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A new acronym for my vocabulary from Instapundit guest DJ Sarah Hoyt, who knows a little something about courage herself.

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  1. 82nd, 74-77
    101st, 78

  2. That’s good and posted.

  3. 1/502nd abn inf 101st abn div 1971-1973
    No mission to difficult… No sacrifice to great.

  4. Too bad we don’t have many of that kind of 19 year olds that jumped into France, 1944.

    • Done kilt them dam Nazi’s anyway. Gawd bless America!

    • millions of 19 year olds are exacly like those who jumped into France in 1944; they just have piss poor leadership right now. Will they have better leaders when SHTF?

  5. John Bernard Books

    Small groups of pissed off Boomers with little or no training, who are too old to run, and don’t give a shit if they shoot some FSA or DHS.

    Either way you look at it it describes the perfect insurgency, no central command just get er done.

  6. indyjonesouthere

    3/506 &1/327 101st abn 1967-1968. 325th 82nd abn 1968-69.

  7. There is no force of man more dangerous to either side than a 19 year old soldier.

    • alan w. mullenax

      Uh, I pretty consistently kick their asses every week-end with pistol, rifle and shotgun. I’m 60 plus.

      I’m old enough and experienced enough to “think” with a gun in my hand.

      Yeah, they’re younger, stronger, faster. But they lack that certain quality.

      Split the head of the man next to him and he’ll buckle. They are not invincible.

  8. 313th ASA Batallion (Army Security Agency) 1971-1972
    7th Radio Research Field Station (NSA was not in SE Asia but Radio Research was) 1972-1973.
    Saw my M-16 only 2 times since my weapon was a #2 lead pencil used to break the ememy’s codes (I wanna be a chairborne ranger). Provided valuable intel to do my part.

    • A code-breaker from Cain-Tuck?
      There’s just GOTTA be a joke in there somewhere…

      But – kidding aside – I have too much respect for the service, and the intellect – to make it…

      Thanks from a grateful Citizen (who got robbed of his chance to serve by a drunk-driver the night of his “going away” party…)

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  10. “small groups”? When entire states and blocs of states secede, NatGuard units with heavy weapons, AFVs, air units go with them. I see all this eventually shaking out to something like Spain, 1936-39…not just scattered WRS-like Patriot partisan units vs the Mighty United Forces of Uncle Sugar (MUFUS). The Regime, for instance, will be attempting to recruit Red Brigades from the FEMA camps…they’ll be easy meat, examples at http://peopleofwalmart.com