Keyes Defines The Central Issue

H/t KD.

Keep training.

5 responses to “Keyes Defines The Central Issue

  1. First national figure to say what has been obvious.
    (Alan was at a podium during some presidential debates. No one else with that profile has been saying this yet, until now.)

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  3. I know a lot of white people who are not half as informed as Keyes, and about a quarter as smart. In a sea populated by babbling, crazy Marxists, making himself heard is damn near impossible. Ah, Republic! Not conquered, but succumbed.

  4. indyjonesouthere

    The republican elitist will not allow such people to attain the office. You need only observe Pauls treatment during his run and at the convention. We need a third party. Split the conservatives from the repub party and start a real conservative party. Let the progressive repubs go it alone. They will eventually die out and join the progressive dems.