Mosby: Organization And Development Of The Auxiliary

Please read SSGT Mosby’s latest essay.

The Underground, historically, consisted of many more non-shooters than shooters.

Consider how best your skills and assets can be used towards freedom.

Then resist.

4 responses to “Mosby: Organization And Development Of The Auxiliary

  1. Preach on brother preach on.

  2. Excellent thoughts.

    Those of us who are too old to be highly active in whatever ‘festivities’ happen can still help.

    We can clean “things”, help with inventory and safe storage, keep vehicles running, TEACH the young ones what we know, or use our other skills to support others.

  3. you’re going to have some variation of an area command authority, whether you want to believe it or not

    There is historical precedent (The Whiskey Rebellion) for some of the senior “liberators” in a war with an ambigious outcome to ally with the enemy, become officers in a conquering army, and farm the peasants they claimed to be liberating for taxes to pay off “revolutionary war bonds” the peasants never signed for. Orwell claimed the high-achiever end of the middle class splitting off to become the new ruling class was the ordinary course for “revolutions”.

    Every group that declares itself to be the “area command authority” is the enemy. Doesn’t matter what flag they fly, they are a gang of organized criminals fronted by salesman called politicians. Doesn’t matter whether they call their thieving a home invasion robbery, “commandeering supplies for the duration of the emergency”, or “your property taxes”.

    Objecting to collectivism and the assumption of my enslavement each and every time it is proposed is good mental PT.

  4. Joe Sixpack

    This article is classic Mosby gold, however It’s hard to know exactly what to make of the idea that “you’re going to have some variation of an area command authority, whether you want to believe it or not”

    The supposed idea that the hills will be so thick with militia that they’re going to be accidentally shooting each other in the back doesn’t ring true to me. Furthermore, if you’re being assigned missions or an AO by some kind of king dick then the enemy is merely one capture assignment away from rolling up the lot of you. Which team gets assigned the suicide missions and which gets assigned guard duty?
    I sure as heck wouldn’t fall in with some kind of flimsy command structure that sees me as expendable because I didn’t play poker with the boys on friday nights. So what then? Are they going to shoot me or leave to to go hunting?
    Bottom line? If some goombah tells you to fall in line “or else” you say “sure boss, but I just gotta use the bathroom first” and you beat feet out of there… The exception might be made for a genuinely wise and trustworthy leader, but the odds are too strong that you’re going to end up with Colonel Cleetus…