Woodpile Report: Crowds To Stay Away From

Ol’ Remus gives some sage advice:

Stay away from this crowd, or keep them away if it comes to that. And be aware federal and state officialdom has a decades-old symbiotic relationship with them. Many are thisclose to being the same people.

Don’t be the last optimist…


13 responses to “Woodpile Report: Crowds To Stay Away From

  1. Which is what the scope on Mr. 30.06 is for. Ahem. He only speaks one language, and it ain’t diversity.

  2. Having responded to the LA Riots* during the 1992 events, all I can say, git while the git’ns good.

    My employer at that time had a mutal aid agreement.

    • Disciple of Night

      Perhaps you could post your experiences here for the rest of us, so we can learn a thing or two?

  3. That would take a bit of time. My biggest memory is the ‘buzzz’ sound a 22 caliber slug makes as it goes past your ear.
    Matt Bracken, who often posts here has some thoughts worth reading. He referrs to the ‘players’as MUYs (Minority Urban Youths) who are self raised from birth, and really don’t give a damn about anything.

    Also, in that enviorment, pee when you can and drink lots of water, all your glands will be working full bore.

    • tree of liberty

      i am two decades too young to remember the LA riots do you think you would like to write a little something about where i could have gone if they started going to “the cracka’s hood” as i recall one interviewee talking to a camera crew saying that’s where they should be heading

  4. Checking in. I like the looters that may raid po-po’s house, that are to be avoided. Would that not be some of “us”?

    • tree of liberty

      i say forget the police’s house and go for their search choppers and fuel depots. Also find where your nearest natty guard armories are. We have enough rifles we need m240’s 249’s m203’s and rocket launchers, mortars and grenades. Not to mention explosives which can be homemade or sourced from mining and blasting companies.

      Also remember tourniqets IV’s and Israeli bandages.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        As a former USMC armorer, I can assure you that you will not be picking up M240’s and M203’s unless you are shooting the soldiers yourself. Even the armory in my reserve unit was beyond cracking by anyone with normal skills, 30 yrs ago. A safe inside a safe, hard armored throughout, and weapon bolts were stored in another location. Today they are much harder to crack. I really doubt you’ll find mortars and rockets either, not stored in same location either.
        So you want to take on a NG convoy which has already drawn it’s weapons from the armory and received ammo from the ammo dump? Lotsa luck with that one.
        Yes, you will need lots of heavy weapons, but you won’t get them where you think you will. You’ll have to get them the hard way, through ambushes, lots of planning and probably heavy casualties to go with it. Or find a way to start manufacturing today, while you still have materials and electricity. Ever noticed the ads for cut MG’s?

        • Search “National Guard+Rodney King riots” and you’ll get several pictures of NG troops with empty mag wells. The troops themselves may be good, but their admin left a lot to be desired in that case.

        • tree of liberty


  5. .22s may make a buzz sound going past your ear, but when you are being fired at with .223, .30cal etc, there is a cracking sound, almost like when you snap a wet towel really well, somewhat even like a whip cracking sound. Once you hear it, you never forget it. And of course it tells you from what direction fire is coming from, and that it is coming towards YOU. .50cal has a sharper booming sound, and your legs and crawling abilities seem to magically turn Olympian. Ever see a baby go hyper drive into a mothers’ bosom when thunder sounds? Like that. After you hear gunfire on a daily basis for about a week, you get real good at hunkering down fast, even when it is far away, and not in your direction. It’s a good way to beat the clock, and I still react that way now, after many years. If you have a range nearby, they probably have a berm outlining the left and right limits of it. Talk to the range personnel about maybe being downrange, on the outside of the berm, and perhaps with some hastily assembled better cover, when someone is firing. You can get the experience that way, and you’ll be that much more savvy about being shot at. Comes the dawn of the coming excitement(CA, you have such a way with words) you may have a better edge on the OPFOR, whoever they might be, and that might be what you need to make it to phase two, whatever THAT might be. Live fire exercises. Where the men are separated from the boys.

    • Sean,
      I have done exactly that. Been down on the 100 yd range right next to the 50 ydr range when they start blasting. Someone was having issues and we had rounds buzzing right over our heads. I knew intellectually that they were at least as high up as the side berm but I still made quick work of resetting my target and getting back to the line. That was years ago and I made a point from then on to not go to the range without a blowout kit.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        Go shoot NRA Highpower. You can go work relays in the butts for several hours, pulling targets and pasting holes. And really getting a feeling for incoming small arms fire. Learn the difference between 7.62mm and 5.56mm too. And improve your marksmanship skills.
        As much as I despise the NRA, shooting Highpower takes away the sting of supporting those fuking parasitic cockroaches.