local, local! Take care of your own AO, the rest will follow.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      alan w. mullenax/outlaw patriot|21Sept12@20:02,

      When I lived in the South, that practice was referred to as ‘pine toppin’ ‘ & sometimes used on especially tedious game wardens. After taking the opportunity (a.k.a. ‘bust bait’) to increase his tally of woodland despoilers, said sylvan Barney Fife would find himself mechanically rendered somnambulistic, taken to a secluded location, blindfolded, stripped nekkid, tied to a tree, given the Southern full-body variation of the Finnish vihta using the top 2-2.5′ of a pine sapling, then left to commune w/ nature in solitude.

      Usually worked quite well as I recall but when unsuccessful, sterner ‘educational’ methods were employed that often consisted of involuntary surveys of gar & manhole cover-sized snapping turtle habitats & if that didn’t get the message across, well, there was always manual cottonmouth & gator tagging. You might find the following of interest given its relationship to the main topic & the population’s current passivity about such acts.

      Losing Our Turbulence

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  4. Jimmy the Saint

    All quiet in Lebanon PD tonight
    Except, here and there, a stray peasant
    Is shot, As he sits on his couch drinking beer
    By a policeman both noble and pleasant
    Tis nothing! An insect or two now and then
    Will not make for great newscast reporting
    Not an Only One lost, only some little men
    Worthless serfs with lives menial and boring

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    Local cops, and FBI
    Good, brave men, who make us die
    Of 100 serfs, at home today
    Only one became gooey spray

  6. FOr reasons I won’t go into, a dynamic entry to my home was, let’s say, not out of the question if things heated up much more. NO we ain’t doin nuttin to create the desire FOR this kind of thing, but, well, the situation is what it is.

    I utilized what back channels I had to make it QUITE clear that, with the number of local home invasions, and by thugs wearing FBI jackets, etc, I would consider ANY KIND of dynamic entry to be attributable to thugs and would respond to such an occurrence with sufficient force to make going home that night a touch and go thing for the leading half dozen thugs.

    I pointed out that if ANY LEO Agency needed to talk to ANYONE In the house, they could call a specific FBI Special Agent, and SHE could come knock on the door or call.

    It’s been damn quiet in the ‘hood lately.

  7. Honestly, this could have been any one of us. A cop screw up makes a good cover for an assasination. The department takes what little heat the media will put under them and finds a sudden budgetary windfall when dealing with the inevitable law suit. Months later the chief and enyone else in on the gig will receive promotions to various roles with the DHS, ATF etc.
    Unlikely? Sure. But you’d be crazy to think it’s not going to happen elsewhere, and soon.

    This highlights the need to harden one’s home against such intrusions.
    Turn a no-knock warrant into a “can we come in please” warrant.
    A seige is far more difficult to whitewash in the press because journalists will turn up like vultures and not just wait for the inevitable press release.

  8. All together now:
    ‘All dept. procedures and policies were followed.’
    Case closed.

    • Yep, same mantra every time, then the criminal quits, goes somewhere else, and repeats the performance, with new actors of course. We just got one of those losers from a town south of here, thinks he’s effing hot crap.

  9. Note to self: The double-barreled shotgun was a nice weapon on the Frontier, but is nearly worthless for serious home defense, today.