What America Has Become

Michael Ramirez rocks.

As does this likely voter featured on Drudge:

Alea iacta est.

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  1. IMHO, this leads directly back to the great debate between Jefferson and Hamilton at America’s founding. Jefferson, the idealist, argued that all should have the vote. Hamilton, the pragmatist, felt that only those with property (skin in the game, so to speak) should have it. Again, JMO, but I’ve always considered this our achilles heel.

    • Disciple of Night

      Hamilton didn’t have faith in the common man. There are valid reasons for this. Jefferson believed that the common man could be educated in simple ideals that would, in principle, transcend all other bindings and allow him to think for himself. Time will change a population, make them lax. In the same token, a crisis will reignite the passions of a few dedicated.

    • Jefferson likely remembered no such requirement of land ownership to fight the British. Good enough to fight good enough to vote.
      Hamilton on the other hand, well less said the better.

      • Zombie Aaron Burr

        “Hamilton on the other hand, well less said the better.”

        Preachin’ to the choir, brother. Preachin’ to the choir.

  2. “Richard Ramirez rocks.”

    Um, the cartoonist’s name is *Michael* Ramirez. Richard Ramirez was the “Night Stalker” serial killer in Los Angeles.

  3. indyjonesouthere

    How much does she pay for her “fair share”? Has she produced anything except kids just like her?

  4. Someone needs to post a video in response pointing out the taxpayers have the right to say no to the free stuff and that if forced to we’ll say it like this [blast phone with shotgun]

  5. It all started with the government schools and yet NO ONE is talking about getting rid of them.

    • If they wanted to get rid of them they could do so today by yanking their kids out of the public schools.

      But they won’t do that.

      Know why?

      1) Free babysitting.
      2) They have been brainwashed themselves.
      3) Extreme laziness.

      • ghostsniper, there is one more reason…MONEY.

        My wife and I put our children through private education, we spent a lot of time and effort vetting the school. I drove the same pickup truck for 15 years, my wife drove hers for 11 years. We didn’t do Disney World or any of the other expensive vacations. We had to SACRIFICE to keep them there, something the majority of this nation has forgotten.

        • Money is the 2nd most common excuse people use for NOT taking their kids education into their own hands, and it has been proven untrue long ago.

          I’ve been driving the same truck since 1990 and probably will til I die.
          Disney World, what’s that?
          Our son always came first and there is no way in hell I would allow this goddamned gov’t to interfere with anything in his young and malleable life. period. Non-negotiable. How any sane person could is beyond my comprehension.

          The 1st excuse is the social aspect, which too has been long proven untrue. Public schools restrict kids to a very narrow scope of socialization that handicaps them for the rest of their lives. Homeschooled kids do not suffer that malady.

          My wife and I have been assisting people worldwide in homeschooling their kids for more than 20 years. My wife wrote the book titled “Everything Homeschooling”. You would be surprised how little it costs to provide your kids an education far beyond the capacity of any public or private school.

          It starts with you.

          • We put our kids in private Christian schools, I wanted to home school. My wife was afraid she wouldn’t do a good job and try as I might I could not convince her otherwise. Our daughter started school in 1991, where lived at the time there was no home school groups that we could find in our area.

            Home school would have been far cheaper than what we forked over, I figured about $120 grand over 15 years for 2 children.

            • I understand and agree with all that you said. It was a lot tougher then, much easier and better now.

              In 1988 I read a Wall Street Journal article that said it will cost $150k to raise a kid from conception through college. We had one kid at the time and I said no more and got myself snipped. I imagine it’s considerable more now..

              • Both my children said they will home school. The cost of a good Christian private school is gone through the roof. If I had to do it know I couldn’t.

                A guy i work with is paying $22 grand a semester for his son to go to college. College has become a racket.

  6. Battlefield USA

    Property? Who has allodial title these days?

  7. Throwing politics aside for a moment, that was just entertaining. In my book, she qualifies to have her own reality show 🙂

    p.s. WRSA, I sent you a private email. Take a look when you get a moment

  8. You know I watched this video with no sound cause youtube apparently does not like my internet connection today. I didnt really need sound to see what may be a female strut and display. Its facinating how the urban tribes show aggression in very similar ways. Particularly when they are defending their territory or their loot.

    • Particularly when they are defending their territory or their loot.

      Or trying to take yours.

      Are you ready to put an ounce of lead all the way through that animals head?

      Get ready, there’s a lot of them out there, half of everybody all around you.

  9. indyjonesouthere

    And people think the “tyranny of the petticoat” quote from Adams comes out of thin air. It has meaning for those living in the period of 1720-1785.

  10. I’m reading Rothbard’s history of the US, currently reading about the 17th century colonial period. Lots of political wrangling. Restricting the vote or denying representation altogether was one of the tools used by the elite. Based on the video, I am tempted to restrict it. However, I fear that the restriction would eventually be abused with a consequent loss of Liberty.

  11. Why, only uncle Sam has title these days.

  12. I used to own a Pay Telephone company which got cut as more and more cell towers were installed. Once the FREE Obummer Phones showed up it became time for me to shut the doors. Anyone want a phone booth to put in your living room or man cave? I got plenty of them.

    • The old castiron British ones? Send piks.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The really funny part about that? Now “community activists” are pissed because there aren’t any public pay phones to be found in urban areas anymore. Apparently, the white man be rayciss and be tryin’ to keep de po’ folk from communicatin’ or some such.

      • I know of only ONE of those old British booths and it’s a collector’s item.
        Regarding the “community activists”, let them pay my phone bill for something that no longer gets any coins. I got 20 enclosures heading to the scrap yard in the morning and many more after that. I salvage any usable parts for other projects but it’s time to clean out what I have acquired over 20+ years of providing a Public Service (like 24-7 access to 911). Guess how I’m gonna vote in November?

  13. Gravel-throated breeder won’t make it 2wks when the US crashes.
    She’ll starve to death waiting for someone to ‘hep’ her and her pho’ won’t works either.
    Did I say that out loud?

    • tree of liberty

      Nah she’s taken everything she owns from someone else her entire life why stop now she would loot a Walmart just for fun. People like her are gonna get a buckshot salad when she tries to take from people who have been stolen from their entire life by her friends in the welfare department.

  14. This demonstrates that the Dhimmies understand their base while the GOp has nothing but distain for theirs. What has the GOP done for you, while the Dhimmies go wild over free cell phones that are provided to them by their betters. Now tell me again who are the dumbies?

  15. Seem like she took advantage of everything she could get for free from this country except an education.

  16. I think everyone has fallen for the class warfare meme. Everyone is on welfare in the US these days. Have you ever wondered why the beef you buy is not at the real free market price of $10 a pound? Can you say corn subsidy? Why are you not raising cane that YOU are on welfare?

    Most of the welfare is given to the ultra rich, much more than is given to the lower classes. Stop the class warfare for a minute and focus on your real enemy.

    The gubement and the oligarchs that own your government…..they are your real enemy. Not some victim of the guberment educational camps.

  17. This is only one block of instruction for welfare brood mare101. There are several other blocks of instruction before being certified as a right and proper welfare broodmare.

    Once the required classes have been completed one is given their certificate and a pass to the dnc election committee.

  18. Battlefield USA

    Now now folks… just think of all those free weapons and ammo you will acquire one day.

  19. This should not surprise anyone. It was modus operandi for much of the countries earlier history. In the 19th century it was common for candidates to throw a big fete and essentially bribe voters with food and beer.

    Given that we are reverting to an era of robber barons, nepotism and mass poverty no reason we should revert to older political methods.

    Fact is the people that mostly pick who runs aren’t all that different than the crooks at the old Tammany Hall,

    As for a fix, well even assuming I dunno FreeFor could find some way to knock the corruption out (and note that Left and Right don’t even agree on what corruption is, some people , myself included see campaign contributions as bribery) thats not claim we could get anything done.

    India here is an example, they put in draconian new rules and as they had no culture of honesty, everyone just locked up afraid to do business as unusual or anything really. . Same with Sarbanes/Oxley cutting down on stock offerings. Folks found out they could do major time for screw ups and were unwilling to take the risk.

    To make it work you have to agree on whats ethical and have a culture that shames bad behavior by business and person alike and puts in consequences. Easier said than done.

    Now as for the welfare folks, its pretty easy to deal with with. Make sure anyone able and willing to work has a ladder up to a good job, access to birth control and a small safety net that is tied to doing the right thing.

    For the rest, put them on disability and pay them extra not to have kids

    Of course to do that you have to change the culture. Todays business only hire when here is no other choice and even you cut regulation to the degree they could have virtual slaves, poison the air and water and give their employees cocaine , they’d still covet cheaper labor. Most business and I’ve worked for and run them are basically anti social behavior cases. Selfishness is not a virtue but contributing W/O coercion is. Forced contributions don’t help, they only breed resentment.

    Until we find a way to build in a culture of open handedness and generosity with outliers being shamed instead of regulated we won’t be able to stop the welfare state. Alright a crash might but millions of PO’s people will follow a leader right to hell if he feeds them and in todays world, well the tech out there could kill everybody. It is IMO better to be Red than Dead as it were and if it comes between putting up with Commie Lite or having my wilderness redoubt glassed by 10KT I’ll take the former. You can run but you can’t hide.

    Welfare bums too do exist and if there is work that pays enough for say a person to live, if a person is able they ought to take it. They are also culpable and when possible (i.e we actually had decent jobs) it would be right to shame them. However it does require good enough pay and while they may not be worth it (I have many an employee not worth a pot to pee in) they still need to have enough to make those 40 hours worthwhile. Hack make it 30 so they can get trained up and search. No matter what, pay people enough or risk Democrat Hegemony

    There is a third option, social credit, that is give every adult a monthly check and health care is affordable (its not much more expensive than Social Security and Medicare ) and its not a welfare state exactly but I can’t see the anyone adopting it, The Right hates it for social reasons and the Left because it requires closed borders and is very efficient.

    Its still not ideal but the pressures of a 300 million population, most of whom are armed (a cheap Hi Point or the #1 selling Mosin can kill stone dead) and many PO’d are not to be taken lightly. Like I said, you can run but you can’t hide.

    And yeah yeah, anyone can die well. Its admirable even. Its still better to live and to propagate your views rather than join the hundred or thousands of extinct cultures the moving finger of history has written off.

    I just wish after all that i had clue one who to get there and that I didn’t think it was too late.

    • Perhaps the answer lies in teaching the tenets of Christianity and Judism and bring back those Christian teachings this nation was founded on. We could start with flowing the 10 Commandments.

      DAN III
      “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

  20. Images is really funny but i don’y understand that how it is related to shooting…

    • Do you think that both of these fine specimens of humanity support the individual right to self-defense and the possession of tools to effect same?

      How about the masters of these specimens – same question.

      Appreciate your comment.

    • How do these relate to shooting?
      They are called Targets sir please keep up with the rest of us or sit on the side line.

  21. “Seem like she took advantage of everything she could get for free from this country except an education.”

    Ha…she was educated only too well. Nobody can get like that naturally.

    • The word education is a gov’t construct that really means programming, and that animal in the video was programmed deeply.

      There is no rationalizing with creatures like that, they are way past the point of no return.

      When the wild animal charges you must kill it it, instanter.

      You’d have to be insane to not see the danger in that things demeanor.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Jim Klein/28Sept12@08:17,

      “Nobody can get like that naturally.”

      Funny how most black Africans who’re fortunate enough to get here come to despise their American ‘cousins’. I don’t know how many times I’ve read about/heard them asking why ‘white’ people allow said ‘cousins’ (a term they vehemently reject) to behave as they do/when is something going to be done about it, coupled w/ the hope/demand that Americans don’t lump them in w/ “those lazy, criminal, complainers” & the usual “If they were in MY country we’d take care of them REAL quick!”. And I’ve utterly NO doubt that they would, PERMANENTLY, even in the ‘black paradises’ of SoAfrica/Zimbabwe/Kenya. The tribes over there tend to take a VERY dim view of the kind of antics considered ‘normal’ over here for blacks, & unless the thuglife types could somehow get hooked into the power structure as enforcers/similar, Dantwan & Malik’d be in for a terminally rude shock when they did their ‘gangsta’ bit & the supposed to be thoroughly frightened population responded w/ pangas, REAL AKs, grenades, & an RPG or 10.

      For a real side splitter just ponder on what the reaction’d be if the Back To Africa ‘movement’ was resurrected (complete w/ FULL ‘reparation’ funding & an African country happy to ‘bring the Children of Mother Africa home’) & a national referendum on same was passed w/ 80+% of non-AAs voting in the affirmative. The reaction from such as Jackson, Sharpton, Belafonte, Farrakhan/etc., would utterly hilarious!

      Cassandra (of Troy)

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  23. Odd….I never read about Americans and Patriots posting here, how “free trade” has destroyed the sovereignty of this nation. Fifteen years ago Bill Clinton and a Republican controlled Congress passed Permanent Normal Trade Relations with Red China. Look it up as I wager NONE of you reading this blog have a clue what that legislation is, what it did, and how it destroyed the wealth and sovereignty of this once great nation.

    Today one cannot find much of anything made in this country by Americans. We produce little or nothing. Your jobs were sent to Red China by Bill Clinton. No Congress or president since has done a damn thing about it. Neither have you folks. You keep voting and supporting the same pieces of traitorous crap who won’t even give you the courtesy of a reach-around.

    Until we rid ouselves of every politician who votes in violation of the Constitution, Until we halt ALL immigration and foreign invasion of our borders, until we remove ouselves from foreign wars and reign in our imperialist military occupations of more than 100 foreign countries along with terminating our 70 year old war, until we tariff the crap out of every item coming ashore, until we terminate the war on coal, until we rid ourselves of our militarizing police forces, until we terminate ALL foreign aid, until we end the Fed and personal income tax, until we bring back domestic manufacturing, NOTHING WILL CHANGE.


    “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

    • We know what lifestyle an iron curtain of tariffs produce: East Germany, USSR, North Korea, the US Confederacy, high ammunition prices because we’re not permitted to buy surplus. A War on Freedom is the problem we should be trying to solve, and that includes freedom to trade internationally as well as freedom to build a factory in the US without putting the Snail Darter on welfare. If US workers are not willing or able to compete with Chinese workers, that problem should be addressed — but not by forcing everyone to buy a Detroit car. That just makes things worse.

      • “We know what lifestyle an iron curtain of tariffs produce: East Germany, USSR….the US Confederacy….hgh ammunition prices….”. Oh really ??? And where do you derive the information from to suggest your above ?

        The introduction of heavy tariffs by the US against the massive amounts of imported goods into this country by Great Britain, gave us the Industrial Revolution and a cascade of middle class growth. In 1913 the US had nearly eliminated tariff on foreign goods. In turn that tariff elimination gave us the theft of American productivity in the form of the introduction of personal income tax and the 4th iteration of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act. In 1917 we went to war in Europe using French aircraft and British manufactured rifles. We had lost our industrial base. Today our military is issued individual first aid kits (IFAK) with bandages made in Israel and Red China. Our military small arms are manufactured by Belgian and Italian owned companies.

        As I wrote earlier Bill Clinton and the Republican controlled Congress gave us Permanent Normal Trade Relations with the Red Chinese. They were and are traitors to our country.

        PNTR allowed Commie Chinese manufactured goods to come into this country with no tariff. In turn we have TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of trade deficit with the Red Chinese. We no longer manufacture product for our own consumption. Instead we export our raw materials to foreign countries, primarily Red China, and they return to us a finished product. We have become a Third World country.

        It is evident to me that you take the King’s Shilling for a paycheck. You denounced American produced autos and offered little substance as argument against protecting American citizens and our remaining bit of sovereignty, with protective tariffs. You, Anonymous@17:32 are a fool. You have your good, do nothing .gov job and you denounce that which would put Americans back to work.

        In my signature I use the phrase “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”. You, Anonymous@1732 hours, are one of the enemies I reference. I despise those of your ilk. You are the enemy of American freedom and liberty. Choke on your .gov job and your Honda.

        DAN III
        “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

        • “The introduction of heavy tariffs by the US against the massive amounts of imported goods into this country by Great Britain, gave us the Industrial Revolution and a cascade of middle class growth.”

          That much is wrong, Dan. Creative, hard-working, productive Americans gave us that. Period.

          I don’t care to argue the rest, but please don’t share the error of the lady in the clip. Governments don’t “give” anything, at least not without taking it first. Also, period.

          • Jim Klein….how dare you compare me with the obamite in the clip. I believe in government….limited government. It is the established government’s duty to PROTECT citizens. Tariffs do such. They protect citizens.

            You didn’t dispell a single thing I wrote. Instead you attacked because I expect my government to protect its citizens. Klein….the Industrial Revolution was spurred because the Feds slapped high tariffs on British goods PROTECTING American industry and those working it.

            Klein….you really seem to want to argue. I was correct in everything I stated. You sir appear to have a grudge with my comments. Your remarks were nothing less than trying to pick a fight with me as you made effort to demean my facts. You appear to me to be no less than a foolish troll.

            Perhaps you should pack your bags and join the Lakotas or Canadians.

            DAN III
            “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

            • Dan…no, I don’t want to argue with you. Yes, I did dispel a single thing you wrote, exactly one single thing. No, I don’t have any grudge with your comments; in fact I agree with almost every one of them, often in every detail.

              Yes, perhaps I should pack my bags, but I’m not anyway…at least not yet. And no, I didn’t compare you to the lady in the clip; I requested that you please not make the same error as her, the belief that a government can give something without taking it first.

              As far as what “spurred” the Industrial Revolution, which you originally worded as “gave us,” it was exactly as I wrote, so if you believe that’s factually wrong, then kindly do tell. I don’t really care how I appear to you, but I do care that I not write anything false.

              “Creative, hard-working, productive Americans gave us that. Period.”

              So if you think that’s wrong, please clarify why. If you just want to list everything that happened before it, you might as well start with Homer.

              • My dear Klein….of course many hard working Americans fueled the ability to have the Industrial Revolution by their hard labor. But what ALLOWED that labor to be exercised ? Protective US .gov tariff allowing domestic competition with CHEAP, DUMPED goods from Great Britain.

                Today, there is almost nothing that isn’t made in Red China in this country. Why ? Where are all these hard working Americans you speak so highly of ? They’re on welfare. They’re in .gov jobs; nearly 50!% of “hard working” Americans today take a .gov paycheck. Those that do have better pay and benefits than those “hard-working” Americans paying the freight.

                For more than 100 years the federal .gov was maintained by tariff alone. In 1913 that tariff maintenance went away with the 16th Amendment. A direct correlation between tariff removal and US government growth is obvious to anyone with half an interest in history and reality.

                Klein….it is quite simple: fed tariff = small .gov. No tariff replaced by personal income tax + Federal Reserve = immense increase in size of .gov = tyranny. In turn US citizens, within 4 short years of 16th Amendment ratification found ourselves embroiled in a European war. Why ? We’ve been at war ever since. Not one American generation has been war free since 1913.

                So Klein, while you replied above that you agreed with my comments, you chose to take umbrage with my original statement commenting on US federal tariffs with an inane remark by you that “hard-working” Americans gave us the Industrial Revolution. You looked hard at my original comments so you could find opportunity to argue. Rather than agree with my points and accent my tariff argument by adding that tariffs allowed “hard working” Americans to FIND and HAVE jobs to work hard AT, you chose to dismiss my entire commentary by attacking my usage of the word “gave”. You then compared my comment as being supportive of the obamite welfare woman depicted in the posted video.

                Klein, you presented no arguable facts when you responded to my original comments other than make some half-ass argument against tariffs with your “hard working” American rebuttal.

                Like I told you above….you responded to me as a troll. And a foolish one at that.

                DAN III
                “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

                • “My dear Klein….of course many hard working Americans fueled the ability to have the Industrial Revolution by their hard labor.”

                  Yes, that’s it. Thank you, Dan.

                  I understand that you believe expropriating wealth when it’s spent (through tariffs) is wiser than expropriating it when it’s earned (through income taxes). I’ll take your word for that, especially if it guarantees a smaller government. Me, I think it’s wrong to forcefully expropriate wealth at any time. I call it “theft,” but maybe you’ll just say that’s semantics again. That’s about as far as I take it; the rest is irrelevant detail to me.

                  Anyway, I’m happy that you agree with what I wrote and I hope you enjoyed that coffee. Do you go out of your way not to drink Columbian, or do you make an exception?

              • BTW Klein….your argument of the semantics between my usage of “gave us” and “spurred” indicates to me that you most certainly DID make effort to pick an argument with me.

                Klein….are you going to offer anything of substance in rebuttal to my use of the English language re: “gave us” ? Or are you going to continue to make effort to denigrate remarks made by those posting thoughts & opinions, with rediculous arguments of semantics ?

                As this country spiles ever downward due to the unfettered deficit spending the Federal government has “given us”, “provided”, “allowed”, “promoted”, “instituted”, “conjured up” or whatever word/term Jim Klein approves of, in the .gov’s 16th Amendment ratification and Federal Reserve Act, the fact remains that the removal of heavy tariffs and the ability of printing money out of nothing, has given us incessant wars, horrendous inflation, unpayable national debt and “hard working” Americans who cannot find a job thanks to free trade and no government protection against foreign produced goods.

                Now Klein, excuse me while I enjoy some morning coffee and peruse my copy of Websters. I need to understand what synonyms are available for “gave” that will allow me to use terminology that meets with your approval.

                DAN III
                “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

          • Napalm Bodywash

            In this instance the government did it’s job and placed the tariff and established an environment where these hard working and creative people could do what they do best. The government didn’t do it for them. You’re splitting hairs.

        • Cassandra (of Troy)

          DAN III/28Sept12@22:07,

          “In 1917 we went to war in Europe using French aircraft and British manufactured rifles.”

          The French aircraft part I knew, but our troops being equipped w/ Brit made rifles is news to me as last I heard they used American made 03/03A3 Springfield & 1917 Enfield rifles. Is it perhaps that you’ve discovered something that’s so far eluded the abovementioned rifle’s makers, American & Brit scholars/firearms historians/collectors, & the U.S. & Brit govts/militaries? If so, I & doubtless many others would really like to see your documentation.

          Strange how on a site w/ so many weaponistas that one kinda eased on by w/o comment.

          Cassandra (of Troy)

          • Semper Fi, 0321

            I believe the reference to British made rifles would point to the P-14 Enfield .303 cal., which we modified to .30-06 cal. and called the P-17 after our entering the war and finding ourselves short on ’03 Springfield rifles.. However, it always was manufactured here in the USA, not England. Someone didn’t realize where the rifles were made, obviously. An Enfield is an Enfield, right?

  24. “…There is no rationalizing with creatures like that…”

    I think you meant to say reasoning, since rationalizing, the construct of making up an excuse for her behaviour, is all that she has ever known.

    • I stand corrected, fellow architect.
      Even after 15 years on the web I still don’t always read my own posts…..

  25. indyjonesouthere

    I realize that many dislike the religeous view of the Adams quote of the Constitution being useful only for a moral and religious people but this women an example of that very concept. She is from Cleveland and if you take the time to view yesterdays Vortex from ChurchMilitantTV you will see that the social justice wing of the Catholic church in Cleveland supports Obama. Abortion doesn’t matter. It is clear that society is rotted to its core and the only thing important to far too many in church is free shit for the entire army of dependents in this country. Church leadership is dead. Its time to begin anew with God fearing people rather than the sociopaths and psychopaths running the show now.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      I believe history has already proven that ‘god fearing people’ are also sociopaths and psychopaths. Any more bright ideas?
      Besides, who decides which ‘god fearing people’ get to make the rules for the rest of the people? Isn’t that the supposed reason for why we are in Afghanistan?

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        Semper Fi, 0321/29Sept12@13:05,

        Not all ‘god fearing people’ are rabid flakes, SF 0321, more than there should be yes, but not all. The rest, however, is one of the main problems w/ religion & especially the political & scientific versions.

        Cassandra (of Troy)

  26. NObama buys the loyalty of zombies with trinkets. She only lives by the principle of self gratification.

    When the world collapses, she will feel no remorse kicking down your door, slitting your throat, and taking all your supplies.

    For the patriot, she serves on purpose, target practice.

  27. bloodyspartan

    Impale the Cow on a Spear or Sword.

  28. A friend of mine has a cell phone jammer that really works great. Limited range but it sure would be fun to get one and put it close to where this Welfare Bum lives so that her “FREE OBAMA PHONE” would not work. Wonder who she would blame if her new FREE OBAMA PHONE was deader than the Taxpaying American Citizen who is most likely getting fed up with being bled dry for all these FREELOADERS. Just my humble opinion.

  29. Dan III – one thing that tariffs can do is make Americans pay more for their goods because it is an excuse for domestic producers to raise their prices and to keep quality low. Tariffs are certainly not friend of the free market.
    I don’t find this as protecting me at all Sir! In fact quite the opposite. It interferes with my right to contract.

    • Here we go again. It is all about ME, ME, ME isn’t it ? Arnyou aware of the trade deficit with Red China ? It is trillions of dollars ! .Why ? Because of free trade. You think you aren’t paying more right now as Americans aren’t producing ? The increased numbers on welfare, food stamps, the impending onslaught of taxation via obamacare ? Oh and lets not.leave out a trivial thing such as nationalistic pride….where has that gone.

      It is apparent you did not read nor digest a damn thing I posted regarding the bebefits of tariff. You sir are one more.foolish American who believes in the alleged cheaper goods of free trade rather than the sovereignty and self-sufficiency of the United States.

      And you consider yourself a patriot ? Enjoy that .gov paycheck you’re taking. Pretty soon it won’t be worth the paper it is printed on.

      DAN III
      “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

    • I-Wright’s….what you fail to address is.FOREIGN goods. Explain to the readers here how “free trade” makes “goods” cheaper ? There are no “goods” made here. You can’t buy an essential made by US citizens. Jeans, sneakers our FOOD is.coming from foreign countries. Thirty-five percent of ALL food consumed in this country is coming from Red China. Why ?

      God forbid a US citizen would make a living wage. But I ask you….is your job in competition with foreign labor ? What industry are you in producing US products ? Methinks you have no concern for your job or that of your children. Why is that ?

      DAN III
      “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

  30. Alright, Dan…you sucked me in, but I won’t say that makes you a troll. You’ve got the facts correct; it’s your conclusion that’s in error. And before you start with the wild guesses, I don’t get a .gov paycheck and I’m from Detroit and been a Michigander all my life. IOW I’m VERY familiar with this issue.

    We don’t need to argue the facts—the Chicoms, for one, are nothing but a slave-state. BTW were you as upset when we “played” in the Olympics there? I was; I thought that was disgusting. And yes, it’s the choice of Americans to buy their slave-made goods that adds to the trade deficit and all that. So you’ve got it right; your error is what you believe ought to be done about it.

    Your answer, effectively, is “Be like them.” Control the population so that they’ll do the “right” thing. Approach sovereignty as if it belongs to the country and not the individuals within it. Obviously there is a sense in which a nation is sovereign, but that arises ONLY from the sovereignty of the individual. This is FUNDAMENTAL to THIS country, and it was theoretically codified in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    Your answer is to FORCE people to pay more for their goods, rather than PERSUADE them that they should. In a FREE country, especially one where the sovereignty of the individual is supposedly guaranteed, this is the wrong way to go. It makes each citizen a slave to what the government decides–in whatever screwy fashion it does–what works best “for everyone.” Well sorry, but your guess–let alone the guess of the nutcases in Washington–is NOT justification for forcing me, or anyone else, to do ANYTHING. Sorry bud, but that makes you UNAmerican. And yes, whether you want to hear it or not, it makes these PARTICULAR beliefs in accordance with those of the Commie-libs in Washington and everywhere else in this forsaken world.

    Now get it straight—that DOESN’T mean that you’re like them. It means that you share THAT PARTICULAR belief—that whatever some group decides is the right thing to do, should be forced on everyone. And then it’s off to the races figuring out what to force everyone to do. Don’t want children to die? Support taking the wealth from some and giving it to children. Don’t want insurance companies and drug companies to loot the population? Put health care in the hands of the great masses, through their elected representatives. Hey, it shouldn’t be about “me, me, me;” it should be about the “greater good”…right? RIGHT???

    That’s enough; I know you get the point. You can’t have slavery in this corner of life, but freedom everywhere else. THAT’S what this issue is about, not about which goods are wiser to buy. I already told you that I don’t want to argue with you. I’m just offering for you the PRINCIPLE involved, so that you may think about it. Hopefully you’ll think about it AS A PRINCIPLE, and not just come back with ridiculous charges about me or anyone else, none of whom you know.