Your Tax Dollars At Work: USMA/CTC Paper On “Far Right Violence”

Identifying Three Trends in Far Right Violence in the United States

More .gov/QUANGO battlespace prep for the upcoming conflict(s) in CONUS.

Do you understand yet?

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50 responses to “Your Tax Dollars At Work: USMA/CTC Paper On “Far Right Violence”

  1. They left some stuff out though.

    Oh well, they’re bright boys. They’ll figure it out eventually.


  2. I’m a conservative Catholic. I support Israel. I consider myself a Patriot in that I love America and the Founders’ wisdom. I speak none harm. I think none harm. I wish none harm. Perhaps I’m a silly old man, but I see nothing of myself in this report.

    • You must be the foundation under the base of the pyramid. Merely a hate crime waiting to happen.
      For shame… 🙂

  3. What about all the shootings in Chicago on a weekly basis?
    What about all the Black on Black crime, shootings, and gang fighting in the inner cities across the nation?
    What about the Black on White crime stats vs the White on Black?
    And they think the right wing is rising?
    The left (or those the left caters to) has been going at it with guns doing drive by shootings, rioting, looting and what not for any reason and they wanna complain and plot against the right?

    Well I’m your Huckleberry, Molon Labe, baby, Molon Labe

    • They’re slaves of the establishment, and therefore of no particular threat. Those folks know where they get their scraps, I mean phones.

    • Black on Black Crime doesn’t happen! If you think otherwise, you must be a racist. Chicago is the best run city in the nation, along with New York City, Washington DC, and Camden. There certainly aren’t any Mexican cartels entrenched in Chicago, or any place else. No, sir, not in the slightest. Nothing to see here. Move along. If you don’t agree, you’re a stingy Republican fat-cat bigot. Besides, calling immigrants illegal because they aren’t here legally is racist. Black on White crime, which is a racist concept, doesn’t happen even more than Black on Black crime, which is a more racist concept. If you say otherwise, you’re obviously a paranoid Klansman. Only white people can be racist. And you’re a racist to think otherwise.

      You, sir, need be added to the SPLC’s list of hate groups.

      • My reply sir is as you could expect from such a member of the VRWC and listed person on the SPLC list is as stated before:

        I’m your Huckleberry, Molon Labe, baby, Molon Labe

        PS. I know I am in good company, which one are you on the list? LOL

  4. The “Far Right” as the paper defines it is full of National Socialism, which is the Collectivist Left. Stalin=Hitler. No matter if it’s Kamp or a Gulag when it’s cold, work is hard, and calories about half what you need.

    I’ve been looking out for functional operational coordinated GROUPS of Klansmen/Skinheads/AN’s or any kind of murderous White people and I can’t find any. Sure, there are a coupe of head-shavers and spray-painters here and there, but they lack:
    1. Intelligence
    2. Ability
    3. Assets
    4. Will
    5. Members.
    All of these failures can be overcome with sufficient Federal Agents and Federal Assets to lead these disappointing young men out of their poster-covered damp low-rent basements. Perhaps the Administration needs a domestic terrorist conviction? It will take a few months to convince one of them to learn to drive a van, lead them by the hand to park it somewhere with sacks of sand marked “Danger: EXPLOSIVES”, turn the timer dial and walk away. Easy conviction for a “thought crime”, and the TV viewing audience can be convinced that it was a close call except for their Special Agent heroes. It’s not “entrapment”, it’s a waste of tax money.

    As far as I am concerned, the most dangerous groups of White men are urban planners and elected commissioners of Metro areas. They arrange crushing debt for current and future unlucky inhabitants of their regions, while delivering criminals to suburban bedroom communities on light-rail “Crime Trains” 80% paid-for with gasoline taxes that ought to repair roads.

    The USMA/CTC paper is a hallucination, remembering a dream of a scenario that would allow a slow-kill of their political enemies without significant resistance.

    The most serious danger is the death of Truth, without which Liberty cannot long endure.


    • I wonder who the second man was that got out of the truck cab at OKC? Was it an infiltrated FBI agent? How many man-years did the FBI sink into this “investigation”? Did they need a big publicity payoff to show it wasn’t all government makework, the Keystone Kops chasing The Three Stooges?

      The American government likes to commit acts of war. It committed an act of war against Japan by blockading their international trade in oil, and then pretended to forget what the Japanese navy was up to. The result was WWII, premium-grade makework for all the governments concerned and a big tax-funded payoff for the arms manufacturers. An earlier generation of the same Northern manufacturing interests blockaded the American South’s international trade in cotton, which started the US civil war.

  5. Think long and hard about it folks…..this is the caliber of professor that is instructing our future military leaders. Not surprisingly, he cites from leftist publications and links to the hyper-radical SPLC on his website. Absolute rubbish…..

  6. This report is bull shit, That shooting like the one in CO before it look a hell of a lot like false flags and the “report” confirms it in my mind. They were set up to demonize the patriot community.

    BTW Old Gringo I have nothing against you supporting Israel just do it on your dime with your military NOT my dime of my military.

    Arctic Patriot they have it figured out. That is the crux of the problem.

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  8. Bill Fletcher

    the 1st american republic is dead and stinkn.long live the 2nd,soon as we get her up and runnin.

  9. Old Gringo….
    They don’t care, they- the PTB want to demonize you anyway.
    This article could have been written by Saul Alinski, or Morris Dees, as it ‘attacks’ anyone not singing ‘Kumbaya’.

  10. 66 attacks in 22 years?? LOL The author clearly struggles to create a crisis out of barely adequate statistics- never mind that once again the ‘Nazi’ is thought to be ‘right wing’! Too funny.

  11. I see a bunch of self important bozos reporting on something they really don’t know much about, and tut tutting while noticing that strange glow down the street.

  12. Well, if one’s ideology is Marxist in origins…then of course Nazis are right wing. It’s like one degree to the right of them. Nazis usually only hate certain groups of people, Marxists hate them all.

    See the difference?

  13. They appear to be looking for enemies to justify their existence and the formation of what is euphemistically called a police state. Notice that “they” never mention “far left” violence? Why is that?
    IMO “right” and “left” are mere constructs anyway.
    If you’re the type who wants absolute control you just might set up a system that uses two ideas in seeming opposition (Prof. Carroll Quigley) so that the R.A.M.’s won’t quite know what is really happening to them. Then toggle back and forth between the two until one of them appears to the R.A.M.’s to be the real problem. Then you do what Mr. Alinsky said: Isolate it and attack.
    Our real enemies are not just the puppets but their puppetmasters behind the scenes. The wizard behind the curtain. Unfortunately these guys are not some dottering old fool but genuinely evil people.

  14. Any time “KKK” is mentioned this often in a story (or any story in the propaganda organs, for that matter), you know it was written at the behest of the SPLC. Gotta justify that budget, don’t you know.

    These so-called “intelligence” operatives have been getting it wrong for almost two generations now. A 19 year old with a swastika drawn on his shoulder with a Sharpie is no threat to anyone. When the reality hits them in the face, they’ll be devastated.

  15. It’s just got the wrong title, that’s all. It should be, “How I Use Fantasy to Rationalize Becoming an Asshole and a Thug.” It’s hard to believe that anyone swallows this pablum, but they drink it like water. And pdxr13 has it figured out, what they’ll do with it.

    This’ll sure be some election—fucked or fuckeder. Either way, thanks to “scholarship” like this, within a year of the inauguration, it’ll be fuckedest.

  16. It’s all part of the regime’s Information Operations (IO) campaign.

    At first I thought: Wow. What complete and utter garbage. This is what passes for social science research at USMA? No wonder the .gov is constantly caught flat footed when something like Benghazi happens.

    But then it occurred to me: I see what they did here. By lumping the Klan, neo-nazis and “Christian” identity nutjobs together with the (highly fragmented) liberty/Patriot movement they seek to demonize a movement that reflects, at least to some degree, the sympathies of somewhere between a third to a half of the US population. By doing this, they de-legitimize the very notion of espousing the basic ideals found in the Declaration and the Bill of Rights.

    We’ve seen this already, this just reinforces the theme: if you are pro-gun, anti-abortion, a practicing christian and politically conservative or libertarian you are part of the “far right.” If you happen to also be a “prepper” or a member of a “militia” you are now a potential terrorist.

    The only thing they are accomplishing with this particular IO theme is to, either unintentionally or deliberately, further polarize the American people into two camps and push many who would never have dreamed of it to consider that which the 2nd Amendment was designed for.

    History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme. And 2012 rhymes with 1860. At this rate, 2013 will sound a lot like 1861.

  17. indyjonesouthere

    A professor in the social sciences at West Point. Probably speciaized in black studies, womens studies, hispanic studies(or are they white now) and gay studies. Wonder if he aided in the pentagon study of how acceptable gays were to other soldiers? When is he coming out with the left progressive threat study…you know, the one with the communist threat(where’s Gorby and Ayers?) and where is the fascist muslim movement. He’s barely scratched the surface.

  18. While they estimate between 22-200 attacks by Klansmen (despite the KKK being a leftist group that does not exist anymore), Black-on-White and Black-on-Black attacks happen every day in every urban cesspool.

    Genocide always follows the same pattern. Classification (“Right wing extremists!”), symbolization (“White man = slave driver”), dehumanization (class warfare and racial rhetoric refuses to acknowledge the producers are human beings with rights), organization (the corrupt political machine), polarization (articles like this, rhetoric from the political machine), preparation (DHS buying billions of rounds of ammunition, becoming a national paramilitary police force in conjunction with the militarization of local law enforcement), extermination (FEMA bought millions of plastic coffins during the Bush years) and denial.

  19. Well Old Gringo….another supporter of the sovereign FOREIGN state of Israel. Odd how you dismiss the Israeli attack on the USS LIBERTY, 8 JUN 67. The Israeli government MURDERED 34 Americans that day, wounded hundreds and turned the ship into a floating junk pile. They were never held accountable.

    I say the hell with the Israelis and every other nation we are in with our military. We have a war here or soon to be. Its time you and other Israeli supporting neocons start supporting Israeli with YOUR money and your presence there. Not mine or that of my relatives, friends or neighbors.

    “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

    • Dan: I am in fact, in agreement with you as regards money, personal presence and the abstinence of US military involvement. As to the USS Liberty, in my own research I’ve not found a preponderance of evidence that it was of malicious intent and not a friendly fire incident. I’m sorry my inability to agree with you on all points of contention makes me an enemy. That being said, I do not consider you as such and will continue to post my opinions, remaining open to any and all criticisms from the community. This is one, fantastic website.

      • Declassified information on the attack points to a tragic accident.

        As far as foreign aid goes, I can agree. No one should get taxpayer money from us. No one. Israel has a strong trade relationship with the US. Overall Israel is a much better country with much more civilized people than its neighbors, doubly so after the Arab Spring.

        • Son of Liberty at your blog you describe yourself as too much of an “anti-government extremist”. Yet in your response to my comments about the intentional and unprovoked attack by IAF aircraft against USS Liberty on 8 JUN 67, you come to the defense of Israel. Being an “anti-government extremist” (per your “ME” at your blog) I find it suspect how you cite a US Central Intelligence Agency report that the USS Liberty attack was a Israeli friendly-fire “accident”. My….how “anti-government” you are !

          BTW….isn’t it payday for you folks at DHS today ?

          DAN III
          “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

  20. Oh my Chuck, they may be coming for you now. You are a brave man to speak those words in the internet. That exactly sums it all up.

  21. The report is EITHER intentionally obtuse and simple bait for data-mining OR they REALLY ARE this stupid. In which case they are in for a very rude awakening.

    They think skin-heads and the KKK (rofl) are threats? Let them keep wargaming THAT scenario.

    • Bingo!

      Sandman wins a prize.

      If the feds keep looking at those threats, that’s fine by me. They really are that stupid.

      This is what they really think.

      Keep looking, boys.

  22. They’re not stupid, there is a purpose.

  23. That a US Army officer wrote this trash is not surprizing to me. I lost all respect for our .mil ever since I learned the truth about 9-11.
    A bunch of careerist, self serving cowards, all of them. Along with the FBI and our so-called intel services. (Think I’m on a list somewhere LOL!!!)

  24. tyroneb – if you are a decent American, I am sure that you like myself are on many lists. I am sure you have heard of net fusion centers.
    They are there to track and monitor (and facilitate the killing of, when SHTF) any American that believes in the principles that this country was founded upon. Anyone that does not see this is just blind to the truth.

    • True, but we should not show up at our funerals looking good. Man, what a ride.
      Any way, Nibiru is in the neighborhood, so it’s ‘re-set’ time.

  25. The author appears to be a member of the USMA class of 1977. The military recruits a number of these Marxists which should be a wake up call on those who believe the military is devoted to the Constitution and the American people. Think again. Its filled with careerists and opportunists.

    • I wonder what Congress critter nominated him/she/it to USMA?
      The truth is in the details.

    • @Veritas: Yes, the military is filled with careerists and opportunists; always has been, always will be. It is also filled with patriots and selfless warriors. Many who contribute here are former (or current) military. At risk of sounding like a broken record; remember what happened in 1861. The cream of the Army’s officer corps went over to the Confederate side. I’m in no way saying there aren’t plenty of true believers (and mindless drones) in the military who will either eagerly pull the trigger on their countrymen or just go along to get along. But if you think there wouldn’t be mass desertions and even entire units defecting you are delusional. Regardless of the Orwellian overtones of the regime’s IO campaign, history shows that civil wars follow a certain pattern.

      When the regime finds a way to overtly install “political officers” (a la Stalin’s NKVD) at the small unit level, we will know that they too have figured this out.

  26. Well Old Gringo you use Saul Alinsky’s methods well. Gee I persecuted you and I “hate” you. Where did you come up with that ? Fact of the matter is Israel knew Liberty was an NSA spy ship monitoring Israeli and Egyptian radio traffic. Liberty knew of the ruse Israel played against the USA when they claimed Egypt had attacked Israel. It was the other way around. Son of Liberty….perhaps you should read something regarding Liberty other than the .gov’s pro-Israeli defending official report ? I suppose you believe JFK was the victim of a lone gunman, the North Vietnamese actually attacked us in the Gulf of Tonkin and Barry barack hussein soetoro obama meets the requirements of Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the US Constitution ?

    To hell with Israel and Europe and Red China and all the rest. Time to start worrying about the loss of US sovereignty and the rapid descent into 3d world nation status.

    “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

  27. Cassandra (of Troy)


    Given the topic, you might find the following item of interest.:

    Nationally and locally, civilian militias have a new look

    Note the artwork on the woman in the pic, ruminate on the use it’ll be put to by the Imperium, then add in the premises being fed to the public about such outfits by the NBC series Revolution.

    (Cue For What It’s Worth)

    Cassandra (of Troy)

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        Vielen dank, Patron.

        While I understand the pov of those who’ve tossed the boobtube, imo such an act is shortsighted as it denies one access to info & thereby decreases the ability to assess not only the Imperium/its allies’ actual/proposed direction but what effect such efforts may/may not have on the popular zeitgeist.

        Cassandra (of Troy)

        P.S. The psycho-dynamics of TNT’s Falling Skies & AMC’s Walking Dead are imo especially worth study vis-a-vis my original comment as well as being valuable as teaching tools not just for the FreeFor but also ‘preppers’/similar. Lotta good examples of what/what not to do & how/how not to behave in both.

        C (oT)

  28. Wasn’t authored by an Army officer; USMA has civilian professors as well, as is the case with this schmuck – whose sources & footnoting give the easy clue as to which Hall of Liberal Academia he bends his knee to. And, frankly, as someone trying sincerely to work over the real bad guys at a much lower level in the belly of the beast so to speak, I sooooooo f’n wish people would quit citing OKC as a credible lead-in to their latest desire to be Published High.(and) Deep. Frack, get off it & do some analysis & your own homework. Lazy cowards.