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  1. Honored that you would headline the page with my Uncle Joe’s adage. He was a man of few words and honorable disposition. When he was 16 in 1934, a man who was dating his widowed mother made advances towards his 12 year old sister, Madge. He told the man if he did it again, he’d kill him. Apparantly the man did it again. According to my father (Ben, 2 years younger), Joe wordlessly picked up a shotgun, stuck it in the man’s stomach and puled the trigger. He then said, “Benny, go get the sheriff.”
    My Uncle spent 5 years on a Virginia chain gang as a consequence. He was a man of his time, an American man.

  2. Anyone care to excuse this as just being… dumb?

    Made in China computer chips us military


    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Makes you realize we are being set up, from the top down. Fedgov knew this in advance, and they allow it to happen. But the fukn masses don’t care, why should they, they want toys, and entertainment, anything else is irrelevant. All my younger friends fall into that category, even in a rural ranching area, toys are foremost today. Let them pay for this with their lives, it matters not an iota for me.
      Stupidity is a self curing problem.

  3. Semper Fi, 0321

    Just received a comment from a friend in Hong Kong. He’s been living over there for better than a decade, says the whole movie idea is B.S. The Chinese have a very high standard of living today, with no desire to go to war with anyone, besides, the US is killing itself from within.
    Kinda what most of us have been saying too.

    • They don’t have to “go to war” with us if they can bring the whole facade down with a cyber attack. It is not so far fetched if we’re getting unaudited chips from them in everything from apads to military hard and soft ware… and we are.

      Yes, the Chinese around Hong Kong seem very prosperous but has your friend been out in the countryside far from the big cities? And what will they do with the millions of young men for whom there are no women to marry, thanks to the cultural preference for male children and the state mandated one child per couple policy? There’s a “human resource” for conquest right there. Got to use ’em up somehow or there might be a (gasp!) revolution.

      Quantity has a quality all its own, as some rotten collectivist son of a bitch pal of FDR once noted.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        Trying to take us over from across the Pacific Ocean is not tactically sound. As much as we like to see Red Dawn/Dragon Day movies, it’s fantasy Hollywood material. China has enough problems to deal with internally, and with Taiwan and Japan, and you think they’ll just suddenly appear by the millions on our shores?
        And on the other hand, we as a nation have never been so physically and mentally weak as we are today. If this movie becomes reality, have we not earned it? We bought every stupid electronic toy they ever manufactured in China, including the FedGov and US military. The fact that the chips were rigged with a backdoor should come as no surprise to our gov’t, should it?
        There is always a consequence for ones actions.

    • Hey, Semper Fi. “…the US is killing itself from within.” That actually is a rather bold theme in our film which the trailer barely touches upon!!!

  4. Just because a chip is made in China does not mean it can be “hacked” by the Chinese to open itself up to control. Most chips dont have the logical capacity for that. At any rate the movie looks like a good low budget flick with a more believable premise than “Ice Spiders” or “Tyranoshark vs Alligatorsaurus” or what ever teh Sci Fy channel is playing next Saturday.

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