Barnhardt: On John Kerry And The Batshit Insane

From Ann Barnhardt:


Specifically in this essay, John Kerry.

John Kerry is back in the news as he has been going on the Pravda circuit talking about Obama’s debate preparation (or lack thereof), as Kerry was flagged to serve as Obama’s Mitt Romney stand-in for debate prep sessions. Like I talked and tweeted about earlier this week, Obama isn’t engaging in any such debate prep because he has either supplied the Pravda debate moderators with all of the questions (I originally said that Pravda had supplied Obama with the questions and a reader pointed out that I had it backwards – the Obama regime provided Pravda with the questions) OR Obama is going to claim that he is too busy and cancel the debates all together. So, poor John Kerry has nothing to do except go on Pravda and spew the regime’s agitprop.

I hadn’t seen John Kerry in a long time because I typically will go out of my way to avoid him because he is such a repellant human being. But I did catch a glimpse of him on a YouTube clip yesterday and was shocked at what I saw and heard. The man has mutilated his face to such an extent with “cosmetic” surgery that he both looks and sounds like a grotesque.

Last year Kerry showed up at some White House ceremony with two HUGE black eyes and a broken nose and told Obama, and had his press office tell Pravda, that he fell on his face playing ice hockey.

Riiiiight. We all believe that.

John Kerry had two black eyes and a broken nose because he had recently had massive plastic surgery. That is why John Kerry today looks like a grotesque freak with his forehead, face, and undereye area pulled completely taught. If you ever watched Star Trek: Deep Space 9 back in the early 1990s, John Kerry looks like the alien character Odo.

But I also noticed something while listening to Kerry speak: he has a distinct speech impediment now that he did not have before. I figured out what has caused the speech defect. Kerry had his lower jaw surgically moved forward in order to strengthen his chin.

Here is a photo montage.

Top-left is Kerry in 2004. Note the crow’s feet, bags under the eyes, wrinkled forehead and the slight, natural overbite. Top-right is Kerry at the White House sporting his post-surgery bruising. Bottom left is Kerry at the same White House event, with Obama in the background. Note the chin. That is not natural. Bottom right is Kerry speaking earlier this month at the DNC convention. Video of that speech below.

Note the bizarrely smooth facial skin, especially around the eyes and on the forehead. Also note in the video clip the strange appearance of Kerry’s mouth and the strange new lisping breathiness with his “s” and “sh” sounds.

Fun experiment. Say the following sentence aloud normally:

“Can I ask your advice?”

Now, shift your lower jaw forward so that your bottom teeth are even with your top teeth. Repeat the sentence. Do you hear how your “s” sounds turn into “sh”? Can I ASHK your ADVISHE?

Now go back and watch Kerry.

Okay, okay. So Kerry had a total facelift and had his jaw moved. Isn’t this trivia? Why are we wasting time worrying about this?

Because John Kerry, along with many of the people running the government, is totally, completely batshit insane, and we need to talk about this, acknowledge it, and parse it so that you guys can disqualify people like John Kerry from any position of governance after the war.

We have been conditioned by the media to shrug off these cosmetic surgeries as no big deal, but they are a big deal. First, let’s just think about how John Kerry views himself. This is a man who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, who ran for POTUS, who has been in the Senate for decades, who is almost 70 years old, who SHOULD have a fairly good grasp of reality.

But he doesn’t. John Kerry is a man who looks in the mirror and thinks to himself, “I need to have my face cut and altered.”

Just stop for a moment and think about that. I would think that if we ranked the most sacred parts of our body, those parts that we deem most important to our identities, those parts that we are most connected to, that our FACE would be at the top of that list. Our faces are the part of our body that most expresses who we are.

John Kerry had his own face mutilated.

Are we seeing the problem here? Guys, these people are insane. They are malignant narcissists who are driven by a core of self-loathing.

Next, let’s ponder what John Kerry’s objective is in having his face mutilated. John Kerry is almost 70 years old. John Kerry is married to Teresa Heinz Kerry. John Kerry’s political career has maxed out. He will never run for POTUS again. He will probably never face any real opposition in Massachusetts for his Senate seat.

So, why is John Kerry mutilating his face? What is the objective?

Simply put, John Kerry thinks that if he mutilates his face that he will look younger, and thus he will be able to have more sex with younger girls that he picks up in the halls of the Capitol and in Georgetown bars.

Don’t kid yourself. This is all about John Kerry getting laid.

Again, stop and think about this. This is a man who is so weak and emotionally needy that he will mutilate his own face and turn himself into a grotesque freak because he is convinced that by doing so he will be able to convince more 24 year old morally degenerated, slack-jawed, gold-digging beltway skanks to have meaningless sex with him – and this will make him feel BETTER about himself.

We have to start acknowledging the fact that these people are dangerously insane and are a massive risk to all of us. We have to start acknowledging the fact that when people do horrific things to their bodies, including self-mutilation AND sodomite abuse of the body, THAT MEANS SOMETHING. We have to start judging these people by their actions. God gave us brains. He wants us to use them, and that includes discerning and judging.

Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Michelle Obama, Mitt Romney, Vladimir Putin, Silvio Berlusconi, Cristina Kirchner, all of these people and many, many more have had their faces altered. Sane people don’t have their faces altered. Sane people age gracefully and accept the changes that happen to their bodies with the passage of time. The people listed above are all – every one – psychologically unfit to hold ANY position of power.

People who mutilate their own faces and bodies are not fit to hold public office or have any governing power. After the war, remember this. When you are rebuilding this nation and this culture, PLEASE use common sense and good judgment and never, ever allow these sorts of people to hold any power because it will all end in tears and death, as we are seeing now.

(To head off any questions, no I do not think that orthodontics falls into the same category as plastic surgery. As a person who had 15 years of orthodontics, and would be the doppelganger of Sister Wendy Beckett, unable to properly shut my lips over my overbite if not for it, I do not think it is the same dynamic at all. You can’t over-do orthodontics. There is nothing unnatural about straight teeth. In fact, straight teeth are objectively beautiful because they have integrity of form, they are proportional and functional, and they make for a radiant smile and countenance. Mutilated faces on the other hand lack integrity of form, are oftentimes disproportional both in space and especially in time, they oftentimes diminish proper functionality of the muscles of the face, and they make for a grotesque, repellant countenance. I really do think these two things are apples and oranges, and not just because I personally benefited from orthodontia.)

25 responses to “Barnhardt: On John Kerry And The Batshit Insane

  1. Yes…these are repulsive creatures, to say the least. Kinda like well-dressed upper class orcs….or something …

  2. Great, great commentary and insight.


    The folks at think that Michelle Obama “got a rhinoplasty as well as skin lightening.”

    They contrast a picture of Michelle in high school with a a recent one.
    “The bridge of her nose appears refined, yet is still appropriately suited for her African American ethnicity.”

    “It is also suspected that she gets regular Botox injections, had a mini facelift, and the possibility of cheek implants is highly suspect. She also has veneers like her husband.”

  4. The Concept of Face is linked to territorial sovereignty.

    Not only the relational space between 2 faces: ‘Come, let us look one another in the face.’ (2 Kings 14, 8.).

    But also as in: ‘I flee from the FACE of my mistress Sarah.’ (GENESIS, 16, 6)

    “… Abram said unto Sarah: ‘Behold, thy slave [Agar] is in thy HAND; do to her that which is good in thine EYES.’ And Sarai dealt harshly with her, and she fled from her FACE.”

    The territorial dimension of the FACE was extended to territory itself:
    “… when the LORD hath cut off the enemies of David every one from the face of the earth.” (1 samuel 20 15.)
    “so that the Egyptians said: ‘Let us flee from the face of Israel;” (Exodus 14, 25)

    I wonder how we should understand “face mutilation” from that perspective.

  5. Kerry’s best friend is John McCain (R-AZ) What they have in common is both live off other men’s money.

    (Typical of former USN officer caste)

  6. Larry Elliott

    Frenchy Kerry is such a disgusting person that even listening to a few seconds of his speech nearly made me hurl chunks. GACCCKKK, what a piece of work! That he would have his face worked on is really no stranger than Nancy Pelosi doing the same, they both look like freaks but since they are is really doesn’t bother me.

    They’re both going to have to deal with someone WAY above my pay grade in a few years, and while I’m most assuredly imperfect in more ways than I can count at least I make an effort. I sure hope we don’t end up in the same place because I’d hate to have to listen to either of them.

  7. John Kerry is a “kept man”, a gigolo that climbed to power marrying wealthy, unattractive women, by lying about his war record, lying about wounds received in combat, and lying about American war “atrocities” in Viet Nam. May history record him for the parasite and traitor that he is.

  8. It has been said that politics is showbiz for ugly people.

  9. “This is about John Kerry getting laid.” ?

    Annie, you hit the nail on the head often. I believe you’re wrong with that remark. But at “nearly 70” I doubt seriously its about Kerry getting a piece of young tail.

    “Thre Are Enemies Amongst Us”

  10. Come on Ann, stop with the weasel words and tell us what you REALLY think!

  11. indyjonesouthere

    For entertainment value you really have to view Dennis Miller doing the bat shit crazy Pelosi routine. About every 30 days viewing is enough to keep a person on the right side of sanity.

  12. Lurch must not have a pre-nup with Teresa Vodka Raisins. If he’s chasing young beaver it can only mean that he knows that he will be paid handsomely when the ketchup train ends. In 1998 I was on a flight with them and she treated him like dirt. She talked down to him, ordered him around, and mocked and laughed at him. If I didn’t already know that he was such a sorry sack of shit I might have felt sorry for him. Like the rest of us, she obviously has no respect for him. I wonder what sinister reasons are behind her marrying him after John Heinz died.
    I heartily agree with AB’s imploring those who survive the war to never again allow mutilated faces like his or FL Senator Bill Nelson’s from ever ruling over us again.

    • “I heartily agree with AB’s imploring those who survive the war to never again allow mutilated faces like his or FL Senator Bill Nelson’s from ever ruling over us again.”

      How ’bout we never again allow anyone to “rule” over us, ever?

  13. Plastic surgery has its place. Traffic accident and burn vicitims come to mind. And, after viewing that photo of Barry and Hillary on this website a few days ago, I think our Secretary of State is in dire need of plastic surgery, spa treatments, the Insanity workout, or something!

  14. Bravo, oughtsix!

  15. Yeah sorry I just ain buying that Kerry is getting any strange tang. I think its more about his owner convincing herself she is still young and viable by attempting to improve his appearance. I do agree with Ann that these people and their ways are so far from the rest of America that they are a people unto themselves.
    These people and the Hollywood elite are junkies. They are addicted to themselves. They are so addicted to themselves they think that you are in need of them as well. They are willing to do whatever it takes to feed that addiction. Including consume you and all that you have produced.

    • Hahaha! Your right!

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      “These people……as well.”

      Thus perhaps why they have their mirrors equipped w/ devices employing face/voice recognititon circuits that play Robert Palmer’s Addicted To Love & Simply Irresistible whenever they approach?

      “They are willing……have produced.”

      Thus simultaneously exemplifying the primary characteristics of the junkie, the fanatic, the narcissist, & the predator. And yet there’re those who, in the hope of being favorably considered by The Almighty for their restraint, refuse to do to the neo-Aztec psychotics as they would most certainly do to them. Unless, that is, one has Direct Holy Sanction as did Joshua, then one can commit genocide fearlessly & w/o guilt safe in the knowledge that God will comdemn w/ furious anger those who wage war in the manner of The Anointed.

      Just make sure that the enemy isn’t Hebraic, whereupon one will find the Wrath of The Most High kindled against oneself as chastisement of His People for their actions is reserved to Him ALONE & woe betide whoever violates that Injunction from The Eternal.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  16. The things that woman gets herself worked up about.

  17. one must consider what the Horse faced one grew up in. His Mom was a member of the wealthy Forbes family, but alas, was very poor herself.(His aunt paid his way through college)
    He didn’t have the sailboat..or the toys of his peers. Prolly never got laid in college.
    I mean look at his college photos….. think his Daddy didn’t punch out his momma after looking at him.
    While I do not support hitting women… there are times?
    Him and John McCain are the bestist of friends… and both live off other mens money..
    So typical of ourUS Navy officer caste.
    (McCains father was in charge of covering up Isreals attack on the USS Pueblo)
    Never trust a Navy Officer!

    • alan w. mullenax

      The Israeli’s attacked the Pueblo????

      I did not know that.

      If you would kind Sir, would you please elaborate? I don’t know about the rest of the guys, but I just gotta hear this.

      Thank you in advance.

  18. Mea cupla Mucho, sorry. I meant the USS Liberty.
    The Peublo case was another where the USN could have saved one of their ships, but allowed the North Koreans to capture it and the crew was brutally abused.
    And In the USS Liberty, there were USN aircraft carriers within striking distance. But the USN, imho, is a gang of careerists, who will follow orders, rather than defend shipmates.
    I suppose the other services at just as bad, I mean just look at 9-11.
    They can’t be that stupid not to figure it out, the whole false flag attack.
    But then, maybe they are really stupid.
    Time will tell.
    (I’m predicting a false flag attack on a USN ship in order to get us to attack Iran)

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