Secession, Catalan Style

When enough of the productive say “Enough!”, things will change.

Remember that secession begins at the individual level.

Commit at least one malum prohibitum “crime” every day.

Withdraw as fits your circumstances from the banking system.

Use cash wherever possible, and always ask for the “cash price”.

Ask every vendor, “Do you still take American currency?”

Start and build upon one or more black market skills for cash under the table.

Encourage others to do the same.


5 responses to “Secession, Catalan Style

  1. Michael Downing

    While in Maggie Valley for the weekend with another couple we were walking around the shops in Waynesville and came across a small wime shop that sold wines that were made locally by tthe shop owner. We stopped in to sample some of the wines they had to offer. Their Pinot Noir and Shraz were quite good as was their Pinot Grigio and a pear flavored Moscato. My wife decided to pick up a couple bottles to take home and I noticed a sign next to the cash register that read “Due to the current credit crisis we no longer take credit cards. Cash only.”

    I asked if we got a discount for paying in silver or if they actually preferred Bernanke bucks. The owner laughed and said they don’t buy what they used to. More and more people are waking up but most like that business owner and myself as an owner of a manufacturing company are trapped within the system for we have no other way to carry on most transactions. The best I can do is to prepare my personal life for what is to come. If the bottom falls out I will have to just walk away from my business…

  2. I’ve started asking the stores around me if they take EBT cards. I tell them nicely that I try not to shop at places where EBT card users do if they ask why. I do this as I’m paying for my purchase.

    The Quiznos lady said that “corporate has been bugging her to take them” but she doesn’t want to because she doesn’t like the customers. They come in and do drugs in her bathrooms.

    The Indian immigrant who owns or runs the gas station and convenience store nearby does take them, and has prominent signs saying so. He’s got cheap gas, but I’m looking for another station to patronize.

  3. My favorite when I buy with cash(99%of all purchases) is, “You know these dollars are worthless, don’t you?”

  4. Time to think going Galt.
    Thanks Ayn for the lessons from “Atlas Shrugged”

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