DumpDC: Secession And Foreign Policy

Thoughts on international relations, today and possibly tomorrow.

…The new nation will be dedicated to doing business with the other nations of the world in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect…

Too radical.

It’d never work.

3 responses to “DumpDC: Secession And Foreign Policy

  1. “This nation of over 74 million has proven to the world that it is not enriching uranium for weapons, but for medical technology.”
    This line in the article is supposed to be a joke. Right? Right?
    Please tell me no one is stupid enuf to believe that.

    • Daniel K Day

      Come, come now. You know PLENTY of people are stupid enough to believe that.
      “Pro-liberty” people include some groups with some very batty opinions. Can you work with them? Can I? Time will tell.

  2. I will have to work with a lot of people like that. Like my next door neighbor who grows more apprehensive day by day, but doesn’t make the slightest preparations, or go to the range, or do anything that might help him when the Big Change arrives. He, like many others, is politically developed, but practically unprepared. This’ll be fun.